S. B. F. C: Chapter 34, How is Love?


Although the strength of the collision between the two people is not big, the short-term collision and the fall of the ground.

Still let the girl above Li Yalin fainted a little, after a gentle murmur, she finally regained her consciousness.

"Zhenxi, Dunzi..."

The girl who bumped into Li Yalin at the moment was crawling on Li Yalin's body in a very ungraceful position.

After climbing up from him, she shook her head back and forth before turning her eyes to her companions.

"It’s all kidding, why are you running so fast?"

"Sorry, sorry, just a little excited."

"All in all, it's all right."

After the girl raised her head, she was immediately complained by one of her companions.

Which made the girl a little embarrassed and embarrassed in her voice.

Perhaps it was the apology of her companion. The girl who complained about it also relaxed.

Li Yalin just heard the dialogue between the two girls, he was still under the pressure of the girl, and he can't breathe.

Is that alright?

Here, there is still another person who is used as a meat pad!

"That... there is another person..."

Luckily, before Li Yalin collapses out, the last voice sounded weaker opened his mouth.

She looked at it. She seems to notice Li Yalin under her companion's body.

For this reason, her reminder finally made the girl above Li Yalin react.

"I am very sorry!"

She was too busy to move away from Li Yalin and then apologized again and again.

Looking at this, the girl did not notice the 'accident.'

And this also made Li Yalin feel a little relieved.

"It doesn't matter, it's just an accident."

When there was no burden on him. Li Yalin stood up easily from the ground.

Although he was hit, although fortunately not injured, plus the benefits just now, how could he say harsh words?

What's more, taking advantage of this opportunity, he also saw the girl opposite.

It was a long-haired girl wearing an English high school uniform.

The facial features were exquisite, and it was definitely a beautiful girl who could score more than 98 points!

However, the most impressive impression of Li Yalin is the gentle and virtuous temperament of her.

He always feels that this girl will be a perfect wife and a good mother. It was just a high school student.

Li Yalin can feel some faint motherhood in her!

This is really incredible.

Turning his eyes to the girl’s companions, should he say that the beautiful friends are beautiful?

The other two girls are also very beautiful girls, although compared to the girl who fell on Li Yalin.

They have to be slightly inferior, if they can score, they must be at least 95 points or more!


Blonde hair, red hair, and black hair... he always feels that this trio has some sense of sight.

"That ... Do you want to go to the infirmary?"

Li Yalin looked at the three girls here present. The girl who fell on him had a sad face.

After all, she had just knocked Li Yalin down.

If she were injured, it would definitely be her responsibility.

Although it seems that there is no problem now, she is still very worried.

"Just a little fall, no need to go to the infirmary so exaggerated, it really does not matter, I have something to do first."

It makes sense that these three are very good girls, and no man will resist the intersection with them.

The problem is that the girl's eyes on the opposite side made Li Yalin somewhat helpless.

He knew that if he went to the infirmary with her, things would definitely become very troublesome.

After all, he just touched the part he shouldn't have touched, in case that girl remembers...

Sure enough, this situation is still the first thing to flash.

After waving to the girl, Li Yalin turned and walked towards the school gate. From his back, he was called a free and easy.

For this reason, he also successfully attracted the attention of three girls.

"Hello! ... Return to your mind!" Haruka as a litigant will be counted. Dunzi, what are you find at that stupid boy'?

Until the figure of Li Yalin disappeared, the girl named Zhenxi among the three girls took the lead in responding.

First, she pulled the girl who bumped into Li Yalin's famous and then shook her hand in front of the girl named Dunzi.

She must admit that the boy who Haruka just fell on is handsome, but she is not just a superficial girl attracted by beauty, she is not diving into it either.

But she is not addicted, but does not mean that her two companions can do the same, especially for her helplessness, she found that Dunzi's eyes are very blurred.

What is happen here?

Is it difficult to fall in love at first sight?

According to the plot, the heroine clear should be Haruka. What's the matter with Dunzi?


Being disturbed by Zhenxi's hand, Dunzi finally regained her mind.

In the face of her companion's surprised eyes, her face was turned instantly red.

"No! Do you really like that guy?"

This reaction of Dunzi is even more amazed by Zhenxi.

If it were a calm shake of his head, it would be all right. But now this is the case...

Something the matter!

"Really? Do you love the boy at first sight?"

The dialogue between Atsuko and Maki made Haruka also surprised.

The next moment, Haruka and Zhenxi’s eyes were tightly locked in Dunzi’s body.

As a good friend and a good girl, this kind of thing must be explained from the facts.

"Not at first sight... I, I just seem to know the boy..."

Being stared at by two glowing eyes, Dunzi felt quite uncomfortable.

The most important thing was that she didn't want to be misunderstood by her friends and fall in love with anything.

She hadn't considered that problem.

Just because she was in a daze, she only recognized Li Yalin’s identity.

" Dunzi, do you know that boy? But the boy doesn't know you, what is going on here! You are coming from the real!"

The answer of Dunzi was obviously not satisfied to Zhenxi and Haruka, especially Zhenxi.

Looking at her excited appearance, she seized the collar of Dunzi and let her explain it to her.

Under her continuous pressure, Dunzi can only surrender with both hands.

"Of course he doesn't know me, it's like this..."

How did Dunzi know Li Yalin?

Quite simply, she heard Li Yalin's piano performance in Rabbit-House, so she can recognize him.

Although she did not know his name, his piano sound was never forgotten by Dunzi.

It is precisely because of this that she had been in a daze when Li Yalin left because she did not expect that she would meet the pianist of the coffee shop at school.


Coffee shop?

After listening to Dunzi's explanation, Zhenxi and Haruka face each other, they did not expect that there is such a powerful boy in the school.

If you say so, it’s a pity that you just couldn’t get to know him...

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