S .B. F. C. Chapter 23: Cocoa Hoto

"Yalin San, this is the beloved mulberry who is about to stay at home."

"Hello, my name is Cocoa Hoto, please advise me from today!"

When Chino introduced Li Yalin to the new member of the Kafu family and became Cocoa of Rabbit-House's new employee, his expression was wrong because he never thought that Cocoa would appear at this time.

Yes, he knows this orange-haired girl who looks full of energy in front of him. Instead, he knows her very well.

The original plot should be boarded in the home of Kafu, Cocoa finally appeared!

Looking at the girls in front of him, Li Yalin’s heart is somewhat emotional, Chino, Rize, and Cocoa. This is the iron triangle of Rabbit-House, which makes him almost satisfied with the book, yes or no!

For the time being, others don’t say anything about it. The daily life of these lovely girls seems to be so pleasing to the eye. Before that, only Chino and Rize, he always felt that something was missing. With the emergence of Cocoa, he finally knew what was going on!

Yes, it is the lack of a key role in love, and now, the original vacancy is finally completed!

"Excuse me... Are you a brother of Chino?"

Li Yalin’s heart was feeling, and Cocoa that stood opposite him was also constantly looking at the boy. Before, she didn’t know that the Kafu family had a boy of the same age, and it seemed pretty handsome.

Is he a brother of Chino?


"Cough... Yalin san is like a lover, and he is here."

Feeling no emotion what first put aside, let’s put it aside Cocoa, this issue problem, but let Li Yalin’s eyes shine.

Chino's brother? Of course, he would like to admit this identity, but unfortunately, he is intent on Chino is the sister, but does not mean that Chino can accept him as a brother.

At least with the intellectual character of Chino, it is absolutely impossible for her to admit it.

Because of this, Li Yalin had just exported a word of "I," Chino explained it beside him and almost choked him to death.

It's just a boarding man. He was just a boarding man in his mind.

Quite inexplicably, Li Yalin fell into some kind of resentment. He found that with contact with Chino, he seems to have a tendency to control himself more and more.

"It turned out to be like this, then the elder Yalin, please give me more advice!"

Li Yalin was full of resentment, but Chino and Cocoa did not see it at all. He was explained by Chino. Suddenly, Cocoa suddenly realized the general clap of his hands and then bowed to Li Yalin gently.

This girl is really familiar with herself. When she comes up, she will call her name. Most people can't do this kind of thing.

However, this character is indeed very likable and right.

"My name is Li Yalin, and I am about to transfer to the second grade of Private Yingling High School. Cocoa's student also asks for more advice."

"Sure enough, you are my elder, I will be transferred to the Private Talent Academy, is a first-year student, and elder Yalin directly called me to be happy."

"Well, since we all live under this one roof, I will not be rude with you, dear Cocoa."

"Older Yalin!"

It is very quite unexpected that after Li Yalin met Cocoa, the atmosphere came very well. Cocoa was the type that was more familiar and more energetic. Even if it was the first time you met her, you could definitely talk together.

In the words of Li Yalin, when he faced Cocoa, he did not face the pressure of adult women. It was better to say that when he regarded Cocoa as a little girl, his mentality could remain absolutely calm.

It is precise because of this reason that the two get along very well, and even let Chino of the side look stunned.

With the person who you met for the first time...  Can you get familiar with this degree?

During this time she gets familiar with Yalin san, It seems that she is still three minutes beyond she felt in love...

She has never talked to Li Yalin like this before.

It had to say that the arrival of Cocoa teaches Chino a lesson, and also lets her see what the real communication perfect score is!

Well, the question about communication is put aside for the time being, or let's talk about the problem of Cocoa first.

As Chino said before, Cocoa as a new entrant to the Private Talent Academy, Cocoa came to the city alone, and the Kafu family was her choice of boarding family.

Although Chino is not very clear about this matter, it is because her father Takahiro fixed before his disappearance that Cocoa be hosted free of charge in Kafu's house and it was not uncommon to clean the housework on ordinary days as a reward. This is not uncommon in fact.

It’s just that there’s one more person in the family, which undoubtedly adds another burden. Fortunately, Li Yalin is there, and with the Cat’s Eye selling high prices, everything is still able to support.

In fact, even if she really can't hold it, Chino can't drive away Cocoa. As for a reason, it is the same as Li Yalin.

Since her father promised, she will help her father to complete this promise!

Chino chose to accept Cocoa. It seems that Cocoa also likes Chino very much. She even hopes to serve as Rabbit-House waiter and contribute to the family.

Seeing the pale pink uniform she wore, Li Yalin knew that everything was on the right track. From today on, the Rabbit-House family has added a new member, and the story has begun to move in the direction he is familiar with.

Even... this is not a true second world.

All in all, there are more new members of the family, so how to celebrate it.

Go out to eat?

No, or eating at home will be more atmospheric!

Before crossing, as an aged man with no girlfriend at nearly 30 years old, Li Yalin certainly practiced a good cooking skill. Although it is impossible to compare with those real chefs, some home cooking dishes are quite good.

Unfortunately, since he came to this world, he has not had the opportunity to show his skills, so this time, should he show his hand well?

No, the so-called plan must not change quickly.. Li Yalin did go to the mall, but instead of buying the dishes, instead, he bought two boxes of pizza, two boxes of sushi and a large box of fried chicken.

No way, he really hasn't eaten these fast foods for a long time. When he walked, he was attracted by the fragrance as he walked, and he bought the food he wanted unconsciously.

When he returned to his mind, he was already full of food in his hands.  He bought and bought. It was hard not to return now.

No, let's celebrate the arrival of our Cocoa.

In the end, Li Yalin has not forgotten to buy a piece of cake, but girls like to eat sweets the most. This cake is, of course, the highlight of the celebration.

Oh, by the way, let Rize stay. This time he went out to buy a lot of things. Rize must stay there is a lot to eat.


Welcome to the new member... walk up!

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