M. F Chapter 239: Wait and see

The Mechanical Colossus Type I continues to work there, and Zhang Yutian’s eyes are wide open, waiting to be happening something.

A shearing wheel shining in the sunshine, with a metallic luster silver and platinum, is locked in the front of the manipulator's arm.

A group of people looked forward, while Ye Qing quietly frowned.

Apart from the Master Craftsman, Ye Qing is the best person who knows the Mechanical Colossus Type I in the world.


The sound of the Mechanical Colossus Type I's mechanical operation is obviously soothing.

Others can't hear it, Ye Qing can make it, like those skilled veteran workers, often where the machine tool is out of order, they can hear it with the ear.

Different from the usual running sound, it comes from the workbench in the upper part.

There are a hydraulic drive and electric drive system that integrates the two robot arms.

With the Mechanical Colossus Type I, Ye Qing can't see the Master Craftsman's expression.

If there is a mechanical failure, the master will know for the first time.

A row of I-shaped steel was shaved, and nearby workers pointed to a row of culverts.

They asked some excitement to the Mechanical Colossus Type I, can you lay culverts?

“In the working range of the robot arm, anything can be done.”

When the Mechanical Colossus Type I work platform began to turn around, the sound of the voice from the Master Craftsman was still calm.

"How do you say that? The higher you hold the floor, the worse you fall."

Zhang Yutian was at ease in his heart, and the estimated time was about the same.

Two bottles of corundum sand, 200 milliliters in total, were enough to deal with the tank.

Corundum sand is mixed into the machine as long as it is not a very extremely precise engine cylinder.

All need a process that accumulates more and more, in order to completely adhere to the gears, and causes irreparable burning failure occurs.

In fact, it is almost the same.

With the continuation of work, Zhang Yutian, who has secretly bought a Mechanical Colossus Type I, went back to study, has been able to realize from the subtle sound changes that there is a problem with the internal mechanical steel structure.

This Mechanical Colossus Type I, the exhaust pipe has begun to spray thin black smoke, which shows that it has been running more and more difficult to laborious and need to output more power, in order to drive up.

"Remember the last time I watched, there wasn't so much black smoke in the exhaust pipe?"

On the other side, the leader of Gao Fengming Group began to wonder.

He couldn't hear the sound, but if the Mechanical Colossus Type I kept smoking like this, didn't it mean it has a problem?

Ye Qing knew that the mechanical giant had a problem.

However, Ye Qing chose to believe in Master Craftsman. 

 Since the Master Craftsman does not propose the end of the show, he can continue.

"It should be before the arrival of the fuel, the injection of diesel oil is not good, the moisture and gum content in it exceeds the standard, resulting in uneven combustion of fuel."

"I think it is also a fuel problem. We can't just get off the line of new products and have a mechanical failure, can we?"

Zhang Yutian's tone of voice is not faulty made people unable to pick up the problem.

People who didn't know thought he was talking to Ye Qing.

"Skull ~ sudden ~ sudden ~"

Zhang Yutian's voice has just fallen.

He is digging the earth with both arms at the same time.

He is a Mechanical Colossus Type I who is used to bury culverts.

He increases his horsepower violently.

It seems that the engine is roaring to the limit.

The black smoke was sprayed, and even the Mechanical Colossus Type I shook the ground with vibration.

However, the two robotic arms trapped in the mud seemed to be frozen or fixed.

They violently shake there, but they could not break through the soft soil that was as easy to cut as tofu.

Ye Qing was shocked.

The workers on the scene, and the people in Liangjiang City, immediately looked suspiciously at the Mechanical Colossus Type I that was running at full speed.

Even the ground began to shake.

How come its two robotic arms could not move?

Is it true that, as Zhang Yutian just said, the Mechanical Colossus Type I actually has a serious power defect?

God helps me too!

Wait until now, Zhang Yutian finally waited for the corundum sand, which completely adhered to the moment of mechanical components.

Take a look, this Mechanical Colossus Type I, even if you don't know how it does it, you can see that it is running at maximum horsepower.

Ha - ha ~

Start all out, all the two robotic arms can’t even dig the soil.

Together the driver in the cab, with Mr. Ye must be anxious to have a hot pot ant.

"Continue to add fuel to the door, and step on the bottom to loosen."

Zhang Yutian was happy and turned over.

Since the Second World War, the corundum sand has been used in various means of destroying mechanical equipment.

The greater the power operation, the greater the damage caused by corundum sand.

Zhang Yutian waited for the giant god I who is in front of him, be completely burned and went in the big smoke.

The engine roaring sound became bigger, and this was not only the ground vibration, but even the workers who used to be familiar with the sound and noise began to cover their ears.

Otherwise, they will have eardrums swelling.

Zhang Yutian was very happy in his heart, but his face showed a good expression for others.

He shouted loudly there:

"Hurry stop it, this equipment, is there something wrong?"

"Boom -"

A thunderous bang slammed across the whole site.

The huge sound came too suddenly.

It seemed that a hard object could not withstand the tremendous power was broken.

The sound was boring and loud, and the earth followed the vibration, which scared everyone.

"It's broken, it must be that the hydraulic column inside the robotic arm must have exploded."

Zhang Yutian opened the secret taunting mode, screaming with grief:

"If the product is defective, don't be so eager to enter the market, just in case someone is around..."

The Mechanical Colossus Type I line is still in operation.

What is puzzling is that the huge cracks coming from the Ming Dynasty can still shake the two robotic arms.

The ground was raised, and the two robotic arms were lifted up.

"Click - click - click"

There was a crack in the hard soil where the manipulator was inserted.

It seemed that something was going to break out of the soil.

The surrounding people immediately retraced a circle.

It was not the broken arm in their imagination, but the breaking of something hard object in the ground.

This fracture, the Mechanical Colossus Type I is like breaking away free of what shackles.

The bucket that was inserted into the soil slowly lifted with the sound of the mechanical roar.

The land is turned over to a grave the size of a van, when the hard object in the land was lifted out of the ground to reveal their true features.

The whole scene was silent.

That is ……

A large van of irregular concrete, started with a ten-ton of concrete blocks that were covered with broken reinforced concrete.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I lifted this huge concrete high to prove its ability with practical action.

"No... No... it should be a mechanical failure."

Zhang Yutian is like a squid jumping to the shore, his eyes are wide, and his mouth is wide, and his breath is gasping.

Why, why is this, the corundum sand clearly dumped in?

"My God!"

The workers on the other side were shocked and threw themselves into the ground:

"What power is this? It's absolutely divine!"

The workers' amazement, like triggering a chain reaction, the workers watching the scene almost at the same time hold their heads at the same time, watching the scene incredulously.

A piece of tens of tons of concrete was pulled stiffly from the ground, and there were broken steel bars.

"This is an old building. This concrete should be the foundation of the old building."

The responsible for the supervision of Engineering quality, the eyes have been submerged arc welding, welded to the Mechanical Colossus Type I. (To be continued.)

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