S. B. F. C Chapter 53: All boys have been yearning for treatment

As it is announced, Li's strength is, at least compared with the members of these sports associations, there are still some gaps.

The most essential thing it was he used a lot of energy before he completed his first task.

Although he drank the sports drinks given by Takagi, it was impossible to completely recover in a short time.

Physical strength is not good, and the opponent's desperate markings lead Li Yalin to be on the court.

This is called discomfort...

'Damn... I really should find time to exercise.'

This kind of thinking in Li Yalin's heart, but hands and feet did not stop.

This is not allowed to be distracted in the game, even if he is now being blocked by the pack of players.

It does not mean he really did not fight back.

After all, this is the sport of five people!

"Southern classmates... please, please!"

In the case of the opponent team fighting and intercepting, Li Yalin wants to comfortably shoot is undoubtedly a very difficult thing.

Seeing the strictness of his main force being trapped, Hikaru standing in the volleyball player area could not help scolding shamelessly

However, as the protagonist, Li Yalin did not panic, knowing that playing basketball is not only a shoot but also defend and attack...

'I can't do all things alone; my teammates must help me to finish!'

In the case of Li Yalin being surrounded by multiples players.

The defensive side of Haruka naturally slackened.

So, the following thing that Li Yalin needs to do is to dribble the ball to control players and assist Haruka to score.

As it turns out, his choice is completely appropriate.

Although she can't shoot a three-point, Haruka’s shooting percentage is extremely high.

With the mutual help with Li Yalin, in the next few minutes, the volleyball department, not only just recovered the score, but even achieved the go-ahead!

"Looking at Haruka!"

It was hard to enclose Li Yalin, and Haruka had scored consecutively, but the basketball team leader was stressed.

Undoubtedly, this is his own home, why did he lose to the volleyball team?

If he in fact loses, how can the basketball department look up later?


Haruka will also stare at it!

It's to say the team leader of the basketball department is really on the top.

He scores and scores but without winning it’s most likely the most meaningless thing.

Absolutely, Haruka was indeed guarded by the players, but the price was produced by Li Yalin.

He lacked enough pressure around him.

Even if he didn’t have any physical strength, he would until now encounter no problem for shooting.

This is not, finding a gap is the precise three-pointer, Li Yalin is leading the volleyball department to completely tear the basketball department's defense.

With the sound of basketball entering the net, the basketball department's belief is completely defeated.

Staring people can't keep an eye on it. It's hard to lose a score at home.

They fight for the basketball court and score a goal.

At that moment they are even heaved three goals.

How can the ball be punted?

Nothing is okay...

With the whistle at the end of the second quarter, the score of the basketball department and the volleyball team was fixed at 32:43.

In this short ten minutes, Li Yalin and Haruka jointly scored 31 points.

This huge difference not only led the volleyball team to victory, but also the defeat of the basketball team.

It was defeated by a group of volleyball players on the basketball court.

The five basketball players who appeared on the scene were already stunned.


Even the head of the basketball department looked disgraced, and did not know what was in mind.

"Great! Win!"

Different from the loss of the basketball department, the volleyball department as a winner is appreciated, he laughs happily, especially Takagi.
Takagi witnessed the whole process of victory, and she rushed directly to the field and hugged Haruka tightly.

This is really a hard-won victory.

As a member of the volleyball department, she is both excited and proud.

"It’s really hard for you, Yalin’s younger brother.”

Just when Takagi hugged Haruka, Hikaru came to Li Yalin.

Staring at Li Yalin with a squint, his mouth is full of smiles.

It is worth mentioning that she is very close to Li Yalin, and she directly called his name.

This made Li Yalin’s heart stunned.

It always feels that this is not a good sign.

"It’s just a matter of raising your hand. The sister Hikaru is really polite."

Lifting his hand, Li Yalin reached out and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

His thoughts at the moment were very simple, the task had been completed, and there was nothing he had done here.

It is better to hurry and retreat.

Otherwise, he always feels troublesome.

"If you don't mind... Li, please use this."

After perfunctory, you do not have to wait for Li Yalin to think of the reason for withdrawing, since he saw a white towel in front of him.

What is the situation?

Seeing the white towel in front of him, Li Yalin has made a slight mistake at the beginning. he carefully looked at the person who handed out the towel and found that the other party turned out to be a small girl, in the Haruka's trio.

She hasn't been in the player area yet, but she also watched the whole game. This is to see his needs, so she just sent a towel to him.

Really a thoughtful girl.

"Thank for you, classmates."

Since it is a piece of mind of a younger girl, Li Yalin can't waste it.

He took the towel and continued to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

This is much easier than rubbing it with his hand.


Li Yalin don't know if it is an illusion.

Just after he took Atsuko's towel.

He vaguely felt the surrounding eyes seemed to be burning.

The boys’ eyes seem to be envious and addicted, at the same time the girls are curious and gossip...


Of the corner of the eye glanced slightly around, and he immediately found out that the situation was unright.

When he thought carefully in his heart, he finally became very open.

It turned out to be the case!

Unconsciously, he has enjoyed the treatment that all boys in the sports society are looking forward to?

Yes, winning the game and getting the white towel from the younger girl to sweat, this is a scene that all the sports club boys have longed for.

It was originally thought that this is only in fantasy, and it will not appear in reality.

As a result, Li Yalin and Atsuko each gave a lesson!

"It’s a good thing, Atsuko, it’s unexpectedly bold."

In terms of observing the words, Li Yalin is still somewhat confident.

Although he can't guess the girl's mind, he will look at the atmosphere.

What is the situation at the moment, he was able to know it with a little bit of thought, but as Atsuko Ono was the initiator of the incident, she did not know what happened.

She even said that she was still stunned by the smile of Hikaru, and by the interest of the girls and boys.

Atsuko want to give Li Yalin a towel, the reason is actually very simple.

First, he won the victory for the volleyball department.

As a classmate, Atsuko felt she should do something.

Secondly, Atsuko also really likes Li Yalin's piano, and the subconscious mind wants to express her closeness, nothing more.

These two reasons contributed to the action of Atsuko.

It is for this reason that the boys in the men’s team of the volleyball team were all brazen, and the expression came from an unwillingness.


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