M. F. Chapter 219: Misunderstanding


This word was like thunderbolts from the sky.

The two mayors' expectation of satisfaction did not change, but they have received severe criticism.

It shouldn't be...

If the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee has not fully grasped, how dare they regard this scientific and technological machinery and equipment as major propaganda.

They also early heard that the leader Gao Fengming attached great importance to the construction of urban science and technology.

Could it be there any mistake in the rumor?

In fact, he pays more attention to the development of history and culture?

"I can see that the reinforced pile frame is not too tired to be seen by others."

Gao Fengming sternly said: "In the promotional film, there are 32mm ribbed steel bars, a total of twelve."

"These twelve steel bars are welded into the pile frame, and the front end of each steel bar has been repeatedly bent and pressed by the steel bending machine. "

"There are so obvious signs of bending and compression marks, this steel pile frame has been seriously metal fatigue, let alone hydraulic, mechanical equipment, manual pipe bender can bend out."

"Is this a movie or a promotional film?"

The two mayors raised their eyes and looked at them carefully as Gao Fengming, the group leader, said.

Sure enough, they could see the surface of the steel bar at that end, surrounded by a faint grey-white mark.

When the screen jumps to the Mechanical Colossus Type I in the performance of cutting into the polyethylene spiral bellows.

Gao Fengming sneered: "There is a steel pipe interlayer in the polyethylene spiral bellows corrugated pipe."

"Do you think that the traces of the steel pipe will be cut open under the ripples? I can't see the traces of steel pipe cutting in it quietly?"

"Your promotional film is very good, and it’s really good to shoot."

"Even the fraudulent means in the film have been used."

"In order to fool us, it must have cost a lot!"

Mayor Xia Yuming and Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun seem to have returned to the side of Xiaoping Lake a few days ago, and they are a mood in a huge panic.

On the other hand, director Yu of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee had cold sweats all over his forehead.

The group leader, Gao Fengming's face, was really no much better than that of Xiaoping Lake at that time.

Where is the wrong news? It is clear that the news is too conservative, which seriously underestimated his understanding of urban construction.

After these criticizes, Gao Fengming turned directly and walked quickly outside the airport.

Mayor Xia Yuming and Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun hurried to keep up.

By the way, they kept gesturing to the staff to prepare the outside team.

When everyone gets on the car, the fleet starts.

Mayor Xia Yuming and Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun sat in the back seat, and director Yu of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party committee sat in the front, explaining unceasingly in some confusion.

"Mr. Mayor. In fact, it is not what the high-level leader imagined. The promotional film of Mechanical Colossus Type I is under the responsibility of the deputy director of Mi Jiangbei."

"The construction team of Zhongyun TV Station and South Railway Station assists in the shooting."

"I admit that there are a few slightly exaggerated items in the later science and technology promotional films."

"But first, director Mi Jiangbei patted his chest and promised that he will not joke on this kind of thing."

"And Tang, the director of the construction site, has not just applied for a financial allocation to purchase the Mechanical Colossus Type I."

"If its performance is not good, the government will not allocate funds, will not it?"

"Call the high-speed rail South Station." Mayor Xia Yuming clenched his fists against the lower jaw, and his brows wrinkled into a Sichuan character.

Xia Yuming is very confused. Whether it is business cooperation or inspection, the first impression is the most important.

This truth is well known to all women and children!

Last year, a technology company in the United States came over and sold a smart trash can, which is called solar power and can automatically sort garbage.

Even Central Park in Manhattan has been using this.

In this sentence, Xia Yuming strictly forbids all department of Zhongyun City to cooperate with this technology company.

Because last month, he and the mayors of several other cities organized a delegation to participate in the China-Canada Mayor Economic Forum Summit.

After the meeting, they went to Manhattan Central Park to inspect the urban park greening construction.

A similar thing it happened.

Gao Fengming, the team leader who attaches great importance to the construction of urban science and technology, has not even stepped out of the airport and has repeatedly found a lot of confusing things in the construction of science and technology in the promotional films one after another.

The first impression has been made in this way.

What kind of mentality and vision will the high-definition and inspection team below use to check the construction of health and civilization in Zhongyun City?

They think that "in order to fool us, it must have cost a lot!" In this sentence, the two mayors are frightened.

The director of the site of the High-speed Railway South Station is Tang Zheng. He received a fierce call from the director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee.

The director Tang appeared very innocent.

"But the Mechanics Colosse of Type I, we have to use it here the functions of the demonstration have shown it is more practical."

"You may rest assured, Mayor Xia Yuming, that when the five Mechanical Colossus Type I ordered by us arrive, the period of the construction will be advanced by one third."


Director Tang hangs up. He really knows what he's talking about.


In the exhibition hall of the Development Zone Avenue, the luncheon held at 11:30 will continue until 1 pm.

After the lunch, there was a break, and the bosses of the local construction companies who came in admiration of the Mechanical Colossus Type I all rushed to both sides of the stage, like matchmakers, surrounded the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and talked about it.

One machine with ten million!

Construction machinery has always been famous for its high price. This construction machinery car is even more expensive and frightening.

The key point is to buy and not pay in installments, only the full amount...

Installment payment must cooperate with the bank. Customers buy a machine and go to the bank to apply for a special loan.

The bank is responsible for approving the customer. If the customer has the purchasing power, the machine will be put down.

The time is too short, Ye Qing has only had time to apply for various patents of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and special engineering vehicle production licenses, etc., some necessary documents.

In the long run, cooperation with banks can still promote the sales of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

And adding installment payments does not mean that the behemoth heavy industry can only get the down payment.

It is the full amount, the bank will make up the remaining amount to the manufacturer.

How to transmit it, is the business of the bank and customers.

For the Mechanical Colossus Type I, there are company employees who are introducing these bosses his parametric performance.

On Ye Qing's side, he is with a group of his classmates and chatted at the guest table.

But to Ye Qing's discomfort, there were always some people coming to disturb him.

People who come over, take the initiative to introduce themselves, and hand out the business cards from their pockets.

They are not the boss of a certain company or the general manager of a certain company.

The purpose of handing a business card is very simple.

They want to invite people to take a trip and act as the host for the activities that their company will hold in the future.

These invitations were all politely declined.

Who knows? That the purpose of these companies is not innocent?

When the time went to half-past two, today's product launch conference is about to usher in the most interesting link.

—— Product Show!

The Excavator Party and the Robot Party, which are controversial on official websites, are finally going to unravel the mystery.
The two mayors, who had originally a little delighted, were instantly stunned.

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