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M. F Chapter 235: Haitang Island

If Ye Qing’s elementary and junior high school teachers can see this scene, they will definitely pick up their heads and then spread them on campus. 

This is the student that I taught.

Anyone who usually walks out here is the object of careful maintenance and reception by a large group of people.

Now they are all sitting together and treating Ye Qing as the protagonist of the dinner tonight.

Ye Qing can't talk about being flattered, that is, he feels quite fulfilled.

The theme of the whole dinner was mainly about the activities of the inspection team staying in Zhongyun, and whether Zhongyun City could win the title of the civilized and healthy city.

"The next stop of the inspection team is Liangjiang City. The forefoot of the inspection team just walked from our Zhongyun City, and the mayor of Liangjiang City called me." 

Mayor Xia Yuming was in a good mood and joked:

" The Mayor called me..." 

"He wants to ask about the preferences of the inspection team and the issues that require special attention from them..."

"The two rivers have also done a lot of damage this time, and he said they have also carefully trimmed the plants around Haitang Island..."

"I know that this inspection team will focus on the urban science and technology section..." 

"They have especially engaged in a science and technology creative collection contest, and plan to use the power of science and technology to solve the flood problem of Haitang Island for many years and change Haitang Island from 4A to 5A...”

"The harder they work, the greater the threat they pose to us. How can I tell Mayor Qu about the inspection team?..."

"Ha-ha-I told them that the inspection team likes jade. We sent the top-grade green jade of Zhongyun City. The inspection team has one in hand."

This joke is naturally full of laughter, and Ye Qing, in the initiator of this incident, is listed among them.

They have swayed Ye Qing with a thumbs up, and a director, who happened to carry the jade carvings from the factory.

He lifted the exquisitely clear emerald and screamed: 

"If you see more pieces of the same thing, I can not tell the truth about this jade..."

"It's still very well-recognized." 

Ye Qing nodded slightly: 

"The natural jade interior has a distinct sense of irregularity, the artifacts are different, the internal lines are extremely regular, and the hardness is not comparable to natural jade.”

The people next to him curiously came over and pointed the jade to the light. 

Only they studied for a long time and did not study where the specific artificial traces were.


A similar banquet was held in Liangjiang City, more than two hundred kilometers away from Zhongyun City.

It is also the Vice Mayor, accompanying several major directors, but the object of the ceremony is the inspection team.

Liangjiang City is home to two rivers. 

The Tianjiang River, the largest ancient canal in the province. 

In the corner of Liangjiang City, the Tianjiang River, and the Guling Canal meet. 

The two different water of the Tianjiang River and the Guling Canal are mixed together, creating the wonders of the city, and also creating the most famous Huaxia tourist attraction. 

In Liangjiang City, there is Haitang Island.

Haitang Island is located at the intersection of Tianjiang River, and the Guling Canal. 

On the left is the River and on the right is the canal. 

The island is surrounded by shallow water beaches, all of which are full of colorful agate stones.

The location of the banquet was located in the historic branch of Haitang Island. 

The dishes are also mainly composed of river food. 

The fish species are not precious, but they are the most delicious River catches in this season. 

Ordinary people do not exactly buy them for money.

The color of the meal can be enjoyed in a beautiful way. 

The dining place is chosen in the beautiful sea state of Haitang Island, which has occupied the beautiful scenery of the River and the island. 

Basically, it is not that people will feel that things are delicious.

“The first stop of the inspection in Zhongyun City left a deep impression on our inspection team.” 

Gao Fengming’s team leader is in a good mood. 

Of course, he has not been tempted by the enticing food. He forgot his first opinion.

“Zhongyun City has an emerging heavy industry enterprise called Monster Heavy Industry. I wonder if you have heard of her?”

Mayor Qu Kangxin glanced at the colleagues around him, but fortunately, they did not let him down. 

The director of the Urban Construction Bureau of Liangjiang City took the call, and his head slammed: 

"Have heard of it, there are several advertising companies in our city. We bought a metal fast engraving machine from Monster Heavy Industries ."


Gao Fengming, the team leader, and the inspection team members nodded and heard the same.

Then there were several female members who took out the green figurines and carved jade.

The Mayor Qu Kangxin, and the Vice Mayor and the directors, their eyes were straightened.

They looked at these inscriptions with a stunning look, and the members of the inspection team took of the jade and turned up a huge wave in Mayor Qu Kangxin's heart, and the Vice Mayor and the directors. 

Could it be that Zhongyun City, sending jade with real hands?

How do they look at the look of the inspection team seem to be satisfied with this gift?

"This gift is our gift when we visit the Behemoth Heavy Industry." 

Gao Fengming, the team leader, also took out a small and exquisite jade: 

"Today I want to advertise an important thing, not a metal fast engraving machine. But their latest product - the Mechanical Colossus Type I."

The leader Gao Fengming is like the two rivers, and he describes the excellent performance of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

The other members of the inspection team, including the Vice Mayor Wu Qianyan, nodded in the same time, as if recalling what could not be seen, and began to introduce the behemoth heavy work to the people around him.

What is the Mechanical Colossus Type I of the Behemoth Heavy Factory?

The leadership team of Liangjiang City, the thoughts are like being collectively caught in the clouds, and they can't return to reality for a long time.


Jiang Zhongqiong is born with a strange color, and it is suspected that the immortal brought jade.

The beautiful scenery of Haitang Island and the scenery of Longxitan are not bad now.

The water is as clear as the mirror, and there are mysterious steel behemoths on the bottom of the sea, crouching under the weird reef.

Ye Qing controls The Lord's Chariot on the broken reef and builds the deep-water port that will be launched soon. 

In the reddish-brown iron ore district on the shore. 

Two Mechanical Colossus Type X, under the command of the Masters Craftsman have a platform with a criss-cross of the mineral crusher, and the prefabricated steel bases that are seamlessly docked in the factory on the seat.  

Whenever a piece of equipment is docked, next to the huge force of a two-pound heavy-duty air-pneumatic wrench, the thick nut of the bracelet will be placed on the pedestal bolt, and the air-pneumatic wrench will be used. Fasten the nut.

Under cover of the night, four angry miners arrived at the mining region's workshop.

They carry large steel conveyors along the bridge, where they are placed to transport minerals from the mine.

A total of five mineral crushers, each with two huge plates of superhard alloy grinding teeth.

The ore collected at that time will be directly sent to the crusher and crushed into iron ore with large soybeans. 

Subsequently, the iron ore is sent to the ball mill for fine crushing and finally sent to the magnetic concentrator. 

The magnetic iron is used to sort out the iron and stone powder in the iron ore powder.

The sorted fine iron powder cannot be directly used for smelting.

It must be sent to a sintering furnace and sintered into individual pig iron ingots. 

These irons are then sent to the alloy melting center for smelting and purification.

Ironmaking has never been an easy task in the modern industry.

Even Ye Qing, who has many black technologies, can only minimize the steps to an acceptable level. 

When you change to a traditional steel mill, you have to invest a lot of energy just to remove impurities from the molten iron.

The equipment in the mining area has been installed to Tianming, and the four angry miners have also officially moved from the underground base to the mining area to do their mining.

Ye Qing carefully arranged the appearance in front of the mirror, and then with a Master Craftsman, and giant labor, ready to go to Liangjiang City.

No way, last night, Liangjiang City enthusiastically invited Ye Qing to go with the mechanical giant I to guide the construction and rescue work of Liangjiang City. (To be continued.)

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