M. F Chapter 231: Part Of The Truth

No. 46 single arm robot!

The video surveillance screen shows that when the master artisan and the laborer drove over.

The one-armed robot obviously noticed something, and immediately stopped the activity, and even the equipment work indicator was cut off.

This kind of thinking is only available to intelligent creatures.

Machinery has this kind of thinking, it is called artificial intelligence.

A wholesale price of 300 Yuan, produced by NOVA, specifically used to control the manipulator, stepper motor and axis movement of the motion control chip, can provide artificial intelligence?

This chip must have the computing power of Tianhe No. 2, Ye Qing may still doubt it, but unfortunately, it is not.

Its computing power is not as good as a mobile phone.

Launching Lagonda, Ye Qing took things through the road and simply described it with the network manager.

Twenty minutes later, Lagonda roared to the company downstairs.

The master artisan also arrived in a hurry on an electric bicycle.

They went upstairs together and went straight to the newly established manipulator operating room.

Only the security guards were on duty in the company.

Both security guards said that no suspicious people had appeared, even if the company had no employees.

Pushing open the security door of the operation room, when the lights are turned on, Ye Qing and the master artisan nodded, and the latter went to the front of the 46th console.

The master artisan carried the kit with him and removed the console guards very quickly.

The control device is mechanically manipulated, converted into an analog signal by a single-chip microcomputer, and then transmitted to a transit warehouse through a network.

The master craftsman checks and confirms that there is no problem.

The master craftsman turned on the computer and connected it to the computer's background register.

Controlling mechanical motion requires signals, and signals represent network data transmission.

However, it was possible to scratch the ear and scratch it for a long time and did not find any traces of data transmission.

“The background display is normal...”

The meter can be confused:

“Is it not a computer problem, or is there interference in the line?”

"The interference does not appear on the robot. When the failure is found, it will stop immediately."

Ye Qing shook his head and vetoed his conjecture:

"Backstage recording, is it possible to delete and modify it?"

"presence, But I can't do it. ”

"Boss boss."

A security guard on duty ran in:

"There was just a customer calling us to ask us, how to send a notice on the official website, saying that our Mechanical Colossus Type I products have serious design defects and need to be recalled?"

The company was called late at night, and the customer service calls were received by security guards.

If they have problems, they will register and feedback the next day again.

Now that Ye Qing, the big boss, is experiencing this abnormal problem, the security rushed to report.

"I reply!"

Ye Qing immediately took out his mobile phone and logged into the official website of Behemoth Heavy Industries.

The big red title on the official website home page makes Ye Qing feel that his head has been smashed.

Urgent Notice:

The Mechanical Colossus Type I that the company has sold, due to major defects in the transmission system, has decided to recall all products.

Please, users to check the Mechanical Colossus Type I, return it to the behemoth heavy Industries, we will solve the product problem as soon as possible.

It can be posted on the forehead, and it can be posted on the home page.

Only two super administrator accounts can use it.

One is responsibly used by the administrator, one is used by Ye Qing.

This is obviously the rhythm of the official website being hacked.

He thought that he immediately logged into the administrator interface, but found the account password is wrong.

"Old ... boss!"

The master craftsman can continue to wipe the sweat.

Ye Qing also logged into his administrator account and found the same account password error.

"The server is not hosted in the Alibaba Cloud service?"

Ye Qing did not understand the network, Shen Sheng:

"First shut down the website, the reason is slowly looking for."

He can be a little flustered to pick up the phone and call the Alibaba Cloud service to the corporate customer service.

After checking the identity, the official website was successfully 404.

"Boss, the server we paid for is not hacked, the hacked is our company computer."

"It should be that the computer is implanted with a Trojan.

"They steal our super administrator account, then use us as a springboard, login management background, Take action."

"I will check the router log."

After a few minutes, the meter can point to a paragraph full of numbers and English on the computer.

Something incredulously said:

"The robotic arm on the side of the transit warehouse is abnormal, and most of it is related to this operation record."

"The other party must be a top hacker, bypassing the cloud shield firewall and Huawei firewall purchased by our company."

"He modifies the password of the super administrator account, and also attacking the host of the control room."

"He doesn't have a dedicated operating device, he doesn't control the robotic arm, but he can get the picture through the camera and find the person coming into the warehouse, and immediately begin the invasion."

"The computer records were erased by him, and the router's records had to be processed urgently."

Fortunately, it is more than one o'clock in the morning, and the users of the Mechanical Colossus Type I and there is only sixty.

The customer who saw the hacker's notice should be the only one.

But there are still many mechanical engineering users who are active on it, and they should be seen by many people.

Ye Qing asked the security guard to call the customer back, explaining that the official website was maliciously attacked and hanged up.

Then Ye Qing asked, how can I get back the administrator account?

"You must find him. I must reinstall the two host systems."

"It's my carelessness to think that our business is not in the Internet sector, relaxing the vigilance of hackers.."

"I didn't think of it either." Ye Qing shook his head and said that he didn't have to blame himself.

"Our core is industry. The official website is just a propaganda channel attached. The hackers will attack again and will cause more loss to us."

"The operating room is not connected to the Internet. I am going to apply for separate fiber to make the operating room physically isolated."

"The other party can greet the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and hang out the notice of the real recall. It is obviously a black company."

"Then how do we guard against attacks from hackers?"

After a half minute, his gaze gradually became calm:

"The hacking is nothing more than the tricks. As long as we have defenses on this side, it is difficult for them to have time to do their hands on the official website."

"We can buy another set of servers for backup. The company's mainframe will be on duty 24 hours a day. Next time they attack again, we can find out what they are using."

"Even if their technology is strong, we can stand our preparations. Will patch the loopholes they have looped through, and we will find ways to track their real IP."

Ye Qing nodded, indicating that he would first clean up the two computers and retrieve the administrator account.

The official website is naturally going to send a notice to explain, but Ye Qing is sitting in the office and pondering.

Can't think of who this hacker is?

They can't find his real IP, and the other's technical level is very high, which can be seen from the fact that he bypasses two mature commercial firewalls.

Recently, he has had conflicts with Jinmei Chemical, but he has long been difficult to protect himself.

Ye Qing didn’t can to sort out the clue in short time.

This time it’s too sudden, or everyone is asleep in the early hours of the morning.

Hide the head and tail!

Ye Qing will lick the squeaking of the bones, and it really has not the ability to come to the black monster factory.

The black is here, he is completely out.

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