S. B. F. C. Chapter 32: is a big deal!

"Heart Cocoa... is it really ok?"

As a 'predecessor,' Cocoa now plays this role very diligently and wholeheartedly introduces Rabbit-House for Rinna.

Cocoa and Rinna did not make Chino reassured. In fact, although standing behind the bar, Chino’s eyes did not leave from Cocoa and Rinna’s body.

She is really worried, obviously only working in the store for a few time, can Cocoa really help the lady who is Rinna?

Will it mess up?

Would you like to let Rize help?

"Do not worry, Chino, although Cocoa does not seem to be reliable, yet at the crucial moment, she is still very trustworthy."

Chino’s worries are seen in Li Yalin’s eyes. He can see this situation at the moment. Apart from his words and appeasement, there is no other good way.

After all, he has already handed over his work to Cocoa. If he puts Rize on the spot, he will hurt Cocoa.

Even if Cocoa is no longer heartless, he can't hurt her heart.

"Well... it's also..."

With the consolation of Li Yalin, although Chino still can't be completely reassured, she can also feel a little calm mood.

As Li Yalin said, Cocoa is occasionally trustworthy, so this time, they should trust her!

"I was watched by Chino's eyes! As a girl, I must try my best to give Chino! Let give it to the girl!"

Feeling Chino's gaze, Cocoa enthusiasm is more sufficient. Although she did not say anything about these words, she doesn't know why Li Yalin suddenly understood her mind from her expression and the movement of her sleeves.

Yes, that's right, this is the mood of Cocoa at this moment!

Then... please work hard.

Looking at the full of Cocoa, Li Yalin could not help but sigh, only hope that Cocoa does not have any problems because of too much effort, in that case, she will only become farther and farther away from becoming a smarter girl.

"Rinna Come on! You are fine!"

Chino is worried about the Cocoa side. Rize also is also cheering for his friends.

Although no one doesn’t know how good their relationship is, we can see that Mihari seems to want to be on the stage personally to help her friends, and indeed it is not just an ordinary friend.

So... Is Rinna capable of this job?

"No way! Something serious has happened!"

Rinna is about to start working. Nearby the bar, Chino and her companion Mihari are very nervous.

It is precisely at this time that she has finished the basic work for Rinna. Cocoa takes Rinna to the dressing room to change her uniform.

Seeing her flustered appearance, Chino and Mihari’s heart almost jumped out their chests, not only them, but even Li Yalin frowned.

"This dress... I can't wear this dress..."

Facing a calm and mature world, Rinna finally told the truth of the accident, and because of this, the temperature in the scene was reduced by several degrees in an instant.

"Clothes... can't wear it?"

Somehow, Mihari's voice suddenly chills, and her gaze is naturally aimed at the chest of Rinna.

The uniform worn by Rinna at the moment is not the same paragraph that Chino loves to wear, but the white shirt, black vest, and some male-style waiters' clothes.

"Clothes... can't wear it?"

Somehow, seeing Mihari's voice suddenly chills, and her gaze is naturally aimed at the chest of Rinna.

There are only three pieces in their uniforms in the same uniform. They are said to be made by the mother of Chino. When Rinna arrives, she can only change her usual uniform, but this effect...

Is it a bit too exaggerated?

No way, the size of the pair of babies on Rinna's chest is really too big. It's obvious that other places are suitable, but the chest problem is difficult to solve.

The buttons of the shirt can't be fastened, which undoubtedly hit all the women present.

No wonder Chino has just said something big. In a sense, this is indeed a big deal.

"Oh... it’s no wonder that without the size of Rinna, it’s really impossible to do such a 'big thing'..."

Looking at the scene in front of her, subconsciously licked her AA chest, sings the sister to see Mihari's expression is very stiff... No, it should be said that suddenly it became a little scary.

AA cup of resentment?

Seeing Miss Mihari! Even if it is AA, there is a market. It is better to say that her tablet is a scarce attribute!

Well, always feel this way to speak, will lead to the editor's sister really run away, so what is it, indeed it is better to do it silently to carried out better.

"I didn't think about it. Today, Miss Rinna, please wear a casual dress and get acquainted with the work.

This uniform will be handed over to me first."

Fortunately, although the temperature of the scene has dropped, Chino’s timely opening has broken this embarrassing atmosphere.

After all, at the age of Chino, she is not entangled in the bust problem, but the height. To her.

"Well, that's fine."

Seeing this, everyone was also a little relieved, and for this reason, this episode should also come to an end.

But she doesn't know why, since then, Chino always takes a strange look in the eyes of Rinna, and her sight often stays in Rinna's chest.

In the beginning, Li Yalin was still very strange. Later, when he found the opportunity to ask Chino, he finally understood.

It turns out that Chino has always been very curious. How is the size of Rinna so long? If she can, she also wants to ask Rinna for advice on how to achieve that level.

Are girls very concerned about their size? Is Even Chino the same?

In a sense, this is really true.

After learning about this situation, Li Yalin could not help sighing. It doesn't matter what the size is. As long as it suits him, why must it be so entangled?

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