S. B. F. C Chapter 47: Daily Task Release

For the volleyball department, this challenge is both a huge crisis and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If they win the basketball department, it goes without saying that the reputation of the volleyball department will be further improved.

At the next time, the basketball department also shunned the stadium. He does not want to use the sports field.

But if they lose, it is the rhythm of defeat, not to mention today, even if they take to face the basketball department in the future, they can never lift their head.

This is the so-called further paradise, stepping back into the abyss.

Neither the volleyball department nor the basketball department can afford to lose!

It is precise because of this; the arrival of Haruka Minami makes Hikaru Hayami overjoyed.

You must know that Haruka is a famous sportsman in the second grade.

She usually helps the volleyball department.

Last year, the volleyball department achieved excellent results and was inseparable from Haruka's relationship.

More crucially, Haruka is not only good at volleyball, but also basketball.

If you can pull Haruka to do foreign aid, basketball is a loser game sure.

Now the volleyball department and the basketball department are all eager to make a great effort to win the opponent's project.

No, in the eyes of Hikaru Hayami, Haruka is the key person who leads the volleyball team to defeat the basketball team!

"Do you come to the game against the basketball team?"

After listening to the meaning of the Hikaru Hayami, Haruka’s face immediately revealed a distressed look.

Usually, the occasional help of the volleyball department is no problem.

Nowadays, such a crucial game also allows her to play.

Is this really okay?

"The most important thing is, when will the two games end? I have to go home to wash my clothes and cook. It’s too late in time!"

Not to mention the appointment with Li before, to listen to his piano performance.

"Please come to Haruka! We can only rely on you now!"

Haruka is very embarrassed, and Hikaru Hayami is to identify her, directly 90-degree squatting, people can’t refuse.

"Hikaru Hayami... Are these two games a mixed race for men and women?"

The embarrassment of Haruka lies by time, but Li Yalin can't help but frown.

Listening to the meaning of Hikaru Hayami, the two games do not seem to limit the appearance of men and women, which means that if Haruka debut, it is likely to be a boy in the basketball department?

Is this really good?

"That's right."

Hikaru Hayami does not know why Li Yalin has such a question, but since he opened his mouth, she also gave an answer.

Although she is not familiar with Li Yalin, it can be said that this is the boy brought by Haruka.

Even if she does not pay attention, she can’t ignore him.

"There are five people in the men's team who can play basketball?"

The question to Hikaru Hayami made Li Yalin even more surprised.

The volleyball department is divided into men's and women's groups.

It is like a basketball game with intense physical contact.

Is it true that the men's team can't make over five people, but also the number from the women's team?

"No, this is what we both agreed on. Whether it is a volleyball match or a basketball game, both sides will send the same number of men and women players. This is also a means of recruiting new students."

Until the explanation of the quick water, Li Yalin finally realized that the competition of the two associations is the competition, and the profit from it is the biggest key.

As long as more new members can be recruited, it is understandable that the two associations agree on certain aspects.

This is really...


"It’s about the life and death of the volleyball department. You can’t sit back and watch it!”

"If you can, you can help with Haruka."

Although it is a bit exaggerated about life and death, the volleyball department has indeed encountered a major crisis.

As a member of the volleyball department, Takagi Maki and Atsuko Urameshi do not want their club to be defeated by the basketball department.

In terms of volleyball, both Takagi and Atsuko are still somewhat confident.

Since their predecessors graduated, they will become the main members of the women's team.

But it is a pity that their abilities are limited to volleyball.

They are not all-around Superman like Haruka, so they are really helpless in basketball.

Because of this, they hope that Haruka can shoot advantage.

"This...but we are not making an appointment with Li, and the time is also..."

In terms of Haruka, in the face of two friends, she really didn't know how to refuse it.

It was just the previous agreement and the situation at home, which made her very embarrassed.

How is it going to be good? Although it is not impossible to help,...

"I have no problem here; it doesn't matter if I change the day again."

Feeling the scent of Haruka, Li Yalin immediately waved his hand.

If he insisted on the agreement at this time, it would be too inhuman.

At the same time, he would offend the sisters of Takagi and Atsuko.

That is too bad.

So, even if it is postponed, it doesn't matter.

"On the issue of housework, together Hikaru will also help me, so you can rest assured that Haruka!"

Said Atsuko:

Li Yalin has no problem here.

Haruka’s last worry is only housework.

On this point, Takagi has already prepared for it.

If the four girls do housework together, they can easily solve it in minutes.

This is not very good?

"In this case... well."

When I said this, Haruka certainly couldn't refuse.

Some helplessly sighed a little, and she finally agreed.


The girls exclaimed.

Haruka is the perfect sports superman in the eyes of everyone.

When she joined this team, the cute face immediately increased several layers.

It is no wonder that both Takagi and Atsuko are so happy, and Hikaru Hayami also has a long sigh of relief.

Just like this, Li Yalin seems to have nothing to do.

Since Haruka promised to participate in the competition, there is no way to go to the coffee shop today, then he does not have to stay, isn't it?

After saying hello for leave?

Li Yalin’s thoughts just rose, but he did not expect that the next moment he actually received the daily tasks released by the system!

Daily tasks - save the volleyball department.

Task content - assist the volleyball team in defeating the basketball department according to the task prompts.

Mission Reward - Proficient in level basketball options.

Task Tips - After a hundred fixed-point shots, you can temporarily get the proficient level basketball option.

After completing the rescue volleyball task, you can permanently get the mission reward.

It is recommended to take the key moment and get new volleyball.

After reading this daily task, Li Yalin said that he was speechless.

If it is something else, it can be considered, but this task... Is it too difficult to be a person?

According to the task prompt, he needs to play in the basketball game in order to complete the mission.

Reasonably speaking, the volleyball department's good feelings Li Yalin does not matter, but the level of basketball options, it is indeed an attractive reward, as a sport, there are few fake houses, can play basketball or something, is definitely a hope Unreachable dreams.

Just... this reward is not so easy to get!

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