M. F Chapter 218: Noisy

"Hello, my name is Wu Qianyan."

"Hello, my name is Ye Qing." Ye Qing also introduced herself, and he could not guess what the two standing women wanted.

"We are visitors from another place. Sorry, Mr. Ye." Wu Qianyan smiled and said, "We just saw this device on your poster in the promotional film in the airport hall."

"When we  took a taxi, the driver deliberately takes us around the long road, so we said to the driver stop here, and by the way, we took a look at this amazing device."

Ye Qing feels that his temperament is very good.

Of course, temperament can't be eaten as a meal.

Should it be slaughtered by the taxi driver or by the taxi driver?

Whether it is an airport or a high-speed rail, it is far from the development zone.

It is not surprising that they choose to get off because they look weak.

"Since you come all the way, you are a guest." Ye Qing could not help admiring the courage of the taxi driver and daring to slaughter the passengers.

"This is an empty taxi on the edge of the main road of the Kaikai District, he's been waiting for at least an hour, he is necessarily waiting. In the outside, solar energy has baked people, so let's take a break and eat some fruit first."

"After a while, our company has a car back to the city, I let them take you both."

Wu Qianyan intended to refuse, she did not know that it was difficult to find a taxi here, as soon as she heard Ye Qing say that, plus the fact that the sun was shining outside, there was not even a sun-shading platform there on the road.

Then she glanced at the guest seats with awnings and refrigerated ice cubes, and the guests on the guests' table with a variety of sliced fruits in the crushed ice.

Wu Qianyan can't find the courage to refuse...

She had to nod and say, "That's all the trouble. Mr. Ye's gracious invitation made me change a lot of ideas about this city."

When Wu Qianyan was given a seat, Ye Qing went to his classmates and talked and laughed about the past.

Wu Qianyan and Li Xue wear more conservative clothes, forehead and ears had hung a fine bead of sweat, when they sat at the guest table, comfortable they did not support not to hum a song.

The guests' seats have been cooled by many ice cubes.

The plastic seats have already become cold and cool and suddenly moved from the fiery outdoor to here cold.

It's just a pleasure for all the world.

A little girl wearing a sunhat quickly came to the front of the two women, placed a clear glass for the two, and poured two glasses of fresh orange juice.

"This is fresh orange juice with ice, please drink it slowly." The little girl smiled sweetly.

Wu Qianyan and Li Xue looked at each other and then nodded and were very satisfied with the hospitality of the company.

On Ye Qing's side, the atmosphere is also very good.

Of the sixteen students, only five were local, the rest are from the subordinate counties of Zhongyun City, who came over to the students who congratulated Ye Qing.

Each of them brought small gifts. Li Bin also brought his girlfriend. As he said, she was a good-looking girl.

Students met, except for some constraints of Ye Qing's identity at the beginning.

After chatting a few words, Ye Qing's free and easy-going feeling, so that they soon returned to the original feeling of the school.

"Originally, Wang Daoxing planned to come, and we all made an appointment. As a result, he was carried back by his leader in the morning."

Jin Chao tilted his head and glanced at Wu Qianyan of the next table from time to time. Then he touched Ye Qing's arm quietly.

"Based on my experience in Zhangzhou County Government Office, I feel that she is like a person in the system, and she has the temperament of leadership."

"She looks like she is two years older than us. Jin Chao, you are quick to talk about where is the leadership temperament in her body?"

Sun Sisi laughed and asked: "I feel she is like us, am I also a leader?"

"Eyes and temperament ... you, only look at people's faces are not beautiful."

Jin Chao said with a depressed voice: "Look at her she talks to her companion around, very relaxed, sitting is also very natural, but there are no fireworks in her eyes. The feeling of anger. Her companion is a little cramped and sitting very well."

"Maybe people are not sure about the executives." Sun Sisi couldn't help looking at Wu Qianyan more.

