M. F. Chapter 202: Water Bungalow


Digging deeper into this news can be done as a topic.

Visit the rescued driver and interview the two excavator drivers for the complex mood.

Then interview the driver of the mechanical giant, the manufacturer of the mechanical giant. It is guaranteed that the audience in front of the TV will talk for a few days before and after the meal.

Bringing defeat Xiao He!

The horror efficiency of the mechanical giant made them have no time to go to take the camera equipment.

Without real-time live video, it means that there is no "gunpowder barrel" that detonates the audience's emotions. Even if they did the best of the visit, the audience still couldn’t feel the short one minute, so it was thrilling.

The staff at the TV station are going to look for the workers to try their luck and see if they use their mobile phones to record the rescue scene.

In turn, they found a portable HD camera that was focused on the cab.

The user of the camcorder is a beautiful girl with long hair fluttering and skin like snow.

Her name is Baidouer, and she is a new member of Zhongyun TV.

The cameramen looked at each other and turned their heads, and the professional's ability to respond could not keep up with the amateur...

In fact, this can't blame them for their slow response. When the mechanical giant moved, they can't think of what will happen later.

Different from each other, she has confidence in Ye Qing and naturally has confidence in this product.

The mechanical giant was ready to participate in the rescue.

She first thought of shooting the whole scene because it could promote Ye Qing's company products.

The entire rescue scene was filmed very clearly.

Even the wonderful expression on the driver's face and the applause of the workers were recorded.

Her photography level is also professional, and it is exercised when the outdoor food program is broadcast.

" The Mechanical Colossus Type I is ready to go on sale on the 1st of next month, I have heard Ye Qing said about it."

"Now that we have excellent publicity materials, we need to ask for Mr. Ye Qing's opinions. Should we wait until the first Mechanical Colossus supernatural is officially launched for sale before arranging the noon news broadcast?"


After the publicity film was busy, Ye Qing was busy with the installation of scientific and technological products in Pulanda Water Resort.

Originally this kind of thing, Ye Qing can't go.

Whether it's hard work or the company's successive training, the exterior installation staff who are very familiar with mechanical chairs, they can complete the installation work with ten degrees of certainty.

Ye Qing wants to go, even in hot weather, if he goes out for a turn and he sweats all over, he will go there too...

Because Ye Qing wants to see what is called capitalist enjoyment, but also by the way for his future luxury housing construction, adding some inspiration.

When driving to Xiaoping Lake, Ye Qing specially set up a casual dress with a beach style.

Xiaoping Lake covers an area of about 1.4 square kilometers. Ye Qing whispers and parks the Lagonda in the parking lot of Xiaoping Lake. Suddenly there is a feeling that he does not want to leave.
The hotter the weather, the hotter the business in the Lake.

Xiaoping Lake is a riverside of the Blue River, it has clean water and a white sandy beach. It is the best place to swim in summer.

Now, in the huge parking lot, there are no less than three hundred and two private cars parked.

Ye Qing got out of the car and buckled a sunshade cap on himself. He found that it was a swimsuit exhibition here.

Many girls, directly in the car, take off their coats, reveal their proud figure, and invisible beautiful swimsuits.

When they pushed the doors one by one and walked happily and laughing towards the beach of Xiaoping Lake, who knows how many men, like Ye Qing, scanned them like radars.

Don't ask Ye Qing how he knows these girls, they went directly in the car to take off their coats.

The beauty here is beautiful, and the scenery is more beautiful!

On the east side of the lake, brown wooden houses stand on the water. Pure wood, with a little original meaning of the water cabin, perfect and Xiaoping Lake scenery into one.

After removing the data glasses, Ye Qing could not see any trace of scientific and technological equipment at all.

Enjoy all the way, walk all the way.

When Ye Qing was walking to the Pulanda Water Resort, a circle of low-walled walls surrounded by beautiful white stones stopped Ye Qing’s footsteps.

It is very simple to get in. The government has special people here to take care of the work.

After greeting, the workers went to install the products, and Ye Qing himself picked a wooden water house to visit.

These wooden houses are all made of eucalyptus, with a golden color and irregular longitudinal cracks.

Just as he pushed the hanging louver door similar to the western cowboy bar style, Ye Qing smelled a faint scent in the air.

The natural light fragrance of this wood, in addition to refreshing and refreshing effect, also has an effective deworming effect.

Mosquitoes and flies are the most headaches in summer, but here, don't have any mosquito-repellent mosquito nets, and don't worry about mosquitoes.

Walking into the interior, the style changes abruptly.

The porch is a huge cluster of fiery red corals. The living room is not a pure camphor wood floor imagined by Ye Qing, but a pure white beach.

On one side of the pure white sand beach, there is a spiral staircase entrance, which seems to lead to an unknown mysterious world.

When Ye Qing walked into the spiral staircase with a little confusion, he found that there was an underwater swimming pool made of glass.

The wooden house is above the water surface, the swimming pool is slightly below the water surface, the sun is swaying in the water, and the various landscape fish are naughty and colliding towards the transparent glass.

"My God..." Ye Qing covers his eyes, not to mention that women can't refuse this kind of environment, for they can't refuse it.

It was not easy to resist the impulse to swim. Ye Qing looked around the main bedroom again. As a result, Ye Qing was relaxed and happy.

The top of the main sleeping head is full of adjustable color glass. There are knobs at the head of the bed to adjust the brightness.

Even in the sunny summer, Ye Qing can enjoy the sky while avoiding the trouble of ultraviolet radiation.

The bed is a heart-shaped fluffy bed, and it's very comfortable to lie in because you don't know what's stuffed in it.

Ye Qing passed the data glasses and silently recorded the laser engraved nameplate of the manufacturer at the corner of the glass.

In the future, Ye Qing will also use this kind of adjustable color glass as the roof when he builds his own luxury house.

Living in this kind of environment will make Ye Qing have the illusion of prolonging life.

When Ye Qing finished his visit and was ready to leave, the manager of the resort sincerely invited Ye Qing to stay for a night.

Ye Qing refused, the environment is good but these days at the factory, the assembly of Mechanical Colossus Type I in the production phase, after the 1st of next month, it is not too late to experience again.

The busy time always passes quickly. In the evening, Ye Qing is in the assembly workshop, together with the master artisans, doing the pipeline coordination detection.

Tang Jian, the boss of Jinmei Chemical Company, also began to quietly and busy.

Under Tang Jian's frantic efforts, the layer of 2,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol dissolved, and mixed with the chemical sewage colloid layer, was finally shoveled up.

These extremely difficult pollutants, as well as the harmful substances left over from the drying up of chemical wastewater, are all piled up in a dock at the mouth of the Blue River.

This dock is used to carry out cargo transit on weekdays, and his master is also not a serious businessman.

A bulk grain carrier with a boom is moored in the dock. More than a dozen workers with disposable gas masks are constantly hoisting the packaged hazardous chemical waste into the cabin.

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