M. F Chapter 240: Gear Oil

That's it!

No wonder that the Mechanical Colossus Type I has to work hard.

The exhaust pipe emits thick black smoke, and the two robot arms can’t move.

It accomplishes a feat that is impossible to accomplish in the eyes of ordinary people.

In addition, it has been injected with inferior diesel oil that is not good quality.

This equipment is full strength to the sky!

Lifting heavy weights is usually the specialty of cranes.

If you change the excavator, the excavator will raise the strength of the arm, and these five units they will be added together.

they can't even to pull up the tens of tons of heavy concrete from the ground implanted to roots.

After all, the industry has a specialty in the facts, like the Mechanical Colossus Type I: It's really the first time that guys do this kind of work which lives so long, really the first time Zhang Yutian see this.

When the Mechanical Colossus Type I slowly put the heavy object aside, the original roaring engine also quieted down.

The black smoke dissipated and turned into a normal micro-undetectable white smoke.

Mayor Qu's smiling eyes are not normal eyes, eyebrows are not normal eyebrows.

His thoughts have already flown to the imagination of the major accident rescue scenes.

The city of Liangjiang, equipped with the mechanical giant I, will certainly gain a lot of extra prestige.

Some people are happy, although someone is worried, Zhang Yutian’s expression is worse than that of a pig.

He really couldn't think of the reason for the failure of corundum sand.

It was a mineral whose hardness was second only to that of the diamond.

It could not be said that it was ground to ashes by metal machinery only because it wore other metal parts.

"Zhang Yutian..."

Ye Qing went in three or five steps to Zhang Yutian who provoked right and wrong repeatedly, and used the words to provoke him:

"There is no failure of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, which makes you very disappointed?"

"How can I be? We are very sincere to cooperate with Monster Heavy Factory to produce the Mechanical Colossus Type I."

Zhang Yutian face was so thick-skinned that he couldn't cry.

"Of course, we are looking forward to the Mechanical Colossus Type I getting better and better, and striving to get back from our country as soon as possible."

Ye Qing resisted the impulse to press this guy on the ground and stepped on his feet. But he rushed to his virtue.

The reason for the failure of the Mechanical Colossus Type I must have something to do with him.

Now is not the time to worry about this.

The display of the Mechanical Colossus Type I type is still going on.

In the previous demonstration, the Mechanical Colossus Type I seems to have just used all the strength to lift the huge concrete, and broke away from his own cockroaches.

All the problems are gone, except Ye Qing can still hear a little strange noise in the Mechanical Colossus Type I that he can't pick out the problem.

When the demonstration was over, the Mayor Qu suddenly came over and whispered to Ye Qing in a low voice whether there would be a price discount for ordering more than five of these Mechanical Colossus Type I, or send a few free maintenances.

"There is this one, can you stop it and not shipping it back and sell it directly to us?"

"That's not possible."

Ye Qing shook his head:

"Mayor Qu, this Mechanical Colossus Type I, it finally squeezed out from the order. After the morning test, I have to deliver it to the customer in the afternoon."


At noon, when all the staff and inspection team took a break, the Master Craftsman carried the Mechanical Colossus Type I to the heavy truck.

Ye Qing stood aside, and his face was very blue.

As soon as the demonstration was over, the Master Craftsman told Ye Qing that the Mechanical Colossus Type I had been touched.

Fortunately, the Mechanical Colossus Type I was handed over to the Master Craftsman to drive.

His understanding of the machine has long singled out the category of human beings.

His involvement in the construction of the mechanical equipment, even if there were any slight changes, it could not escape his perception.

When the Mechanical Colossus Type I was just started, when it was ready to open to the second phase exhibition site, the Master Craftsman immediately discovered the abnormality from the sound.

Underneath the cockpit, there is an abnormality in the linkage gear.

Open the hatch cover and check the linkage gear.

It took less than a minute for the Master Craftsman to get rid of the gear problem and then check the gear oil used to lubricate the gear.

When the oil gauge is stained with gear oil and taken out, there is no abnormality in the color of gear oil.

But when the Master Craftsman finely rubbed his fingers carefully, he found that the gear oil was mixed with a large number of powder-like particles mixed in the gear oil that could not be inspected.

As corundum sand, one of the main abrasives of metal, delicate Master Craftsman is naturally familiar.

Similarly, a large amount of corundum sand is mixed in the gear oil.

What kind of results will be triggered, the Master Craftsman is the better one who knows it.

Ye Qing climbed onto the work platform of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

In the rear tool holder, a thick golden yellow oil was lying quietly in the bottom groove.

The perceptual limit of the human hand is between 3 filaments and 2 filaments. Some people with different talents can achieve higher.

Ye Qing does not have the kind of mastery of the Master Craftsman, but he can with his fingers rubbing out the particles in the gear oil, that is no doubt.

"This Mechanical Colossus Type I has just been assembled in the morning. So, it can only be pass during the transportation process."

The Master Craftsman said seriously.

"It should have been the rear-end accident. The BMW was reversing for no reason. It seems to be very problematic now."

Ye Qing nodded, and straightforwardly pointed the spear at Amano Heavy Industry:

"Zhang Yutian is very abnormal today. First of all, in front of everyone, he said the unexplained announcement on Tiantian's official website the day before yesterday, and then he kept stirring up the fire."

"There is no love for no reason, no hate for no reason..."

"I am willing to use nearly two million BMWs as props, and it is a very professional means of using corundum sand. Except for Amano Heavy Industries, I can't think of the second."

"Now looking back, the hacking incident is mostly the ghost they are engaged in."


Ye Qing has a big doubt in his heart.

Why did the abnormal sound of the mechanical structure which had appeared before in the Mechanical Colossus Type I?

It can be restored to normal after extracting that dozen of tons of heavy concrete.

The Master Craftsman eliminated all the gear oils at first, and indeed discharge most of the corundum sand.

The gear is off the gear oil and can still be operated as usual.

However, the wear and tear will increase rapidly, greatly reducing the life of the gear.

If the service life of the gear is reduced again, it will not be reimbursed for complete wear and tear in half a day.

Do not mix corundum sand in the premise.

Under the influence of a small amount of corundum sand, the situation will only get worse and worse.

There is no reason for it to get better suddenly.

"The situation is indeed more serious."

The Master Craftsman opened the maintenance cover of the gearbox.

Mechanical Colossus Type I's a straight pinching fist, the crankshaft and connecting rod gear structures, has been completely burned to black by the high temperature due to the increase of the friction coefficient.

"In fact, the forearm rotation structure of the arm and the circular motion structure of the rear arm of the manipulator have been completely destroyed. Just in the latter presentation, I was skillfully avoiding the motion demonstration of these joints."

The Master Craftsman squinted:

"Those people, who know what mechanical principles, they think that the exhaust pipe does not emit heavy smoke, the Mechanical Colossus Type I has no problem. In fact, its structures are completely damaged, and can't move."

"The cow is a cow."

Ye Qing's body trembles all over:

"Come with me... follow me, I have to see how much is the strength of Amano Heavy Industries, and how dare it to play with such a blatant way."

In the rest area, Zhang Yutian is lying on the leather sofa.

Talking about gear oil in the end, Zhang Yutian thinks that it is really very good.

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