M. F Chapter 215: The exhibition will be launched

This generous courtesy really made Ye Qing surprise.

In the face of the solemn promise made by the mayor, who tell the truth.

Ye Qing really can't find anything of it at this moment, because he has any difficulties to solve.

The huge heavy work is in progress, and Ye Qing is also wet because of the warmth and the sweat.

It is impossible to ask the mayor to help him get a job!

Looking at Ye Qing thinking, Xia Yuming smiled brightly and said:

"It doesn't matter, this promise has been veritable."

"Mr. Ye, you don't know when the worker of your factory had been open the magical equipment, and light up the whole Xiaoping Lake, we were all excited."

Looking at the mayor's intention of continuing to be a guest, Ye Qing welcomed him into the office and served out hot tea.

"Mr. Ye, I don't know how much the price of such strong ionized sewage equipment."

"Our Zhongyun Municipal Government wants to purchase a batch for the treatment of sewage."

“It’s very expensive...” Ye Qing took a sip of tea and said.

“The strong ionization treatment equipment is based on the oppositely charged body, which has the principle of mutual attraction and creates a strong ionization position."

"It charges the atoms of the pollutants. Moving toward the opposite electrical target."

“The price is not a problem!” Xia Yuming erected his ears.

“Working in a hygienic environment has always been an extremely important part of all cities."

"We have absolutely seen the strength of the strong ionization pollution treatment equipment.”

“If you put it into the work of urban sanitation, I think any city is willing to introduce this equipment.”

The Zhongyun Municipal Government invests a lot of money in environmental protection every year.

If it is only because of the price, this is not a problem at all.

"It's not just the problem of money, the electromagnetic generator of strong ionization equipment is extremely demanding in terms of manufacturing, mainly the magnetic induction module inside."

Ye Qing also understands the outlook of this equipment, but in the case of mass production, The manufacture of strong ionization processing equipment is completely worth the loss.

The magnetic induction module inside has to be imported from the Siemens Co., Ltd.

"Now we haven't tackled the technology of quickly manufacturing the core components inside. This is just an experimental product."

"Of course, it is our without condition duty to contribute to the environmental protection work of Zhongyun City."

Ye Qing thought for a moment and said: "This equipment can be rented for your use. We send a technician to provide technical support."

"Of course, it is our duty to take part to the environmental protection work of Zhongyun City without condition."

"Good!" Xia Yuming nodded quickly and point out the efficiency of this equipment.

"I am afraid that it will not take too long. Zhongyun City can become a key water resource city without any water pollution."

The environment - has always been the face of a city.

And the water source is something that is closely related to life.

 If there is much foul-smelling voracity in the city, I am afraid no one will have a good impression of the city.

Of course, the strong ionization treatment equipment is not all-powerful.

It is only suitable for treating sewage.

It is powerless for the common garbage pollution in rivers.

But in the eyes of Xia Yuming, this is enough for Zhongyun City to stand out from many cities.

After communicating the price of renting to the strong ionization equipment, Xia Yuming left with satisfaction.

When Ye Qing went out to take away the mayor at the gate, Xia Yuming wanted to carry out large-scale manufacturing research and development work on the core component of the strong ionization treatment equipment as soon as possible.

Once such equipment can be put into the market, the benefits will be amazing.

Ye Qing promised, but he did not agree.

Strongly ionized magnetic sensing modules and chips require the world's cutting-edge semiconductor technology and integrated electronic circuit technology to support it.

The Monster Factory should be able to count this technology.

Whether it is making a mobile phone or building a computer.

Can punch Apple, pedal Intel.

The gains will be amazing, it is a deep fear for the manufacturing industry around the world.

After the mayor leaves, Ye Qing went to the exhibition hall of the Industrial Park.

It is the venue for the online sales ceremony of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, which is one and a half days away from the time of the event.

The venue is also arranged by the company's staff.

Ye Qing is going to see and prepare the equipment for the work.

The exhibition hall is located at the entrance of the development zone avenue.

The exhibition hall is a well-regulated square, It is a square with moderate rules and regulations, there is no other special feature.

At present, the entire exhibition hall was contracted by Ye Qing, and the main residence is full of guests, the local tyrants.

The dispatched chef came to take charge of the luncheon.

On the way to the exhibition hall, Ye Qing sent a message to the students in the WeChat group, inviting them to participate in the launching ceremony of their products.

Yang Wenjuan: "Research always takes me to fly."

Liu Jian: "Ye Qing, when I was in school, I heard that you opened a factory in your home. I didn't expect the factory to be so big. As I came to Zhongyun. I must go to eat much. "

Li Bin: "Can I bring family members? I talk about a beautiful girlfriend. I want to take her to see the big scene."

"Yes!" When Ye Qing stopped at the traffic lights, he lowered his cell phone and typed, "I have ten tons of petrol."

Fifty-six students were chatting in the group. Ye Qing was scared of fewer people and was not lively enough.

He invited his classmates to gather together for a few tables, everyone gathers together.

Then Ye Qing made red envelopes of 200 Yuan.

Yang Wenjuan receives your red envelope, Jin Chao receives your red envelope, Sun Sisi receives your red envelope, Wang Daoxing receives your red envelope...

There are more people, and after a few minutes, the red envelope has been received, and there are already more than 20 online.

When Ye Qing arrived at the exhibition hall of the park, there were already many college students who all said that they would go to see the big scenes.

Outside the venue, a shocking poster with size has been erected, and a close-up photo of the mechanical giant I, like a dazzling star, was printed on the poster.

Ye Qing looked after the curtain wall of the poster who support the poster.

There were often some small videos on the Internet.

The poster wall was blown down by the wind and it was a screaming picture.

Ye Qing did not want his own exhibition, but also such a flaw.

This curtain wall is still solid, with a stable triangular structure behind it, extending to the background ground, and the nut fixing point is also strong enough.

Wandering inside, Propaganda Department Manager Yang Baihe is carrying a group of girls in the decoration of the lunch area.

Several natural restaurant staff is carefully placing 999 cups of the champagne tower.

"Ye Zong, do you see any need to adjust the scene?" Yang Baihe, who was wearing a ponytail, ran over, her forehead was covered with sweat:

"The souvenir for the guests is also ready."

"It's okay, you will ask someone to clean the front of the booth, and the equipment will come in the afternoon."

Yang Baihe nodded and ran with a touch of faint fragrance.

Ye Qing found a place to sit down and waited for the Mechanical Colossus Type I to enter.

At noon, the hotel sent a working meal.

Ye Qing and the employees had lunch together and waited for a little.

Outside the venue of the exhibition, the sound of high-powered engine roaring sounded.

Qing Yishuier's Heavy Steyr Truck Trailers, behind each trailer a huge Mechanical Colossus Type I with a red belt.

From the vehicles passing by the development zone avenue next to the exhibition, it was almost a collision caused by watching the lively.

It was a vast convoy where could be seen the logo of Monster Heavy Factory was shining in the sunshine.

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