S. B. F. C Chapter 56: should be done as soon as possible.

Although leaving the stadium in advance, Li Yalin also knows that Haruka is not able to come to Rabbit-House as promised today. 

After all, there is still housework in the evening, and the dinner of the two sisters has not yet been settled.

But now it’s good. 

Not only is Haruka coming, but even her two sisters are coming together. 

What is the situation? 

He hasn’t figured it out yet.

"No way, there is a sudden stopped of the electricity and the water in the house..."

In the face of Li Yalin's doubts, Haruka couldn't help but smile. 

Yes, as Li Yalin thought, normal situation should not appear in Rabbit-House.

But what, after the game, Takagi, Atsuko and Hikaru went home together with Haruka to help her with housework, but they did not think about it. 

They even encountered an event of water stoppage in their apartments.

There are no water and no electricity. 

What should I do with the dinner? 

Can't she solve the situation with a bowl of instant noodles?

Waiting for Kana and Chiaki to go home, the girls have been together to discuss it, decisively decided to go out to eat ut at night. 

Absolutely have to throw the noodles to the side!

However, as everyone continued to discuss, when it was time to eat, Takagi suddenly mentioned that the Li Yalin's song performance in Rabbit-House should not be finished at this time. 

So, do they want to check it before eating? 

After all, they have agreed on it before.

Haruka is very interested in the proposal of Takagi. 

After going through the side by side, her feelings for Li Yalin are still very high. 

If she can fulfill the agreement today, it is undoubtedly the best choice.

With the proposal of Takagi, the heartbeat of Haruka is wery strong. 

It is, of course, impossible for Atsuko to have any objection. 

As for Kana and Chiaki, they need not to mention one. 

One is curiosity and the other is the life of Haruka’s older sister. 

There is definitely no difference.

In this way, everyone's opinions will be agreed upon in this Rabbit-House. 

Not only to listen to Li Yalin's piano performance, but more importantly according to the words of Haruka this Yalin schoolmate helped the volleyball team. 

The department is very busy, how can she say: thank you, right?

"I haven't really done anything. By the way, since everyone is here, let's take a taste of our signature bread. It's our favorite work. It is healthy."

Li Yalin is not very good at responding to other people's gratitude, especially in this environment, it will make him feel at a loss.

Therefore, under the leadership of Hikaru, the girls bring some bread.

Li Yalin was busy and waved again and went, and quickly took his seat and turned the page.

As Cocoa said, Rabbit-House is currently researching new recipes. 

After all, just selling coffee is really not making much money. 

If they can add more snacks such as small cakes, they can't only satisfy more customers but make much money. 

The demand can increase the turnover of the store, why not do it?

As the initiator of this proposal, ِِِCocoa takes the initiative to assume the responsibility of the main force. 

In the end, the family opens the bakery. 

In the case of bread, Cocoa has absolute confidence.

This is the case. 

Recently, Rabbit-House has launched some bread snacks and won the appreciation of customers. 

Especially the butter toast, which has become a signature bread.

Even Li Yalin felt the bread was delicious. 

When Li Yalin came to Haruka, Cocoa give some bread at them to ask to try it.

"So... I will play first."

For Haruka, they have to give bread to them and can give them to their loved ones. 

Li Yalin has been here for a while, but don't forget there are still many customers waiting to listen to music.

Seeing the time is almost the same, Li Yalin greeted the girls, then turned and returned to his piano to sit.

It is his music time!

"Huh... the bread in this shop is really delicious.

If you can, if you really want to eat more, just treat it as dinner.”

Haruka and his party did not stay in Rabbit-House for too long. 

After all, they will go to dinner. 

After listening to a few songs, they greeted Li Yalin and left.

Out of Rabbit-House, Kana, the second of the three sisters in the South, couldn't help but stretch out. 

She was not very interested in music. 

Li Yalin's performance was just a good thing for her, nothing special.

But the only buttery butter toast make her wants to eat again, if she can, she really wants to eat a few more.

"I really don't know how to admire a fool."

The voice of Kana fell, immediately spit on the , although the were and , but her were , it was a contempt.

It is obvious that there is such a good music, but she is always indulged in food. 

She is like an animal.

"What are you talking about? It is obvious you just ate it very sweetly!"

On weekdays, Kana and Chiaki often bickered and quarreled all the time. 

Although it was on the street, Kana has not a low-key idea.

Listening to this voice, Haruka immediately attracted their attention.

"You two... If you are noisy again, today's dinner plan will be cancelled!"

The dispute between Kana and Chiaki made Haruka Too angry to press the tone. 

She clearly heard the beautiful music and ate delicious bread. 

How can the two sisters of her own family can destroy the atmosphere?

Can't they leave some time to relish it?

The eldest sister was very angry, and the consequences were very serious. 

Both Kana and Chiaki realized this and immediately closed their voices.

They don't want to have a soup for dinner. 

Although they have just eaten butter toast, they want to have dinner!

At this time, it is better not to say a word.

"That said, Yalin schoolmate is really unexpected. Not only is it handsome, athletic, but also a good pianist. The most important thing is that his temper is still very well."

"Oh, this way, the girls who will like Yalin schoolmate in the future are definitely not in the minority. If you are interested in that the schoolmate Yalin, you should do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you are late, they can’t even drink the soup."

Kana and Chiaki had just received the sound, but there was a deep and sudden opening of Hikaru, and her sentence was to instantly make a few girls red cheeks.

"Move... Hands-in front. What are you waiting about?"

As Hikaru said, for a few girls, Li Yalin’s impression on them is indeed very good. 

If they can, they are very happy to further associate with him.

She can feel good about him, but it hasn’t risen to the level of her favorite.

The words that Hikaru is saying now have a huge impact on everyone.

Especially Haruka, the most loved at men and women, she is now full of blushing.

Fortunately, no one can see her, otherwise she is afraid to escape at the first time.


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