S. B. F. C. Chapter 24: It's Just an Instant.

“Great teacher, Mr. Yalin! That's great! The issuance of the first issue is 350,000 copies of the Island Special Administrative Region, and the rest of the region has a total of 620,000 copies, which adds up to a total of 970,000 copies! It’s only been released for two days!”

"Break a million! Starting issue can absolutely break a million, we created a legend! You know, even the circulation of Fiery, a Youth Fiery of Weekly magazine, was just over 400,000 copies, far from being able to compare with us!"

"This is really great!"

It is fascinating that the Weekly Youth GONGON magazine has been released as planned. The circulation of the new magazine is very gratifying. In just two days, it has reached the level of 970,000 copies nationwide. It seems that more than one million copies are just a matter of moments.

It can be seen that the editor-in-chief of the magazine is really capable. The magazine that has been founded since scratch has reached the level of nearly one million in the publication of the issue. This is not something anyone can do.

Earlier, listening to the editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON, she and the Elite Publishing House's gambling agreement reached a circulation of 500,000 copies, and now she achieves the goal and even launched to the strongest Elite Publishing House. The Weekly Youth GONGON, The meaning of the shock, is shocking the entire industry.

So what is the reason for the weekly magazine GONGON to sell? Just because of the personal ability of the editor-in-chief?

No, although it is impossible to obliterate the efforts of the editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON, what can be bought by the audience is the content of the magazine itself.

In other words, the most important thing is the manga in the magazine!

Only if manga can attract readers, magazines can be more popular, which no one can deny.

For example Li Yalin’s Cat’s Eye.

Previously, they uploaded the Cat's Eye to the Internet, which triggered a cat's eye craze. The short story of two chapters attracted the attention of countless readers.

However, when the Cat's Eyes was the hottest, the third chapter did not appear, which attracted readers' guesses.

The creative power in writing has declined? Or stop creating? All kinds of rumors are flying in the sky for a while.

The more you can't get it, the more you want it. Li Yalin has always kept a low profile since she appeared. Apart from uploading manga, he has never even visited the book review area. Nobody knows what the situation is. The more it is, the more everyone, the more it is filled with this work.

In this case, Minano wrapped around the most critical moments to announce that the author of the Cat's Eye joined the weekly magazine GONGON. The third chapter is not to say the first chapter, and the first and second chapters will be distributed in the form of a gift.

Such a piece of big news, naturally aroused the curiosity of readers at once, followed by the Weekly Youth GONGON outbreak of general sales.

Of course, the sales volume of the inaugural issue is very good, but if the follow-up content can't grasp the reader's heart, the general sales of this miracle are just a flash in the pan. In fact, the industry has speculated about this, and no one knows whether the Weekly Youth GONGON can continue to maintain this momentum.

As the author of the Cat's Eye, Li Yalin certainly has confidence in his work. He believes that the Cat's Eye is qualified to become the anti-ding work of the Weekly Youth GONGON magazine, and even further drive the sales of the magazine.

After all, the story has only developed three chapters, and with the development of the plot, it will definitely attract readers' attention.

However, these issues are not considered by the trainee who has just become an editor. In her opinion, what she needs to do at the moment is to tell Mr. Yalin the good news so that they can share the joy together.

Yes, it is so exciting to Mihari, because she was led by the editor-in-chief Minano, and played a great victory with all the colleagues in the magazine!

"Calm down a little bit, it's just the beginning."

The excitement of Mihari is understandable. But excited to pounce into Li Yalin's arms, this is very embarrassing, especially her AA level of the small chest, even if she is thrown into Li Yalin's arms, it makes him feel nothing at all, he is simply speechless.

Although a beautiful young girl editor, this immature face and fragmentary body, it is really not exciting.

With a bitter smile, Li Yalin pushed Mihari slowly far away from his arms. In fact, he was pleased, because if his editor was really a mature beauty, he was afraid that he could not control her easily.

And as a result, he may not be able to communicate with her so calmly.

Unfortunately, for now, let the editor calm down.

"I... It's rude! I'm really sorry!"

It was not until Li Yalin pushed aside Mihari, she finally reacted, "my God... What have I just done? I actually fell into the arms of Teacher Yalin?"

Although according to age, Li Yalin is two years younger than Mihari, in fact, Mihari never regards Li Yalin as the younger generation, because from beginning to end, he is in the dominant position when they get along.

In the heart of Mihari, Li Yalin is more like an elder who takes care of her very much. He takes care of her everywhere. He is not only handsome, but also very talented.

Mihari because she has no talent for drawing manga at all, but she likes manga very much, so she becomes a manga editor. Naturally, she most admires the mangaka.

So now, there is a talented young mangaka in front of her, and he is so gentle and mature, if she does not move, it is simply impossible.

Just a girl's heart, how can it be easily revealed? It’s just the action of this kind of intimacy, which is enough to make this editor girl make blush.

Lose her face! It is too shameful!

How can she be so impulsive?

"When we win a big victory, we will be happy. It is reasonable to say that the editor-in-chief of the field has given you a bonus. The inaugural issue of the first edition did not make a great feat? and the editor-in-chief of the field should not be embarrassed you?"

In this case, if Li Yalin does not say anything to change the topic, it is afraid it will become more and more embarrassing.

It is also clear that this point, Li Yalin quickly diverted the attention of Mihari, anyway, it was just a topic, and he turned away at random.

"Well, the editor-in-chief of the field did send us a bonus, but at the same time, we told us that we should not take it lightly. I heard that because of the explosion of sales of our magazines, the circulation of the weekly magazine Fiery has dropped sharply, no accident, we will welcome Come back to the Youth Fiery of Weekly!"

"Oh? Is there such a thing?"

Li Yalin just shifted the topic casually but did not think about it. He even heard the big news from the mouth of Mihari!

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