M. F. Chapter 206: Friends circle

Half an hour later, the mayor Xia Yuming and the deputy mayor Yan Shunyun arrived.

Near to Xiaoping Lake, all the cars are parked.

Almost all of the EPA's major departments were dispatched.

Water resources environmental inspection vehicles, and industrial chemical pollution testing vehicles are all came.

The staff with the masks looked dignified and took the water from Xiaoping Lake for testing without saying a word.

"There is a serious problem!" Mayor Xia Yuming wears a mask, and his eyebrows are wrinkled like Sichuan inhabitants.

Next to them stood several directors who had received several calls and telegraphs.

Environmental Protection Bureau, Industry and Commerce Bureau, Customs and Transportation Bureau...

These secretaries gathered here. They were angry to punish the perpetrators, and they were faintly whispering together.

This time, all the people and all the personnel in Zhongyun City, gathered as like as in a rope and fought for nearly three months of hard work.

It is likely that this incident of pollution of Lake Xiaoping returns their pains into nothingness. 

"I am responsible for this matter because the construction of urban health and civilization has always been my responsibility."

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun, looking at Xiaoping Lake with searchlights erected, sighed, "Notice on Special Regulation Activities for unlawful transport and navigation of water traffic was issued yesterday, which is my job."

"If we started our work a few days earlier, we may have been able to contain this incident."

"It's not the sole responsibility of anybody, it's all of us." Mayor Xia Yuming rubbed his forehead: "Xiaoping Lake is also one of our famous scenic spots in Zhongyun City, where the city promotional film has taken has also will be designed."

"Now that this has happened, we should not only investigate the responsibility of the personnel involved, as well as the work of stop pollution."

"The time left for us is only three days."

"All our efforts are likely to go down the drain. But since time has given us, we can't afford to say nothing about failure."

“Immediately contact the major universities, relevant laboratories and above in Zhongyun City immediately."

"We must do our best to restore the environment of Xiaoping Lake whether any price. Xiaoping Lake is the characteristic landscape of our Zhongyun. Even without the inspection team, we can't stand the beautiful scenery of Zhongyun, which is wiped out by these chemical pollutants."

Acting first, doing an investigation team composed of the Public Security Bureau and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The two crew members, who saw so many government personnel gathered at Xiaoping Lake, were almost scared of neuropathy.

It wasn't just throwing some chemical pollutants. It could be worse than dropping nuclear bombs.

As for their determination that they did not admit it before, they were fastened with chains, the policemen who fastened their arms by iron handcuff greeted them and flew to Java long ago.

They knew they fell out like the bamboo sticks for the thing that they participated in.

Hai Chengyu, the owner of Hongma Grain Transport Trading Co., Ltd., was first listed as the target. He was the owner of the grain transport ship and the mastermind of transporting these harmful chemical wastes.

With the breakthrough of the trial, another team of people went to find Hai Chengyu for making trouble.

Because of this job, the first introduced was Hai Chengyu, for operate in smuggling.

As for the owner of the chemical pollutants, Tang Jian, the two workers did not know his real name because they saw Tang Jian for the first time.

The two police cars were heading towards the downstream dock, and the people inside the car were fully armed. There was only one thought in their hearts.

—— Hai Chengyu, the owner of the grain transport ship, and the chemical trader died!

Nearly three months of hard work, in order to make the city of Zhongyun City a better city, these police officers have not taken a day off for three months.

Now they get the news that there is a lot of chemical pollution waste in Xiaoping Lake, and their efforts in the previous three months are likely to be in vain.

Then the entire Zhongyun City, it is impossible to spare the culprits that caused it all.

When the police arrived at the dock, cut the chain with a broken lock and rushed in. The dock was empty.

There is also a pungent smell similar to Xiaoping Lake in the dock, and there are residual chemical pollutants in the corner.

Hai Chengyu and Tang Jian ran!

When the patrol car sent by Hai Chengyu discovered the anti-smuggling boat, he called the phone to Hai Chengyu’s mobile phone.

Hai Chengyu was near the river. When he received the call, he threw the phone into the Blue River next to him.

He did not call at the side of the grain carrier to ask if he was really going to be caught by the water police. His call is proof of his manipulation of transporting illegal materials.

Tang Jian also reminded him in good faith that it was not really nice.

Because he was afraid this guy is unprepared to give him up when he is caught.

Running away from the dock, but Hai Chengyu did not run away from Zhongyun.

He did not know what happened on the other side of Xiaoping Lake. He did not know that Xiaoping Lake had been destroyed. He did not know that Xiaoping Lake would be the place where the inspection team stayed.

In his opinion, the unlawful transportation of such harmful chemical wastes is the suspension of shipping licenses and a large sum of money.

The two crew members, as long as they can resist this wave, can continue to eat here. If the two crew members could not help but pour out what he had done in the past, he would not run anymore.

Hai Chengyu is very confident because he is the old longshoreman, mixed with smuggling transportation by sea. Really not, the entire sea is his escape route.

Compared with Hai Chengyu’s self-confidence, Tang Jian was completely panicked.

But now in the middle of the night, he has no way to find out the situation on the Blue River through his own channels.

After the wolverine ran back to the company, he decided to go to the city for two days. If the situation were not serious, he would come back to launch a relationship and see if he could restrain this big thing.

If he knew the current situation of Xiaoping Lake, he would have to travel abroad by swim even if he had not a swimming ring.

The police did not get anything. The other team seized Huang Jishan, who used trucks to smuggle harmful chemical waste.

Huang Jishan was very happy. He shouted that he had been used by  Jinmei Chemical's boss. He said that he had always been a good citizen who abided by the law.

As a result,  Jinmei Chemical's owner, Tang Jian, found him and tempted him with high returns. He asked him to help transport the working waste.

"I am confused, but I later realized it."

In the interrogation room, Huang Jishan played a poor look: "On the road to transporting a car's chemical waste, my conscience kept blaming me, and my soul was tortured."

"So halfway, I let the driver turn around and return the chemical waste. Go back. Let's not do it, I am willing to close the company, and I will not earn this conscience."

"Harmful chemical waste?”

"No, Tang Jian, this bastard!"

"He told me clearly that it was a non-toxic, obsolete chemical waste. Saying that he contacted the acquisition of the home. We just had to transport it in the present."

The trial continued until 8 pm, Huang Jishan, a weathered hob, does not admit that meat fully shows what it means to kill.

Several policemen took turns to serve him twice, and he was still convinced that he didn't know the things. They were harmful substances.

At this point, many people in Zhongyun City have already been in their respective positions.

Today, the street is still full of rubbish red hats, which would not let them detect abnormalities.

However, the people who planned to go to Xiaoping Lake today were all refused to be outside the warning line.

Xiaoping Lake is not too small, and it is impossible to stop all the people's sights. Someone soon forwarded in the circle of warning line, saying that Xiaoping Lake turned blue-grey overnight and the lake was covered with dead fish.

There is a picture of the truth. Although the dead fish on the Xiaoping Lake have been salvaged, the lake that has changed color, and the isolation belt that has been pulled up urgently, more than a dozen water salvage vessels, fully illustrates the seriousness of Xiaoping Lake.

At this point, Ye Qing just got up.

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