"I feel a little like it, of course, just like it. Sometimes it's not true." Ye Qing also looked back at Wu Qianyan. Maybe he noticed the sight there. Wu Qianyan gave Ye Qing a gentle nod.

"Well, let's not talk about other people." Ye Qing picked up the cold fresh juice and raised his glass.

"In the morning, there are some product introductions. It's boring for you. When we finish lunch at noon, there will be many wonderful links in the afternoon."

"Haha ... you are jealous of us, we can't bear to go. The host on the stage is so beautiful, and she still looks at us."

"Yang Lily, I just saw her." Liu Jian was a little blushing, and he was embarrassed: "Ye Qing, you are too bad to recruit all the people I secretly loved in those days to the company."

"That's to see us, Mr. Ye!" Sun Sisi's eyes were filled with a smile: "Oh, I wish I could not go back to school, I must be in front of the whole school teachers and students, to confess to General Ye."

" Count me in!" Jin Chao raised the orchid and imitated the feminine voice.

"Roll!" Ye Qing laughed and scolded.


At two o'clock in the afternoon. In Zhongyun Airport.

Mayor Xia Yuming, Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun and the leaders of the major bureaus gathered at the VIP corridor in the airport.

The whole airport is just waiting for it.

The hall is cleaned up to look like a crystal palace, and the floor tiles are shiny enough to be used as mirrors.

“Tower report ... YZ1421 flight has been docked, the tower report...” 

Upon hearing this news, everyone subconsciously put up their waist and sorted out their appearance.

Flight YZ1421 is the flight taken by the inspection team.

It has been three months' hard work.

From now on, it is necessary to formally evaluate the results of their work and conduct a trial.

"The last time I was so nervous, it was when my wife was going to divorce me."

Mayor Xia Yuming seldom jokes with them: "Whether we are dragons or insects in Zhongyun depends on this time!"

Five minutes later, at the end of the VIP aisle, there was a crisp tapping sound of leather shoes.

A man in his thirties is definitely worth, a young man took the lead coming out first.

His imposing manner can't be summed up only with spirit, although with a kind of majestic spirit.

His name is Gao Fengming, and he is the patriarch of this inspection team.

Gao Fengming was followed by no less than twenty men and women, each with a straight waist and a stern grin, or with light clouds and breezes.

A group of people from Zhongyun Municipal Government took a deep breath, hung up the most appropriate smile, and greeted them with a smile.

"Hello." Gao Fengming, who was at the front, took the initiative to shake hands with them.

“Hello ... Hello, on behalf of all the people of Zhongyun City, I would like to welcome the members of the inspection team to stay in Zhongyun City with the most sincere enthusiasm.”

Mayor Xia Yuming shook hands with the group members one by one.

Gao Fengming didn't have many expressions.

After simply touching them, he took the lead and walked outside the airport.

The members of the reception team of Zhongyun City carefully stayed next to each other, each playing their own eloquence, and talking with the group members while walking.

Gao Fengming's pace's walk was very fast.

He stopped suddenly when the mayor made a secret gesture to the staff nearby and told them to inform the outside motorcade to be ready to open the door to greet them.

He stopped at the huge LED TV in the hall, where the city promotional film of Zhongyun City was being broadcasted on the TV.

At this time, the promotional film just goes on: [Industry is the cornerstone for promoting the development of urban science and technology civilization].

The Mechanical Colossus Type I, is ranked first in the technology segment.

The entire team also stopped and watched the promo with interest.

Mayor Xia Yuming and Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun breathed a little relief. Since it can be put in the first place, the Mechanical Colossus Type I since it can be placed first has its advantages.

They have long heard that this young team leader attaches great importance to the construction of urban science and technology.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I had really attracted his attention at once. Now they are perfect to win the door.

Gao Fengming's original calm face suddenly changed.

He became a little angry.

"Nonsense!" Gao Fengming issued a stern voice.

The two mayors, who had originally a little delighted, were instantly stunned.

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