S.B.F.C. Chapter 20: is just a simple beauty plan.

“Great! We finally have a top mangaka!”

With Li Yalin and Minano shaking hands together, Mihari the hanging heart is finally fell to the ground. Just now she was afraid that Li Yalin would not agree. If she misses such a top mangaka. The problem is really unresolved. There is nothing like a top mangaka who can enclose the new issue.

And now, the publisher ... Oh no, the chief editor has finally joined a leading draftsman, so that Mihari can't be excited?

After all, it was also a matter of glory or defeat, and her magazine can do a great job and will be bigger and stronger. Even if she is a trainee editor, she will feel that she is honored, won't she?

" Minano editor, I am a bit curious, why do you appoint Mihari trainee editor to come to me? Of course, I am not underestimating you Mihari, but as a trainee, you obviously did not give her too much power, even if she found me, she can't make a decision, isn't it?"

Listening to Mihari that kept tapping her chest, when Li Yalin’s eyes turned to Minano wrapped around him, he was full of doubts.

Minano was very powerful and had a lot of means. She can use her own methods to cover up Li Yalin's contact information and can find him through his name card. The more important, she is willing to pay a lot of money to dig him up.

In this case, Minano should be more cautious, but on the contrary, she sent a new editor to contact herself. What's the matter?

Li Yalin wants to know the answer.

"About this question ……"

When Li Yalin raised this question, not only him, but even the eyes of Mihari were attracted. After all, what Li Yalin said was very reasonable. He knew that if not the editor-in-chief arrived in time, she would have screwed up this time.

"In fact, it is very simple, because the magazine has just been set up. And a female editor who is young in age and good looks is none other than Mihari. According to my guess, a boy like you Mr. Li Yalin should be easily attracted by a beautiful girl. Correct?"

She quickly answered Li Yalin's question, but her answer was very unacceptable.

At least after she said this, Li Yalin's expression was directly stiff, subconsciously twitching the lower corners of his mouth. What feeling should he show now?

According to the editor-in-chief the pseudo-Loli, she regarded herself as an astringent teenager boy who could not move when he saw a beautiful girl.

Not only Li Yalin, but Mihari also had a subconscious open mouth. Originally, she still thought that the editor-in-chief wants to see her own ability and wanted Mihari to cultivate herself. The result was good. But it was just a mere beauty trick.

It turns out that Mihari can see the past, in addition to the value of the face, the rest is nothing?"

If she can, Mihari really wants to find a corner to be quiet and quiet.

"It’s a pity, it seems that I am miscalculated. I thought it was like this. But it turned out I come to the teacher personally."

Li Yalin is speechless, and Mihari is lost, but both are wrapped around the side, Minano had a long sigh, obviously, also understand her mistakes.

"I can't say that either, although the editor Mihari is still a trainee and doesn't know much about many aspects, I don't know much about her, but I can see her love for this job. I just got scared by this kind of enthusiasm. The average person can't do this."

Li Yalin was reluctant to guess what his thoughts were. What he was concerned about now was the way he saw  Mihari's lost appearance.

She was struck by the words of Minano. Although she was not depressed, if no one comforted her, she would be sad for a while.

Although it was only a first meeting with each other, when he first saw the anime of Mihari, Li Yalin liked this interesting young girl editor very much. If it's possible, if he could, it would be better if she could make his own editor.

Maybe now is an excellent opportunity.

"I really appreciate the working attitude of the editor Mihari, and I would like to work with such editors, Editor-in-Chief Minano. I don't know if I can choose the editor Mihari as my responsible editor?"

In accordance with the attitude Minano, Li Yalin will be the privileged mangaka of the new magazine in the future. How many levels of mangakas will have their own sovereignty, such as choosing a responsible editor or something? As long as the requirements are not excessive, the magazine will not refuse at all.

In this case, Li Yalin was not afraid that he would refuse.

"Oh? Does Li Yalin want to work with the editor Mihari? It is reasonable to say that the editor Mihari is a trainee editor. she is not suitable as editor of Li Yalin, but if the teacher insists..."

“Mihari, are you willing to be the responsible editor of Teacher Li Yalin?”

Although she looks like a Loli, she actually has a lot of thoughts. Li Yalin’s previous attitude is enough to show that he is not moved by the beauty of Mihari and the so-called beauty plan, In fact, more and more are still on the rise.

Otherwise, she could not have appeared so soon, let alone come up with the contract so soon.

It is precise because of this, Li Yalin's words are even more entangled in the accident, he actually fancies Minano to see this trainee? Is that joke-like beauty plan really works? Or does she really appreciate this trainee editor?

No matter what the possibility, there was no reason to refuse Li Yalin, so her eyes quickly turned to Mihari and asked her.


She didn't expect Li Yalin to say this. Mihari that was originally in the mood was lost. Mihari couldn't react. Now he hears the question of Editor-in-Chief, who is subconsciously pointing to her nose.

"As the responsible editor of Teacher Yalin?"


"You do not want it?"

"No, no! I am of course willing to be the responsible editor of Teacher Li Yalin! It is better to say... please be sure to give this work to me!"

Originally, Mihari was still in a trance. She couldn’t react, but she didn’t think that she was stalking. She even opened her mouth and suddenly let her subconsciously shudder, and the whole person calmed down.

For Mihari, this is the best opportunity in front of her, one step from the trainee to edit the responsible editor of the magazine's top mangaka, it is simply the rocket-like triple jump!

What's more, she really likes Li Yalin's Cat's Eye. Being able to serve as his responsible editor is simply the job she has always dreamed of. If she refuses this time, she feels she will regret it for a lifetime.

She was too busy to shake her head, Mihari can't miss this opportunity anyway!

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