S. B. F. C Chapter 36: begins high school life

Yuzhi Song, 15 years old, is also a freshman in Private Sakura Academy High School.

It's worth mentioning that Yuzhi Song of meeting Cocoa outside school, she found out that they were classmates after becoming friends, which makes them have to sigh the wonder of fate.

In this way, it is no wonder that Cocoa will bring Yuzhi Song back to Rabbit-House.

The gentleness of Yuzhi Song is very good for winning the goodwill of others, and naturally, it will be easy to integrate into this small group.

In fact, several girls quickly laughed together, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Unfortunately, everyone and Yuzhi Song have not been able to talk for too long, because with the increasing number of customers in the store made girls very busy.

It’s no wonder that in the past, Li Yalin’s performance was basically during the day, and it was the peak of passenger flow from noon to afternoon.

However, because of the upcoming of school, Li Yalin and the girls discussed it and decided to postpone the performance between 4 pm to 6 pm.

The news has already posted posters in the store, and customers are aware of it.

Because of this, there are not many customers during the day.

At the moment, at the beginning of the performance, customers are gradually appearing in the coffee shop, which shows how much Li Yalin's piano appeal is.

"The business in the coffee shop... is also great..."

The family of Yuzhi Song also has an open shop, but her family shop sells not coffee, but a Japanese-style dim sum shop.

In normal times, she can take care of it alone.

As it is now, it takes three or four people to act together in the coffee shop.

She is the first time she sees it.

For this reason, she can’t help but marvel.

Obviously, this is just a coffee shop that looks ordinary.

Why can it attract so many customers?

Is the coffee here very good?

"They wait for Yalin's predecessor to start."

In the midst, Yuzhi Song was amazed.

Cocoa with a dinner plate in her hand passed by her, and she said this thing softly.

Want him to start?

That Yalin predecessor?

As the only male in the coffee shop, Li Yalin will, of course, be noticed by Yuzhi Song.

He did not intend to intervene in the girls' topic at that time, but Li Yalin stood aside as an audience.

So in the impression of Yuzhi Song, Li Yalin is a predecessor who looks very handsome but has some taciturn.

So what is this predecessor...what is it going to start?

The problem of Yuzhi Song soon got the answer.

When Li Yalin walked to the piano next to the bar, a thunder of applause suddenly sounded in the coffee shop.

And as his hands, as rested on the keys, the entire Rabbit-House coffee shop was silent.

With the melodious sound of the piano, the guests quickly fell into the dream of the music that was compiled by Li Yalin's hands.

And this is also a great first shock to Yuzhi Song.

Such a piece of wonderful music... turned out to be played by the predecessor of Yalin?

This... this is too good!

Not surprisingly, the end of the song, Li Yalin also harvested a small fan, seeing the expression of the adoration of the eyes of Yuzhi Song, Li Yalin actually has such a smug.

It's no wonder that people say that a musical instrument will be used to hook up a soul sister, and it will do more with fewer things.

From all angles, there is nothing wrong with this.

"Is it finally over..."

The closing time of Rabbit-House is 7:00 pm. This is what Li Yalin and Chino had discussed before.

After all, everyone is still a student now.

To sacrifice more time or something in order to make money is simply a behavior of putting the cart before the horse.

Even so, after the busy work, Cocoa or softly fell on the table, the child, physical strength is really bad enough.

Should I exercise to take her?

"Cocoa you very tired? If you are too tired, go upstairs and rest. For dinner, we'll pack it for you and bring it back.”

Sighing and seeing the soft look of Cocoa, Li Yalin also can't forcibly take her out to dinner.

In his opinion, it's really impossible to bring back some food for Cocoa.

It's just a plate-fire anyway.

What he didn't expect was that his voice had just fallen, but Cocoa standing up as if she had been greatly stimulated.

Looking at her eyes, he could see if they had already begun to shine.

"Not tired! I am not tired at all! We'll eat teppanyaki! Let's go now!"

Regarding the occasion of eating Cocoa at night, Li Yalin said to everyone that he was very happy to work, but he was not as exaggerated as he is now.

Is it because the job is too tiring, so the appetite is also rising?

Li Yalin shook his head when he saw the glittering light flowing down the corner of Cocoa mouth.

"set off!"

In this way, under the leadership of Li Yalin, several girls rushed to the nearby teppanyaki shop.

For dinner, everyone was very happy.

The only pity is that Cocoa new friend, Yuzhi Song, could not be present.

As for this pleasant dinner, Yuzhi Song turned around again and greeted Li Yalin to meet him.

It was finally started, and she also let him very entangled in high school life ...


Standing at the school gate of Private Yingling High School, looking at the school card in front of him, Li Yalin could not help but sigh.

Although he has already realized it, he found the teacher’s report as a new student yesterday.

By the way, he also participated in the entrance school, but it is still very awkward!

"Why you stand at the school gate and not go in, my classmate?"

Just as Li Yalin sighed, a voice suddenly came from behind him, and he turned around very busy.

No way, the voice is too close to him, as if he had said it in his ear.

More importantly, that is the voice of a girl!

What does this mean?

Very simple - a girl is standing behind him, and no more than half a meter away from him!

what's the situation?

"Womi ... president?"

Turning back, Li Yalin’s eyes were delicate with no expression, and this is a face that he is no stranger to.

Yes, just yesterday, he has seen this face, because the other party is the president of the Yingling High School, who had stood in front of the stage and said that it is a thousand-year-old!

"Ah, this classmate knows me, but...the face I have never seen, is it new?"

Li Yalin recognized her identity, and Womi saw a slightly surprised expression.

However, after she was surprised, she explored half a position and carefully looked at Li Yalin.

In this case, how should you spit out?

In the face of Womi seeing the president's up and down, Li Yalin scratched his head.

He always feels that if he continues, things will become very troublesome.

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