S. B. F. C. Chapter 29: Can I learn piano with you?

"Piano? It would be a little bit like that."

When Li Yalin looked at the fascinating of the music score. He was suddenly asked by Yincha such a question. He was immediately refreshed.

Subconsciously he grabbed the hair, which was not something that needed to hide.

Since the editor asked, of course, Li Yalin would not give a negative answer.

After all, he would play the piano now.

"What? Will Yalin San play the piano?”

As soon as Li Yalin's voice fell, he still waited for Yincha to say what she said.

Then he saw the side of Cocoa beside him suddenly raised her head and twinkled her eyes.

Too powerful!

It should be said, she is really powerful this Cocoa.

"Mr. Yalin wants to play now the piano?"

In response to Li Yalin’s reaction for saying he can play the piano, it’s not just Cocoa, It should be noted that both Chino and Rize have thrown surprising eyes to him, but Chino was not open the mouth, the response of Rize was slightly larger.

It has to say that because of the Cat's Eye, Rize had always maintained a cult of thoughts for Li Yalin.

Now it is naturally more surprising to hear that he can play the piano.

Even at this moment, Rize's heart raised a glimmer of expectation to hear Li Yalin playing.

"Come on, Yalin San! Let's listen to your performance! "

Rize is very much looking forward to Li Yalin's play, but she can't convey this feeling. After all, it is too rude to ask for such a fact.

Even so, it is absolutely impossible for Rize to be disappointed, because she still has Cocoa, and she will not consider the issue of impoliteness.

This is not, she hasn’t waited for Li Yalin to react. Cocoa has already pulled his hand and directly took him to the piano to see his momentum. There is a big meaning that she will not let him rise without playing the piano. Li Yalin also What can he say?

"Well, then I will try. In fact, I haven't played for a long time..."

Subconsciously touched the nose, Li Yalin's expression was a little helpless.

In the end, he is just empty of theoretical knowledge. He has not really touched the piano in the practical sense. In case of falling out of the chain, it would be great.

But the arrow is on the string, and he can't let him refuse, let alone he is very curious about his piano ability, then simply try.

After moving his finger, Li Yalin swept his fingers over the front of the keyboard.

It is strange to say that it is the first time that the piano is touched, but at the moment when the fingertip touches the keyboard, Li Yalin’s heart has a feeling that it seems to be integrated with the whole piano.

It is as if the piano in front of him is part of his body, he can use this piano as he pleases and plays beautiful music.

In fact, this is exactly the case. With Li Yalin’s fingertips tapping, the first note is heard, and then the whole room is filled with the musical sound of the piano.

It is completely different from the previous play, which is able to touch people’s hearts. Piano sounds, even the most professional pianists can't match the moving performance!

Hearing this wonderful sound, the girls present were unable to immerse themselves in it and could not extricate themselves for a long time.

Until the end of the music, the sound of the last note disappears, and the girls seem to wake up from their dreams.

Just feeling, really seems to be a dream...

Is this the proficient level of piano ability?

Very good!

Unlike the girls, as a performer, Li Yalin is also very involved, but he is not completely immersed in it. After all, attracting girls, in addition to proficient piano performance, there is also the 3* piano performance attraction.

Li Yalin is not affected by his ability, so the end of the performance, his first feeling is that the proficient level of piano ability is really professional, and only to master the level to reach this level.

So what level will it be when he ascends to the ranks of experts and masters?

The ability given by this system is super powerful!

For the results of this lottery, Li Yalin said that he was very satisfied. Although he still can't use it for a while, it is still very good to have such a feeling of being physically fit.

What is surprising, however, is that he just sighs purely, but he does not think about it. The girls at home are exploding in an instant!

No way, Li Yalin's piano performance is too amazing for girls!

"It's too powerful! It's too great! I go to announce! Now, Yalin San is the exclusive pianist of Rabbit-House!"

At the moment, Cocoa is like a bunny. She always jumps and jumps. She also announces loudly.

Looking at this, she made up her mind to use music to touch customers.

"Yalin's piano... It's so beautiful, Teacher Yalin, can I learn piano with you?"

Different from Cocoa, Li Yalin is also concerned with the piano performance itself.

Rize thinks that this is the most beautiful piano piece she has ever heard. It is precisely because of this that she is more eager to worship Li Yalin.

Just the one that made Rize feel very moved, and even she came up with an idea - to become a student of Li Yalin and learn piano performance from him.

Rize really hopes one day be able to play such moving movements.

So subconsciously, she blurted out her own thoughts, but after saying this, the little face of Rize was instantly rosy.

Because she knows that she is just too rash.


Rize and Mihari's exaggerated reaction is not as exaggerated as Cocoa and Chino, but it is not much better.

Looking at Li Yalin's eyes at this moment they are full of surprises and sighing.

As a mangaka, Li Yalin has shown an incomparable talent, and now they hear his piano, this also gives people the impression that his piano talent is not under the manga.

what is this?

A genius who is both proficient in manga and proficient in piano?

Real genius?

It seems... a bit too much.

Looking at the four girls with different expressions in front of him, Li Yalin subconsciously scratched his cheeks.

Although he knew that his proficient piano talent was very good, he did not expect to make such a big reaction.

"The exclusive pianist... It's really exaggerated, but if I have time, it's okay to take the time to play the piano in the coffee shop."

"As for Rize San ... It's impossible to learn the piano with me. Let’s talk to each other and see how?”

For the problem of playing in Rabbit-House, Li Yalin has no contradiction. In his opinion, there are no customers in this coffee shop, and playing the piano or anything is not so important.

After all, playing time is too long, the pianist Level can be improved, can't it?

As for the teaching of the piano, speaking about the younger Rize, what can be reserved?

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