S. B. F. C Chapter 37: am I terrible?

Womi the president is a majestic beauty, outstanding ability, and outstanding performance, is a rare student president, this is beyond doubt.

However, Li Yalin is very clear that these are not all seen by Womi. The unfamiliar person may not know her.

The people who can be familiar with him should be very clear.

Womi, the president... She is a very favorite person.

At the same time, she like female high school students who play tricks, she again likes to play tricks on people.

Yes, in all senses, the character of the Womi the president can be described as bad.

It’s not a good thing to be seen in Womi the president.

Li Yalin liked this character when he was watching the manga, so when that could be put into practice, and it maybe might turn into trouble!

Originally, Li Yalin was very entangled about becoming a high school student.

If he could, he would like to keep this status low-key.

If you want to talk to Womi, you must have a relationship ...

Forget it, it's better to get rid of the relationship as soon as possible.

"I am not a freshman in high school, but a transfer student who just transferred to this school."

"Yesterday, I attended the entrance ceremony, so I heard your speech president... If there's nothing wrong, I'll go."

Li Yalin did not regard himself as the hero in the manga, but he also knew very well that he is not the second element.

If he really regards the school as his own harem and sees a beautiful girl classmate, he will frivolously attack.

It is absolutely a serious act of killing.

If he fails to do it well, it may be necessary that he follows the footsteps of Cheng Ge.

He didn't plan to die.

Of course, he wouldn't take the initiative to get into trouble.

No, he soon thought of a set of eloquence.

After a perfect answer to the question of Womi, he turned around and left quickly without turning back.

This is just a small moment, and Womi the president is not likely to be interested in this new transfer student.

That's right, that's it!

With such an idea, Li Yalin walked toward the teacher's office and did not notice at all.

When he quickly left, Womi the president still stood still and kept watching his back.

"President! You are here."

When not too much, a girl with a maroon ponytail ran to the side of Womi, with a little anxiety in her tone.

"I am going to class soon, we should go back."

"Sen, do you think I am terrible?"

The chestnut-haired girl came to see Womi to inform her of the upcoming lesson.

But after hearing the girl's words, Womi not only did not move her steps but also asked her such a question.

"President? Horror? Why is the president horrible?"

Womi asked this unexpected question and let the classmate Sen face a black question mark.

Why does the president suddenly ask this question?

"So am I very troublesome?"

Seeing Sen did not answer the question, Womi continued to ask questions.

"Trouble? Although the president can be troublesome sometimes, it's not so troublesome."

When Womi asked the next question, it even made Sen the classmate confused, horror? Trouble?

Yes, the character of Womi the president is indeed a bit bad.

Sometimes it is really troublesome to tease people.

But if you want to talk about horror and trouble, you can't talk about it at all.

What's all this with?

"I am neither horrible nor troublesome. Why did the transfer student just want to hide from me?"

If the Womi and Sen’s conversation at the moment is heard by Li Yalin, there will be a cold sweat on his front.

Even if he is less in contact with the girl, he can detect the misunderstanding in Womi.

Unfortunately, nothing of this happened.

At this time, Li Yalin has already arrived at the teacher's office door.

As a new transfer student, he will be led by the teacher to the class and introduced it to the class.

In accordance with the routine of the harem manga, If Li Yalin is the leading actor, then his class teacher should be a beautiful woman.

The gentle glasses teacher is his favorite, the mature sister type is also very good, no matter what, even if she is Lori teacher, he can accept.

But the reality is often cruel.

When he entered school yesterday, Li Yalin met with the class teacher.

The other party was a middle-aged man with no ordinary face, and he could not find the public face when he was thrown into the crowd.

If he thinks about it, he is not the protagonist.

After the meeting with the class teacher, Li Yalin’s heart could not help but sigh.

"Come with me, Li."

The teacher did not give Li Yalin more time to think after seeing him, the class teacher of the public face immediately led him to the class.

Yingling High School does not have a placement rotation system.

After the first-year placement, the next three years will not change.

That is to say, the second C class students have formed a small group.

Li Yalin is a foreign household.

To get involved is absolutely not as simple as he thinks.

Of course, Li Yalin did not intend to participate in a small group of students.

In his opinion, as long as he keeps the identity of a high school student in a low-key manner, anyway, he is only a student.

After he has earned one hundred million Yuan and solved the debts of Chino, God knows what kind of tasks the system will release.

Perhaps he can get rid of the identity of this high school student.

After all, he is a man with a systematic body!

Having said that... The class value of this classmate seems to be quite good...

Since coming to this world, Li Yalin has found that the value of people in this world is generally high.

Although he is in the crowd, he is considered to be a high-class classification in the crowd.

If he is really ugly, he really does not see it.

In this case, as the teacher entered the class, he found that the value of these 2nd class C students generally exceeded the average level, and even more, there are several girls with top-notch appearance!

Although there are some ordinary students, even the girls who are more bloated, but how to say it, this value is still quite bright.

Learning in such a class seems to be a kind of enjoyment as well.

"From today, Li Yalin will live and study with us in the same class. I hope everyone can actively help Li Yalin."

After being brought into the class by the class teacher, Li Yalin observed the classmates in the class.

The classmates under the stage were also observing him.

Although not everyone is interested in the new transfer students, the students transferred from the special island zone.

It is still a new thing for everyone, and naturally, it has attracted a lot of curious eyes.

"So now, if you have any questions that you want to ask Li Yalin, please ask questions, time is not a lot, we are quick to decide."

The introduction of the class teacher was very fast.

He didn't wait for Li Yalin to read the appearances of the classmates under the podium.

He had already introduced it and handed the next time to the classmates under the podium.

This teacher... Is it an acute man?

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