M. F Chapter 217: The visitor is the guest

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Mechanical Colossus Type I of Monster Heavy Industry its product launch conference on time.

Ye Qing specifically invited Zhongyun TV to provide technical assistance during the ceremony.

Ye Qing wants to broadcast the conference live on the official website of Monster Heavy Industry.

This technical assistance, more like a gathering of good friends.

When the product launch conference was held, Ye Qing invited him to be his host.

Doudou also brought in the two masters of Zhongyun TV, Yu Fei, and Wu Xiaoya.

With these two beautiful women, it's too easy to get a set of broadcasting equipment from the TV station and dig out two little cameras to the handheld and take charge of the camera.

Oh, how hot it is!

It is not the warm atmosphere of the guests, but the weather is hot.

In the morning, the employees were squeaky when they were rowing the chairs and putting the name cards, even if they had awnings above them.

Ye Qing asked his employees to contact an ice-making factory in the park and let them send ice cubes to him.

30 kilograms of ice, put some in the guest area, put some on the stand, and cool when the wind blows in.

In the guest area, most of the employees from the company, as well as Ye Qing's business partners, and those customers who are really interested in purchasing the Mechanical Colossus Type I form the main audience of the guest seat.

At the same time, the video playback area on the front page of the official website of Monster Heavy Industry also opened live broadcasting at 9 o'clock on time.

"it has started!"

The mystery is finally coming to light. The pictures of the equipment have been put on for many days.

The excavator party and the robotic party are finally going to have the fight to win or lose the game.

"Happy day! Come and see, live broadcasting begins."

With the screen switching, when a huge poster curtain wall appeared on the screen, many waiting audiences immediately clicked in, and others posted and shouted in the forum.

Doudou stepped onto the stage under the poster curtain wall, broadcast the camera, and immediately focused the lens on her figure.

Long black hair slipped between the chest, and the white neck outlined a beautiful arc.

In a sky blue evening gown who contrasts with the jelly-like smooth skin, and the slender legs are covered under a thin underskirt, making it impossible for the lines to be looming.

Most of the users of the Giants Heavy Industry official website are men, once they are on the stage.

These people type their hands quickly and make a marvelous barrage.

"Good dear guests, good morning, everyone."

"I am Doudou. I am very honored to be invited to cover this conference. I also hope that I can have a wonderful and enjoyable day with all of you here."

"On behalf of all the staff of Monster Heavy Factory, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend this product launch conference."

With a charming smile and the light and sweet voice, she attracts the attention of all the people in the field and on the live broadcasting platform.

"I think ... many guests and the audience on the official website must be curious about what kind of products we are going to launch at this press conference?"

With a hand-held microphone, she smiled to the guests and the audience and said:

"Now, let me tell you. What's different about our products?"

"It's called Mechanic Giant I. There's no place on it for persons, that has the same function as the construction machinery we know well."

The guests burst into laughter, and Doudou in the official live broadcasting studio kept talking there.

"Reward ... it depends on what kind of ghost ... open reward function ... ah ... I want to reward the hosts."

"The host is so graceful and young ... but he can't come to the scene ... I'm going to drive my guest to the scene."

"Come with me to Audi r8, which should not be considered as the first crossing in the history."

"Ha-ha-ha-not that I hit you all ... I just want you to see the reality ... Didn't you see that the auditorium was lined with Mechanical Colossus Type I?"

"Twenty-one units, ten million each. Brothers, I think the car costs less than eight million Yuan, so don't go flashy."

The restless crowd was splattered with cold water.

The crowds were thicker-skinned than the walls, and they did not care to lead the topic to other directions.

They also started voting in the forum to let everyone guess whether the Mechanical Colossus Type I is the excavator party or the robotic party.

On the scene of the conference, Ye Qing was holding his shoulders, relying on the corner of the guest table, and some of them were intoxicated to watch the table of the auditorium.

Usually, he saw Doudou was dressed as a girl. Or, she wears whatever clothes only to look good, but Ye Qing still did not expect that she would wear a gown and be beautiful as a princess out of the painting.

Ye Qing stood under the platform and looked at her. On the platform, she also looked up at Ye Qing with affectionate eyes.

Her eyes were shining, and there seemed to be something in them.

Then she flushed to Ye Qing gently and gently stirred her eyebrows like a crescent moon.

Ye Qing was trying to go back. Suddenly, his eyes were blindfolded from behind.

"Guess who I am!" A deliberately suppressed voice reached Ye Qing's ear.

"I guess you? ..." Ye Qing is out of order, at the crucial moment, who the hell is this!

Turning his head, Ye Qing stunned.

Who knows when? ... they stood behind him more than a dozen, as young as him.

There were men and women with long-lost smiles on their faces.

"Li Bin, you scared me." Ye Qing handshake his hand and then hugged him with enthusiasm: "Hola ... Yang Wenjuan, Liu Jian, Jin Chao, you are all here."

"Yes, you've invited us all the group. Of course, we'll come and cheer you on." Jinchao, wearing a brand-new suit, also came to handshake Ye Qing's hands and embraced him warmly.

A total of seven male classmates greeted him and then turned their eyes to the girls who were dressed by the beautiful, Yingying Yanyan.

Ye Qing smiled unwillingly.

"Our Ye, Qing, I want to have a hug with you?" Sun Sisi, who was very popular with male students in the class, smiled and said:  "Come here bravely with your arms open Ye Qing!"

Ye Qing scratched his head: "Handshake, shake hands!"

After greeting, Ye Qing invited these college students to go to the guest seat.

He suddenly found that behind the crowd, he also stood two women who he did not know.

The tall woman in a white shirt looks very graceful and long and beautiful at the same time.

The other which was next to the camera and the tablet gave a very quiet little girl feeling.

Ye Qing thought they were invited by Ye Qing's guests.

Ye Qing didn't know them, and now one-third of the guests who sat in the guest seat, Ye Qing did not know them.

"Welcome!" Ye Qing took the initiative to hand out his right hand to greet her, and the visitor was the guest.

The two women were obviously stunned and then hesitated to reach out.

"Please sit inside, this is just the beginning of the conference." Ye Qing said to the two to the guests. 

"Hello, my name is Wu Qianyan." ...

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