S. B. F. C Chapter 48: Basketball Department?

-Before crossing, Li Yalin, as a pseudo-home of nearly 30 years old, is not really good in terms of physical strength.

Although he is not the kind of firewood, it is impossible to carry out intense physical exercise.

After crossing, even if the body returned to adolescence, his physical fitness did not improve at all.

In this regard, the system personal property panel has a very detailed numerical setting, and it is also clear to Li Yalin.

Above the property panel, his values are set as follows;

Power: 7

Physique: 6

Agility: 7

Intelligence: 10

Spirit: 15

According to the system, the average value of normal adults should be 10, which means that in addition to intelligence and spirit.

Li Yalin's three standards of strength, physical fitness and agility are not up to standard.

Of course, he is still in a juvenile stage, and he has not reached the adult standard.

The lack of physical condition is also normal.

But because of this, he only understands that his body is really not a sporting material.

Even if he has opened the proficient basketball option, it is still unknown whether he can adapt to the fierce confrontation.

So... Do you want to complete this task?

Looking at the task panel in front of him, Li Yalin took a deep breath.

Although the hope is not great, it is too uncomfortable to give up without trying.

"Hello, can I try shooting?"

The mind made up his mind, and then he needed Li Yalin to do it.

Naturally, according to the task, he must first complete the one hundred fixed-point shots.

The gymnasium of Yingling High School is not small. Otherwise, it is impossible to accommodate the joint training of two large organizations.

Only two organizations are together today.

Everyone’s attention has been transferred.

No one will do any exercises at all.

Even the freshmen who visited the club are paying attention to the next volleyball match.

Under this circumstance, Li Yalin took the initiative to find a member of the basketball department and asked to try shooting training.

It is undoubtedly a different kind of aliens.

It is no wonder that the members of the basketball team who received him are surprised.

"Of course, no problem, classmate please come with me."

Although the face was inexplicable, the member of the basketball department took him to a remote corner of the stadium.

There were a few basketballs scattered here.

Looking at the nailed basket on the wall, this is definitely not a regular ball launch place.

"The basketball court will be used in a while, so you can only try to shoot out where we usually practice shooting."

Bringing Li Yalin here, it is not that the members of the basketball department look down on him, but as he said, there will be a formal competition in a while, and he can’t just take Li Yalin to occupy the venue.

"It doesn't matter, you can do it here, you do not want trouble seniors."

Where to shoot for Li Yalin does not matter at all, as long as he can complete the task, although the practice site is a bit rudimentary, it is also sufficient.

"Well, if you don't understand anything, feel free to ask me. If you are interested in basketball, you are welcome to join us in the basketball department, train with us or even participate in the competition. By the way, our goal is the SAR championship!"

Obviously, the predecessor of the basketball department used Li Yalin as a new student to experience the entrance to the team.

This set of rhetoric is called proficiency.

It is absolutely correct that it has long been passed back!

If you switch to a new student who is interested in basketball, you may still be willing to move, but on Li Yalin, he is just a waste of time and words.

Just as he kept talking, Li Yalin had already picked up the basketball on the ground and invested in the opposite basket.

It's a pity, and it's out basket.

Must he have to hit it?

Looking at the numbers on the panel task, there is no changing, which means that Li Yalin’s ball throwing is not successful.

At the same time, it also made him pouted subconsciously.

It's no wonder that if he only needs to shoot, he can complete the task in minutes, so if he does succeed it, isn't it too simple?

Although the tasks given by the system have never been too difficult, the tasks that can be easily solved are not very likely.

There is no such thing as the next step, and the task must be completed.

"You guy... are really... do you want to join the basketball department?"

The competition between the volleyball department and the basketball department started very quickly.

The first game was a volleyball match.

There were six players on each side, and the men and women were half.

The women's lineup, Haruka and Atsuko were selected as the main force.

Only Takagi did not enter among the first players.

For this reason, she is very busy now, so it is easy to find Li Yalin, who keeps shooting in the corner.

And this is also making her very speechless.

The volleyball game is in full swing, which can be said to have attracted the attention of the stadium's owners, but this game has nothing to do with Takagi because she is very clear that the results of this game have been doomed from the beginning.

The men’s team doesn’t say that the women’s team here is just a sporty all-around spring incense and a stalwart woman with a stadium monster.

It’s only a matter of time before the new players in the basketball department are killed.

There will be no suspense.

What really determines the outcome is the next basketball game.

Because the outcome has been fixed, Takagi is also bored with this game.

Naturally, she looks forward to it.

The next step is to discover Li Yalin.

When she saw that Li Yalin didn't leave, this already made Takagi very strange.

Then she watched him keep shooting, which made her very surprised.

What's happening here?

This student, Li Yalin, who seems to be completely out of action with sports, really likes the sport of basketball?

Is he ready to join the basketball department?

"It turned out to be I am Haruka's classmate... Huh... I didn't plan to join the basketball department. I just tried to feel the practice and shoot."

The arrival of Takagi did not allow Li Yalin to stop shooting in his hands.

Although after a series of shots, his physical strength has been seriously reduced, even his breathing has been a lot of fast, but he still keeps shooting.

"Trying the feeling? Practice shooting? But you..."

Takagi got the answer from Li Yalin, but the problem is that Li Yalin’s current action is to make her very speechless.

Even if he is a basketball layman, she can fully see it. Li Yalin is a new shooter.

Not only is the posture extremely un-standard, but even the hit rate is terrible.

Can this hit rate be 30%? It’s not far from the basket...


"Just try it out, and it doesn't matter."

Li Yalin himself is also very clear:

This extremely non-standard shooting action plus the hit rate that can't bear to look straight is very worthwhile, but in order to complete the task, he can't stop.

What's more, he also has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When he brushes the quest items while playing the game, if he can't get the target numbers together, he will feel uncomfortable.

It's just... This award is not so easy to get at all!


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