S. B. F. C. Chapter 30: Surging turnover

Li Yalin's idea is very simple. For him, it is now in the pre-school period, and his mangaka career is on the right track.

There is no need to stay up-and-coming like the liver level of the day before. It doesn't matter if it is easier.

Before he started school, he used this piano to cultivate his sentiment, and let him relax.

With such an idea and the encouragement of Cocoa, Li Yalin and everyone joined forces to move the piano to the side of the Rabbit-House bar, where a small area was specially cleared up as a performance area in the coffee shop.

In his spare time, Li Yalin will play the piano here, and occasionally teach Rize of piano skills.

It is reasonable to say that this is nothing wrong. After all, there is a piano playing in the coffee shop. It is completely normal.

Even the nightclub bar will invite the band to sing to attract customers, right?

But the problem is that it is precise because of the piano performance that has led to a sharp increase in Rabbit-House customers!

Although Rabbit-House's guests were not many, not all of them, after all, Chino brewed coffee is very good, and this store is quiet, always able to recruit some repeat customers.

It is also for this reason that after hearing Li Yalin's piano performance, these guests suddenly became hit by the lightning.

At this time, the effect of passing ten passes and one hundred passes came into being. Later, there were even customers who went to the door especially to listen to Li Yalin's piano performance.

This is to make Li Yalin very speechless.

"This customer is coming more than I expected..."

Calculated the turnover of these days, although there was not much change in the early days, later, the daily turnover in this coffee shop is higher every day, especially today, who knows if it is a holiday. It is soaring to the highest peak!

The daily turnover of more than 200,000 Yuan, even if the cost is removed, can earn about 100,000 Yuan.

If it can reach this level every day, there will be a net profit of 3 million in that month?

Compared with the previous income, this change is not too big.

"It's so tiring ... really tiring ..."

Li Yalin is amazed here, and on the other side, because of the heavy workload today, Cocoa has completely fallen on the table.

It's really hard for them. They've been busy all the time today. It’s really a bit too much for girls.

"If you are very tired, go to rest first, and give me the follow-up cleaning work."

Well, the words can't be said absolutely, although Cocoa can't get up, it can be the same as a girl's life, but it is still a look of ecstasy.

The busy work of this day is not a problem for her.

Among the girls, there are also people who are as energetic as her.

No... It should be said that she is a special case!

"Really? Most like this!"

Cocoa is really tired, listen to Rize said willing to undertake the follow-up cleaning work, she immediately cheered, directly fell into Rize's arms.

"I love you..."

Cocoa is a flying pounce, but beyond the expectation of Chino, Cocoa subconsciously accepted, but then the face of Rize red up and want to push Cocoa of her arms away.

But the action was done halfway, Rize stopped because she found that Cocoa that fell into her arms had already slept, and she was too tired.

Seeing the tired face full of sleep, how could Rize have the heart to push Cocoa away?

"Rize bring Cocoa back to the room."

The scene of Cocoa falling into the arms of Rize and falling asleep is naturally seen by Li Yalin.

To tell the truth, the girl plunges into the arms of the girl.

This picture is really awesome. Now he wants to clap his hands together and shouted "Superb Satisfaction!"

But if that's the case and he does it!

It's afraid that temperament will also be lost, so after a little calm, Li Yalin spoke softly to Rize.

After all, he can't let Cocoa fall asleep in Rize's arms all the time, right?

"Well, then you will send Cocoa back first."

Listening to Li Yalin’s saying, Rize is also awakened, and hold Cocoa in her arms like a princess.

It is very easy to send her to the second-floor room.

Looking at the back of Rize, Li Yalin’s heart was sighed again.

If you are fighting for strength and physique, you are afraid that you are not the opponent of Rize...

If you think about it like this, you really let yourself be a man.

"Money! Money! Money! I didn't expect my coffee shop to make money like this! This is really great!"

Rize just left with Cocoa. Tippy, who has been silent, can't endure this silent any longer. He has been holding it up for a long time.

Now there is no outsider, it can finally be relaxed!

With so much turnover, it can be said that it has created a record since Rabbit-House opened, how can Tippy not to be excited? How can it not cheer?

Although he didn't plan to make money with the coffee shop before, so also now, Tippy feels the importance of money. Is also because of this, it will pay more attention to the problem of money!

"Please calm down. The increase in the turnover of these days is all due to the piano of Yalin San."

Tippy is alive and kicking because of the surge in turnover. But Chino is still very calm at this time. It is a good thing to increase turnover, but it can't be forgotten.

As she said, the increase in the store's turnover relies on Li Yalin's piano.

Once the performance is stopped, Rabbit-House will be immediately returned to its original shape.

At that moment, it will not come too late.

Yes, Zhinai knows very well that Rabbit-House will not be able to open all day long as it is now, and Li Yalin can no longer have so much time to play the piano.

This busy period of time will soon disappear like the flowers in the underwater moon mirror.


Chino’s words were very clear, and Tippy also reacted instantly. When it figured out the joints, the original excitement quickly faded.

Yeah, even if the turnover is soaring. During this period, it doesn't mean much, Rabbit-House... After all, it was the dilapidated old coffee shop.

"Actually, I think, according to the current situation, perhaps we should be more active in recruiting coffee shop waiters. It should be said that we need a full-time waiter to sit in the coffee shop, the business in the coffee shop is just getting better, and it would be a pity to give up."

The conversation between Chino and Tippy is naturally heard by Li Yalin, but he has different ideas in his mind.

The piano performance problem in the recent period is not mentioned for a while. Just because of the current turnover in the store, he thinks there are more important things to do.

That's right, it's recruiting waiter!

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