S. B. F. C Chapter 51: 3 points on the first entrance?

When looking at the three sisters of the South, Li Yalin was deeply impressed by this role.

After all, if the words were different.

He would solve the button, and the average person could not do such a thing.

And this guy's brain hole... is also much more surprising than the average person, and even often falls into his own fantasy, it is a more interesting person.

But even so, Li Yalin does not intend to have too much contact with this predecessor.

He knows the level of trouble for this predecessor is also extremely high, because he was an acquaintance to him...

Forget it, don't ask yourself for trouble.

"Southern classmates, I will try to match my offensive rhythm as soon as possible. I will pass the ball to me when I find the gap."

He didn't plan to communicate with the disgusting handsomely.

Li Yalin stood by Haruka and whispered to her.

He felt that as long as he cooperated with Haruka, the game should still be very good.

"Well, I try cooperating with you."

For Haruka, Li Yalin’s appearance was beyond her expectations.

She did not expect the second quarter of this basketball game would be played side by side with the newly transferred Li classmate.

Although she doesn't know how his temperament is, there is a good signal.

Yes, Haruka does not want to lose this game, because she is very clear.

Once this local game is lost, the volleyball and basketball departments are bound to play the third game, where she will inevitably be pulled in.

It has been wasted too much time now, and if she can, she wants to win the game as soon as possible!

Haruka did not give up, but the frustration of her teammates really made her unable to see the hope of winning.

At this time, Li Yalin’s appearance naturally injected new vitality into her.

At least she understood she was not alone in a single battle.

This made Haruka very happy.

She held the basketball in her hand and even began to enjoy the feeling of fighting with Li Yalin.

Cooperate with Li.

Let us win this game together!

The ball is on the volleyball department!

At the moment, the score is 25:12. The volleyball team is behind the big score.

After the opening of the second set, the volleyball department with the ball has begun to attack, and Haruka moves the ball to the other half.

Taking advantage of this gap, Li Yalin quickly found his position.

The spirit of the proficient basketball ability has already told him that this is the most comfortable place for Haruka to pass him the ball.

That's right!

That's now!

Don't know if it had a spirit with Li Yalin at this moment.

After Li Yalin had taken a good position, Haruka discovered this and immediately and with accurate sent the ball into Li Yalin's hands.

In the next moment, Li Yalin raised his hand and jumped, just outside the three-point line of the opponent's department, throwing the basketball towards the net.

A beautiful arc crossed the air, followed by a scene of basketball slamming into the net!


The second section opened for 15 seconds, and the volleyball team took the lead! And still three points!

The score is chased to 25 : 15, and the difference has been pulled back to ten!

"Is it in?"

Off the court, Takagi saw Li Yalin’s true intentions of investing in this three-point.

She didn’t see him in a wolf, and the terrible hit rate flashed in front of her eyes.

Before the Ming Dynasty, he was still a basketball beginner.

Why did he start a three-point when he entered the game?

"Are you blind?..."

"Takagi... You are not saying Li Yalin is a newcomer to basketball? But why is his posture so standard, and the three-point thrown is still so handsome?"

Just as the truth was amazed, the eyes of Hikaru were already locked in her.

You must know that just after Hikaru gave up the idea of victory, he prepared to chat with Li Yalin afterwards.

Who thought, he scored such a handsome ball at the opening.

Although not playing basketball.

Hikaru has not a blind eye on basketball.

The standard of shooting is not standard.

She is still very clearing.

Just the ball, Li Yalin's posture is more standard than those of the basketball department.

The cool and elegant posture can leave a deep impression on anyone.


This is definitely a master!

But why is such a basketball master, will be said to be a basketball beginner?

Hikaru feels it is necessary for him to communicate with the school girl.

"I... I don't know... I just didn't know..."

In the face of the problem of Hikaru, Takagi was completely dumbfounded.

She did not say anything, but Li Yalin had a big turn of 180 degrees.

What exactly is going on?

Is it really only as he said?

After trying, he learned to play basketball?

Is there really such a possibility?

Just as they were surprised and confused, the students who were watching the game began talking about it.

At the beginning, everyone felt the outcome of this game was already doomed.

The volleyball department did not have any possibility of turning over, but the first three-pointer in the second section was to rise the suspense.

Although no one knows the new player in the volleyball department, he can be known simply by the three-point pointer.

He is definitely good at playing basketball.

The team that was originally supported by Haruka alone has added a strong support.

It is really difficult to predict who will win or lose this game.

Is the basketball department winning or is the volleyball department’s comeback?

For a time, there was much discussion outside the stadium.

This was a very boring game and suddenly became interesting.

"It's amazing, Li is a three-point shooter!"

On the basketball court, Li Yalin's three-point made Haruka a big surprise.

Although she is also very good at basketball, the three-point is definitely her shortcoming.

After all, shooting from beyond the arc requires much time to accumulate.

This is not just a matter of talent.

The most missing thing for Haruka is time.

Let her dribble on the court, the close-range shooting is no problem, but three points... her shooting rate is very common.

For this reason, facing Li Yalin's shot for three points, Haruka was very surprised.

"After all, he wants to recover the score or a three-pointer."

For the hit just shot, Li Yalin is very satisfied in his heart and feel very good.

And as he thought.

The volleyball department behind the big score wants to recover the score or even win the game, and the three points are always better than two points.

The most important thing is the bonus of the proficient basketball option is the basketball hit rate of +3. That is to say, as long as he shoots, he can enjoy the passive rate of +3. There is such a benefit.

Why doesn't he choose to shoot?

As for other ways of scoring...

Very sad to say, with his current physical quality is impossible!

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