M.F Chapter 213: What is the principle?

"That's well, you have all turned your cell phones off, and people are farther away, and all the electrical equipment on the side is completely withdrawn."

The Master Craftsman came over and shouted at the busy people.

The Vice Mayor, Wu Shunyun, asked the Master Craftsman to be responsible for the installation of the equipment.

Therefore, dozens of people went to pile thin metal plates. Although the workers were puzzled, they did the same.

What happens to everyone’s who turn their phones on, and why do they have to withdraw all the shore's electrical equipment?

Now there is a circle of ultraviolet light has been set up on the shore, and there are a large number of ceramic membrane filtration stations, which have been set up to clean up at full capacity.

The equipment must stay alone at work. They shouldn't work together.

The workers have a fascinating look at what he really wants to do, all turns off his cell phones and removes the electric devices.

"This is..." Xia Yuming asked Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun, somewhat doubtfully, "Why does he want us to turn off our mobile phones?"

"He's a worker from Monster Heavy Industry. He's here to help us deal with the sewage."

Simply explaining the matter, he could not explain why he had to turn off his cell phone and put metal plates on the water log cabin.

"Because it will affect your mobile phone and electrical appliances." Master Craftsman's expression has not changed much.

Several staff members couldn't help but laugh.

The two mayors were expressionless, and the burden on their shoulders was too heavy to be able to make a smile.

"No, you have this processing equipment, the same ceramic membrane casing, why does it affect the electrical appliances?"

The EPA people are full of fog: "I am sorry, we really do not understand what you mean, for example, using metal plates to blocked those wooden houses."

"We will know when we try." The Master Craftsman carefully walked away in turning his back.

He went directly to the strong ionized sewage treatment equipment, and his fingers were on the operation panel, and he quickly set the working parameters.

The Master Craftsman set up a working range of 50 meters, which is just over a dozen ceramic membrane filtration stations and two rows of ultraviolet radiation lamps.

The power is the strongest, ensuring that all of these people's mobile phones have not to be burned because the Master Craftsman doesn't want to trouble his boss.

These strange arrangements made by the Master Craftsman made many people on the scene curious.

Several staff members of the Environmental Protection Agency had a thick face, and they wanted to see what it was that they thought of ceramic membrane filtration.

The two mayors, Xia Yuming and Wu Shunyun also came over to the Master Craftsman who made such a big battle.

They said that they were curious that it was fake.

When the exquisite master craftsman left the operating table, he put it on the water's edge, and the strong ionization treatment equipment that had been connected to the power cord was lighted up slowly.

“Strong ionization industrial wastewater processor starts!”

"Let's sewage analysis!"


"Can this analyze sewage?" The staff of the Environmental Protection Agency looks at each other.

"Use of spectral detection or micro spectral detection?"

“Re-testing is also ceramic membrane filtration.” A staff member whispered in the ear of his colleague:

“I am not biased against this company, but you can see what he is doing, and it is a thin metal plate. Let us Turn off the phone."

"Yeah, there is only one device."

"Be far from a distance, the sewage will be splashed on the body later." The Master Craftsman said when he watched that the audience was too close and that there was only one way to call them back.

Sure enough, the crowd backed off. The sewage and wastes had to kneel when they came, but also to get rid of it.

While chatting, the equipment test was completed.

Cyanide, phenol, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead, ketone, ether...

The ionization loading range is fifty meters, and the directional start begins.

Then stood next to the lively people, feeling numb.

The next moment, the original blue-brown polluted water illuminates a circle with a radius of 50 meters.

The light was purple as if the sewage in this area had become a conductor.

"Ah! Discolored?"The staff of the Environmental Protection Agency, who was behind the scenes, opened their eyes: "What is this principle?"

"My mobile phone, how come my mobile phone is out of order?"

A worker took pictures there.

As a result, the screen of the mobile phone jumped as fast as that of the radio current meter.

It seemed to be disturbed by something.

"My mobile phone is also."

The same problem occurred with the other person's mobile phone.

As a result, everyone else took out the mobile phone, and the result was that the same uninterrupted radio wave appeared on the screen.

At this time, they suddenly remembered the things that the Master Craftsman had explained before, and they let the mobile phone off.

Neither of them could bear to watch his mobile phones break down. They immediately put the phone off.

At this time, the lake has a bright purple light that has been lightning-like moving slowly.

“Why don’t you drain the purified water?” This is a question for everyone on the scene.

They admit that this device has made a lot of noise and can interfere with their mobile phones.

But the root was connected to the shore, and a large plastic box outlet was placed underneath, and it has not started working yet.

The Vice Mayor, Wu Shunyun, turned his head over, and the inexplicable things that happened in front of him made him a thick shadow.

This device does not treat sewage but emits a wave like a jammer.

He personally ran a trip to Longxitan Beach and got the result in return.

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun felt that his face was burning and there was a very shameful feeling.

Summer Yuming is also a face of puzzlement: "Monster Heavy Factory I have heard, how can it be so reliable?"

The voice had just dropped, and a drop of the frozen blue-brown semi-solids dropped down the pipe into a large plastic box.

The second drop!

The third drop!

The dripping speed is getting faster and faster, the purple water of the lake, also followed by being enchanted, slowly with a strong purple light gathered together, moving towards the strong ionization equipment.

Soon, the semi-solids discharged from the pipeline were connected into a line.

As more and more semi-solid contaminants accumulate in the box, everyone finds that the lake is covered by purple light and gradually becomes clear.

It is completely clear, and it is different from the brown lake water filtered by the ceramic membrane.

That is to let anyone see, they will feel comfortable and clear.

Just like a lake that has been occupied by duckweed in all its space, picking up a cluster of duckweed will see the original appearance of the lake.

A small spray of water, the original clear water, was stirred and turbid by the waves.

"My God!" Someone screamed with his hands in his temples: "Have you seen it? In the glowing lake, the pollutants were directly sucked out."

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun and Mayor Xia Yuming felt that the sky was spinning.

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