M. F Chapter 236: Ghost

Ye Qing in Liangjiang City has been there a few times, but it is a pity that he will go to send the machine.

The most famous Haitang Island in Liangjiang City, Ye Qing only saw it from the bridge across the river.

Even across the bridge across the river, Haitang Island is as beautiful as a colorful gem set on the river.

Especially when the sea otter is flowering, the five-colored sea bream flowers are too beautiful.

However, Haitang Island has a regret that has caused countless people to suffer from the past since ancient times.


Every summer rainstorm season, Haitang Island has to close the island because of the rising water level on the river.

The most serious one, except for the highest-lying branch of the river, the rest of the island was soaked in the cold, muddy river.

Basically, Haitang Island is flooded every year, which is why it can't be rated as Huaxia 5A tourist scenic spot even if the scenery is beautiful again.

As for hearing at the dinner table last night.

Liangjiang City wanted to use this inspection team to convene a collection of scientific and technological ideas to solve the flooding regrets of Haitang Island since ancient times.

Ye Qing can only evaluate, and the idea is very good.

This time he was invited to go to Liangjiang City.

Ye Qing estimated that it was the inspection team's credit.

They checked the team's door-to-door sales of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

What is the reason for the rejection of the Mechanical Colossus Type I by Liangjiang City?

Recently, the order of the Mechanical Colossus Type I is too popular, Ye Qing can only get out of a Mechanical Colossus Type I, he wants to bring one more.

The heavy truck carrying the Mechanical Colossus Type I have already started one hour ahead of schedule.

Ye Qing went around the turnip soup bakery and took the meal and planned to eat on the road.

Just after buying it, the heavy truck driver called on the phone.

"Hey ... boss... I... I am in trouble."

The heavy truck driver was a little timid and shrinking:

"In fact, I don't blame me. When I waited for the traffic lights, a BMW car in front of me clearly stepped back and bumped into my car. The driver said that I am not stopping at time."

"There were several people sitting in the BMW car, and they took my collar, and they asked me for money to repair their car."

"You first call the police, is there any monitoring at the traffic lights?"

"There are some, I saw several monitoring probes. ”

Ye Qing asked about the location, and then let the Monster Labors drive over.

When he heard the truck driver say that there were several people got off the BMW car, in order to scare the driver, Ye Qing simply took the two Monster Labors and let them drive the Mercedes-Benz G65.

The Lagunda is still driving well, letting the weight of more than 300 kilograms as an overload, Ye Qing always reluctant to drive the car.

The truck driver ran for an hour, and Lagonda and Mercedes arrived in twenty-seven minutes. This is not still over the speed limit.

The location is near the long-distance bus station in Chonglou Town.

When Ye Qing arrived, the truck and the black BMW 740 had already parked on the side of the road.

A traffic policeman was there persuading them.

The BMW taillights were broken, and the trunk was pulled out.

The three young men shouted loudly to the truck driver to pay money, saying that he didn’t stop and he didn’t wait for the traffic lights to be green.

"I didn't stop?"

The truck driver's blushing neck is thick:

"There is monitoring, I do not afraid of you?"

The arrival of Ye Qing, the traffic police and the three young men were shocked.

The silver Lagonda, and the Mercedes-Benz G65 behind Lagonda.

The door opened and walked down from the Mercedes-Benz. Two tall men, one meter and ninety-five, in a black suit and sunglasses.

The two big men appeared in the alley. They have a serious face that softens one's legs.

The oversized suits, which are obviously custom-made, still can't hide their explosive muscles.

The two great men stood behind Ye Qing, and the three loud-spoken young people immediately lost the voice.

These two guys who look like at the bodyguards are simply too gold-steel, and their fingers are thicker than carrots.

The truck driver did not indiscriminately say that it was BMW’s fault.


The truck driver seemed to have found the backbone of the heart.

He rushed to Ye Qing and whispered:

"The three young people don't look like good people, maybe they are deliberately crashing the porcelain..."

But the traffic police do not want to admit it.

"The surveillance shows that it's a small accident if it has to go to the accident handling center, let us negotiate and resolve it."

"This gentleman, monitoring me, had immediately let the center transfer over and send it to my mobile phone."

The traffic police rushed Ye Qing and nodded with some pleasing meaning was inside.

Faced with two very different statements, the truck driver almost choked and turned his eyes.

Before his boss spoke, he was busy with tuning and monitoring.

Two minutes later, the dispatch center adjusted the video over there.

The traffic police smiled and held the mobile phone to call the two men to watch the surveillance.

The monitoring screen is estimated to be a person in the dispatching center.

It is transmitted by mobile phone, and there was a slight jitter in the picture.

This does not prevent them from seeing things going through.

When the red light is on, the heavy truck carrying the Mechanical Colossus Type I have already stopped.

The BMW car in front no one did not know why she moved back two meters.

"Obviously, you are fully responsible."

The traffic police said right now, and the people on the three BMW cars said:

"It is obvious that you were backing up, why do you want to rogue others?"

"Ouch-Ouch-Traffic Police Comrade, we may have confused at the time."

The three young men stunned:

"Since the monitoring shows that we are responsible, then there is no need to say that we pay money. We do not take insurance. Driver master, how much do you think we have to pay you?"

The truck driver was a little overwhelmed, and the style of his face changed too fast.

Ye Qing let them lose a thousand dollars.

This kind of person is hated, but since they are all planning to pay money, Ye Qing is not too good to say anything.

After signing the word on the accident certificate, the three men ran into the BMW and ran away.

Ye Qing shook his head and signaled to the driver drove and continued to travel to Liangjiang City.

The black BMW 740, which was coming to the first intersection in front, turned, and then stopped aimlessly on the side of the road.

"Whoa, I am scared until the death, just the two bodyguards got off the car, I almost sat on the ground."

The driver who drove the car kept his breath, his face looked lucky.

"I was scared, but fortunately they came late and didn't see what we were doing."

The co-pilot, the young man, took out two vial-sized plastic bottles from his pocket, and a bunch of small hooks and various plastic pieces to unlock the two plastic bottles.

"Put it all in. Without looking for the cap, I just found a lid with a lock, and I will open it. I will pour all the two bottles into it..."

"Pay attention to monitoring?..."

"Let's take the photo, and we are going to drive the car to the side of the road..."

"When I don't obstruct the traffic. I deliberately go farther away to ensure that there is no monitoring."

The driver's attention is also completely attracted.

"there no one.”

"That's good, Zhang always confessed to our affairs, but you can't do it."

The young man driving the car took a small plastic bottle and read the label on the top:

"Corundum sand? What is this stuff for?"

The other two shook their heads, saying that they had never heard of the name.

Corundum sand is usually used for fine grinding in the industry.

This sharp-edged material is second only to diamond in hardness.

During the Second World War, many Nazi spies liked to pour corundum sand into the tank of the tank and armored vehicles when they were undermined.

Once the corundum sand enters the engine along the oil pipeline, the cylinder of the entire conveyor will be completely damaged and lose the maintenance value. (To be continued.)


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