S. B. F. C Chapter 57: Haruka wants a boyfriend?

"Is there anything wrong with this? It is already a high school student. It is not good to talk about a love. It will be very regrettable in the future."

Haruka, Takagi and Atsuko were all shy and blushing when they were squirted.

If they were in love, they would swear in private, but if they got it on the table, it would be too shameful.

At least Haruka’s sisters are somewhat unbearable.

However, looking at Hikaru like this, she is a look of disapproval.

"To say that the boys at our school can be boyfriends, they are not afraid of a few, they have a personality problem or old wood, by contrast, this Yalin classmate is definitely a scarce resource.

"Don't say that I didn't remind you that I want to win the younger brother Yalin. I have a hunch. If I pass this village, I will not have this luck in the future."

Stretching his hand and groping his chin, Hikaru is very succinct at the moment.

Saying to this meaning, she seems to be really optimistic about Li Yalin, but this makes Haruka and Takagi face each other.

Although it must be admitted, Li is indeed very powerful, and the words spoken by Hikaru are correct, but the question is...

How do you always feel that the words of Hikaru are not quite right?

Is this too straightforward?

"Hikaru, if I can let Li become my boyfriend, is it good for our volleyball department?"

Speaking to Takagi, her brains are really not good.

Although it is not a particularly clumsy classmate, it can never be classified as a smart person.

But today, at this moment, Takagi classmate suddenly flashed such a sentence.

And then look at Takagi, she did not think about it, nod directly.

"That is, of course, just relying on the skills of Yalin’s younger brother..."
"It’s not easy to get the guy in the basketball department.”

"I will know! You are the idea of Takagi sister!"

The truth is already white!

As Takagi's fingers are aimed at the tip of Hikaru, Hikaru strategy is directly exposed!

As she said, the battle between the volleyball department and the basketball department can never end.

Don't look at the volleyball department's prevailing advantage today, but it does not mean that it will continue to be seen in the future.

Unless there is a strong person who suppresses the basketball department.
Otherwise, as long as the basketball department recovers, the battle between the two communities will surely resume.

In this case, pulling Li Yalin has become the best choice to Hikaru.

It's just... How to attract Li Yalin?

Thinking about it, it is still more useful for the beauty.

Although I am not a beauty, but the three girls, Haruka, Takagi and Hikaru, their values are good enough.

Once they can, there is a relationship with Li Yalin, which will definitely bring Li Yalin's heart to the volleyball department.

It has to be said that Hikaru abacus is very good, but what's more, this careful thought was punctured by Takagi.

"How could this be...?"

The dialogue between Takagi and Hikaru made both Haruka and Atsuko exclaimed.

Although Li Yalin was constantly ignored by Hikaru, it made them feel uncomfortable, but they could not react in a short time.

Without thinking, Takagi’s reaction turned out to be so fast.

"Cough... I am also doing this for the volleyball department. What's more, Yalin is indeed a good boyfriend candidate. You can't deny this?"

The small abacus was punctured, and Hikaru felt uncomfortable.

After all, she did not expect that she would blurt out her thoughts and said it.

Can you say that you can't swallow it back? Like this time, even if it is irrational, you must argue for a three-pointer!

"It is true to say that..."

This refutation of Hikaru made everyone speechless, although the time spent with Li Yalin was not long.

However, they all have a good impression on him, and it is impossible for them to deny their conscience.

Just... can't this be said?

"Haruka, do you like that piano's player will become our friend later?"

The conversation between Hikaru and Haruka was heard by Kana.

It was just in the fog, and she didn’t know what happened.

But one thing she could understand, that is her sister Haruka, did not deny the words of the volleyball predecessors.

Although she was confused, she could be sure.

My older sister is very fond of the boy who plays the piano, so that is...

The older sister of the South must have a boyfriend?

"What? Haruka sister, you have to make a boyfriend? Who is? The pianist?"

When Kana said this, Chiaki on the side was immediately shocked.

She did not know the cause and effect on her.

She was as confused as Kana and could not understand the situation completely.

Even so, one thing she knows very well - absolutely can't let her Haruka sister be taken away by other man, even the boy who plays the piano very well!

"You two... what are you thinking about? Although Li is really good, I don't plan to associate with boys now..."

The reaction of these two sisters made Haruka very headache.

The words of Hikaru were very shy to her.

Now these two sisters are running around to add chaos, which makes her eat quietly for a while?

Very silent, Haruka her own temple, 
Otherwise will be misunderstood, will be.

"What? It's disappointing to think that Yalin's brother broke through Haruka's barrier."

Haruka’s explanation made Chiaki breathe a sigh of relief.

It does not matter what she does, as long as her own Haruka sister was not taken away, the problem was that this explanation could not satisfy Hikaru.

You know, Li Yalin is absolutely the first man who can walk so close to Haruka.

She still expects something to happen between the two, but now it seems that...

How can we say that the future is not allowed, but for a short time, these two people are absolutely no drama!

This is very disappointing for Hikaru.

After all, in her opinion, the girl who has the charm of capturing Li Yalin is absolutely not Haruka.

If she is not happy, the hope of Takagi and Atsoko is really small.

"I just think... Li is a very good friend, and how to say it, he feels like my father. Although the appearance is completely different, but the temperament is surprisingly similar, it will be normal to have more contacts. ""

In the face of disappointing Hikaru, Haruka is also speechless.

She knows that she must give an explanation, otherwise this topic will definitely continue.

Then... similar to her father's temperament will she have a reason to associate with him, should be no problem?

"Haruka, have you a father?"

When Haruka said this, she didn't think too much.

It was enough to find a reason.

The result was good.

She actually encountered a hot water spit.

"How can this be…?"

Very weak response to a sentence, haruka feels that it is a helpless.

How can he become a father?


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