S. B. F. C Chapter 52: I am not alone!

There are many ways of scoring in basketball; which are included in the hit rate: long shots, mid-shots, near shots and dunks,.

But the problem is that Li Yalin's physical quality simply does not reach the standard of dunking.

So, it is impossible to play some eye-catching dunks unless one day his physical fitness can reach the standard.

As for the near-shooting or layup, although it is not impossible, but the members of the opposite basketball department are not vegetarian.

Li Yalin's technology is even better, and it is only one person.

It is too laborious to break through the basket.

Therefore, considering it comprehensively, it is better to become a three-point player.

It turns out that this is indeed the case.

It's just that... A stroke is a success and that in the next step, and it's inevitable to attract opponents, and it's not so easy to shoot basketball.

"Two people go to wrap him! Don't give him chance to shot!"

Looking, Li Yalin, who just scored. 

The basketball department charged two people to cover Li Yalin.

It is estimated that they also see that he is a master and wants to block him with the power of two people.

Don't think it so exaggerated?

After Li Yalin just scored a three-point, although he was the ball attack of the basketball department, this side still charged two people to surround him.

Enough to see the importance attached to Li Yalin.

In this case, Li Yalin just shook his head gently, followed by the pace of his feet quickly moved in his own half.

Although Li Yalin's speed is not fast, but he has the experience of professional basketball players.

Naturally knowing how to run is the most reasonable, so the next is a shocking scene!

Seeing that Li Yalin was amazing. 

He got rid of the two markers, and then slipped to the side of the opposing team's guard. 

He did not wait for the other party to react. 

He reached out and gently slammed the basketball into his own hands.


After successfully completing a beautiful steal, Li Yalin immediately organized a counterattack and quickly transported the ball through the opposite half court, passing the ball to Haruka at the most precise timing.

With an impeccable sense of play, Haruka successfully made a layup and scored 2 points for the volleyball department.

The first quarter of the opening has not passed a minute, and the score has been shortened to 8 points.

'Do you think it would be functional for two people to surround me?'

'I am not alone in the fight!'

Seeing the score changed to 25: 17, Li Yalin couldn't help but raise a smile and greeted Haruka. 

He reached out and gave her a soft clap to celebrate.

Fortunately, it is so convenient to allow teammates like Haruka to fight side by side.

"Be careful not to lose this ball!"

Haruka successfully scored, and then ushered in the basketball team's counterattack. 

Li Yalin, who successfully accompanied the team to regain five points, became the core of the team at this moment. 

When the score gap narrowed, the teammates who had already lost their fighting spirits also Gradually turning back to God.

Seeing morale is available, Li Yalin quickly hugged his teammates, especially Hosaka, and Li Yalin finally nodded to him.
Although he did not intend to have too much contact with the handsome Hosaka, he is still there, especially at this critical moment, his is crucial!

After all, Li Yalin and Haruka are even more powerful, and it is impossible for two people to block the attack of five people.

Not only Hosaka, but Li Yalin needs the help of all his teammates on the field, but only when everyone works together can they win this match!

"Please defense! Give me the spirit to prevent this ball!"

Off the field, Takagi, that saw the dawn of victory was also shouting loudly.

Regardless of whether Li Yalin is a newcomer to basketball, only his two exchanges with Haruka scored five points, which is enough to prove that there is still a chance to win this match.

So, this time the defense, it is crucial!

Must guard against this ball!

In the basketball department, because Li Yalin has scored two goals in succession.

The players on the field are worried, it is explicit that the game should stabilize, how can they be inexplicably close to the score?

"Where did the new guy come from?"

"How come this guy is so powerful?"

"It’s absolutely a big taboo on the court, and my mind is not over here, how can I secure the game?"

This is not, when the basketball team attacked, Hosaka the handsome man made a meritorious deed. 

Although he just stood in front of his opponent and waved two hands to interfere, he succeeded in causing his opponent to hit the iron.

Looking at the timing, Li Yalin jumped and supported the rebound. 

His eyes and Haruka's eyes were simply looking at each other and instantly comprehended each other's intentions.

Speed attack!

Quick pass to Haruka, Li Yalin immediately went outside the opponent's three-point line, and did not even give the opportunity to his opponent. 

In the accurate return of Haruka, he successfully won another three points!

Another three-point!

Only five points!

What is this?

Do they play a professional basketball game?

Even if it is a professional basketball game, those professional players' three-point shooting rate is not so accurate? 

Two shots in two... 100% hit?

With two three-point, the audience outside the field is boiling. 

Although the shot for three-point has not a direct dunk, it is violent and direct.

This gives people a feeling of refreshment, just like drinking iced drinks!
It is so thorough!

And the most attractive to everyone is not Li Yalin's super high hit rate and standard handsome shooting posture, what really touches everyone obtain his confidence after shooting.
Because Li also went back to his own half, as if he did not score a goal.

It’s like a real man who never looks back at the explosion. 

It’s so handsome!

If Li Yalin knows the arguments outside the court, he will definitely show an innocent expression. 

He can see the pity. 

He is not deliberately trying playing handsomely, but he is very visible his opponent is the basketball department. 

The other party will also do the same, to avoid the breakdown of his own defense, he must be back in the first time.

Otherwise, the score that was finally pulled back was re-expanded, and it was really vulnerable to return to the sky.

Everything is to win this game!

"You must stop him! Don't let him shoot again!"

Li Yalin was determined to win the game, and also shocked the opposite basketball department. 

It was inexplicably scored eight points, which made them unable to believe their eyes. 

But this scene is true.
If you continue this way, wait until the end of this section, let nothing but randomly. 

The basketball department's proud steel defense is afraid of a complete collapse!

They must find the rhythm!

Immediately block that person's shooting!

Be sure to stop him anyway!

At this moment, Li Yalin has become a big worry for the basketball department. 

All five people on the field regard him as an enemy and have enough strength to stop him.

Just... is their blocking really useful?

Can they block the footsteps of Li Yalin's offense?

Ok, it's still very useful.


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