M. F. Chapter 204: Crazy behavior

There are two anti-smuggling boats on the Blue River. One is squatting at the mouth of the sea, and the other is patrolling the river.

These two anti-smuggling boats are special anti-smuggling boats which have undergone a demonic transformation.

The hull of the anti-smuggling boat is made of nickel-titanium memory alloy with sharp impact angle at the front.

Coincidentally, the hull of the anti-smuggling boat came from the hands of Monster Heavy Industry.

The cruiser ran twenty miles away and received the news from the squatting crew.

The anti-smuggling boat made a beautiful turn and ushered in the position of the grain carrier.

On the shore road, an old Sonata was slowly driving.

This is the urban area. From the two sides' car, the two headlights pulled a beautiful LED landscape lights when the anti-smuggling boat slipped from the bottom of Sonata's eyelids.

The driver in the car slammed on the brakes, then pushed the door and ran to the shore, looking like a ghost at the back of the anti-smuggling boat.

Through the interior lights of the anti-smuggling boat, the driver could vaguely see the cabin full of Marines in orange life jackets.

In the middle of the night, the well-dressed Marines stood in the anti-smuggling boat, It is obvious that this is on duty.

When he drove along the river bank, no ship was swaying on the Blue River except for his own grain carrier.

The target of the anti-smuggling vessel is on the horizon.

Taking out his cell phone immediately and call the crew of the grain carrier. When the phone was connected, he lost his voice and shouted: "Quick, turn around and run. On this side of Yongan Road, I saw an anti-smuggling boat heading for you. The boat was full of Marines."

There were only two people in the grain transport ship, and the news of a bolt from the blue sky made them almost rush into the quiet Blue River.

It is because they break the law that they understand the law better than ordinary people.

What is the concept of transporting hazardous chemical waste with grain transport vessels?

This is no longer a problem of illegal transportation. It is naturally impossible to transport harmful chemical waste without purpose.

Once they were stopped, the Marines could find nearly 3,000 tons of harmful chemical waste just by boarding the ship and lifting the rain-proof plastic sheet in the cabin.

This figure is amazingly high.

Are not they the elite spies who have been trained since childhood. Once they fall into the hands of the Marines, they can't wait until the next morning, and they can't shake all the details.

"Are they fast or not? Did you really see that they were anti-smuggling boats?" The sailor at the helm had sweat on his forehead and pinched the mobile phone.

" Fast. It's estimated that he will be there in ten minutes." The driver in charge of the lookout scolded, "I can't fucking recognize the anti-smuggling boat?" Tang Jian has to flash to inform the boss first. "It's up to you to decide whether you can run or not."

"It's over! How can there be anti-smuggling boats patrolling the river?" The man at the helm almost collapsed in the cabin: "Now I'm sure I can't turn around and dodge the anti-smuggling boat. They can reach 50 knots an hour at the fastest speed."

"What shall we do then?"The face of the other crew member was full of fear and confusion: "Shall we jump the boat and run?"

"Run?" The steering officer grinned. "We are all two registered crew members. Where are we going?"

After that, he abandoned the rudder control and walked around like ant in the cabin.

The sweat dripped quickly from his forehead, and he walked back and forth for more than ten seconds. Suddenly, he slapped his thigh.

"Wow! There's a way."

“In front is Xiaoping Lake. We turn in and throw the chemical waste in the cabin into the water.”

"Then we say the ship was broken and we anchored it in Xiaoping Lake, and we wait to be repaired."

"There's a boom on the boat. You go and pull all the rain-proof plastic cloth. Start the boom and throw it into the water now."

After dozens of seconds later, the fully-loaded grain carrier, with a full right rudder, sailed in the direction of Xiaoping Lake ahead.

The diesel engine at the stern of the ship roared at its maximum horsepower, and the other man rushed to the open cabin like in a raging fire to catch in flight and tear off the rain-proof plastic sheet like crazy.

Nearly 3,000 tons of chemical waste, 50 tons in a group, with wire rope hanging net neatly tied up in the cabin.

The crew broke out at an incredible speed, pulling the automatic hook, hanging onto the wire mesh, then climbing to the wire mesh and operating the wire mesh.

The motor twirled, and fifty tons of chemical waste was lifted, and then the boom moved to the surface.


The crew dropped the hook of the automatic hook, and 50 tons of chemical waste immediately fell into the Blue River.

The splashing spray drenched him, but in less than thirty seconds, the second group of chemical waste was thrown into the Blue River again.

It has to be said that in the case of madness, people can do many unimaginable mad actions.

They were caught illegally transporting hazardous chemical waste, and deliberately discarding hazardous chemical waste in the water was completely unlawful at one level.

But they would rather make a more crazy move than to be caught.

Because they have transported illegal materials more than once and now fallen into the hands of those people. They are not old enough to dig ginseng, and they are all submersion in the mud until hair.

A few minutes later, the grain carrier sloped into Xiaoping Lake.

As soon as he entered Xiaoping Lake, the crew at the helm turned off the lights on the diesel engine, and the boat then took the anchor machine and forced the deceleration.

There is two wire mesh on the side of the cabin. Why does the crew still care about the bright resort side of Xiaoping Lake?

The anchor fell into the water, dragged forward by the huge inertia of the grain transport ship, and the muddy sand immediately appeared at the bottom of the lake a few meters deep.

The two wire mesh next to the cabin is operating at maximum power, throwing huge packages into the water from time to time.

The squeaky anchors and the huge heavy objects fell on the lake bottom of Xiaoping Lake.

"Remember!" The steering crew, while automatically lifting the wire hoisting net, said in a deep voice: "Later, they will be found by the anti-smuggling boat, and we can't admit that we lost these things."

"Remember, you can't admit it even if they kill you."

"Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~."

The huge sound of falling water quickly alerted several guards at the edge of the nearby resort.

They carried flashlights, put on clothes and flashed flashlights toward the position of the grain carrier.

"What to do, what to do? Someone found us over there."

"They'll shut up, we have the boss to deal with this later."

With his voice, the last group of hazardous chemical waste was thrown into the clear Xiaoping Lake.

" Toot, toot!"

On the Blue River, an anti-smuggling boat came at a gallop. Under the bright light, the muddy mud brought by the anchor in the river was immediately pointed out to them.

The anti-smuggling boat pulled up an arcing wave and rushed into Xiaoping Lake with muddy water.

"The boat in front, check immediately!"

The majestic high-pitched loudspeaker shouted, quickly shattered the hearts of the two crew members, who looked at each other, all eyes are killing not to admit the crime.


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