M. F Chapter 241: I Took the Haitang Island Project.

Amano Heavy Industries is a company, founded by a joint venture between two giant enterprises, one inside and one outside.

In outside, the Anqi Heavy Industry does not say that it is a mechanical person who understands the strength of this company.

Inside is the Tianli Group, a large family-owned company involved in construction, real estate, shipping, and automobile production.

Amano Heavy Industries is equivalent to the sons of the two companies.

Zhang Yutian, who has strong strength, naturally doesn't care about the heavy work of the Mechanical Colossus Type I and knows what will happen after he starts moving his hands and feet.

What would you say? What can Ye Qing do?

Looking for a lawyer to play a lawsuit for a year and a half?

Still, alarm the police, please police investigate the facts?

The three people who went to the hands and feet were the social scum of the Sanjin Palace.

Even caught by the police.

Zhang Yutian finds someone to scare them, and by the way, gives them a heart-breaking sealing fee, and things are all over.

They are also in other provinces.

If in Zhang Dong, Zhang Yutian can use his brain to make the behemoth heavy work in a mess.

When Ye Qing found Zhang Yutian, this squat was sitting on the sofa, swaying his legs and brushing his mobile phone.

Ye Qing took two giant laborers and went to Zhang Yutian.

Ye Qing also sat down on the sofa and gently slammed the coffee table with his fingers:

"Zhang Yutian, pour corundum sand into the giant god I, a good calculation."

Zhang Yutian glimpsed a little and did not seem to think that Ye Qing would find the solution.

"Mr. Ye, what corundum sand?"

Zhang Yutian squinted at his eyes.

"Does it really necessary to pour corundum sand into it? Didn't your products be in the armpits?"

Two giant laborers stood on one left and one right, but Zhang Yutian was fearless.

How can these two bodyguards grow stronger?

He is a partner of the Liangjiang government, and he is the only who can solve the problem that has been plaguing Haitang Island for many years.

"I'll ask you for the last time. You must answer clearly. Don't regret it for a lifetime because of impulse."

Ye Qing suppressed his anger and looked at him very seriously.

"Did you decide to work hard with the Mechanical Colossus Type I?"

"Yes... What about that?"

"What if not?"

Zhang Yutian thought for a second. 

He laughed again:

"There is no eternal enemy in this world. Old America has thrown two atomic bombs in Japan, but later, the two countries are still intimate?"

“Country is a case, and companies and businesses are not the same.”

"Maybe we are heading towards the opposite side because of temporary conflicts of interest. But as long as there is money, this higher interest is in front of us, and we can turn it into a jade at any time..."

"You must have a long-term vision. If you cooperate with our Amano Heavy Industry to produce the Mechanical Colossus Type I, I promise you here. The net profit of overseas sales is not less than fifteen billion Yuan a year." 

Zhang Yutian’s meaning was obvious.

He wants to use the unconventional means to force Monster Heavy Factory to work with them.

"I don't understand why you can't study technology and speak with the competitiveness of products."

Ye Qing had got up and gave him a piece of advice before he left:

"There is no shortage of people, so I ask you to remember this sentence."

“Technology doesn’t have to be researched; it can also be obtained through cooperation.”

Zhang Yutian said lazily:

"I believe that in the near future, Mr. Ye will definitely agree to cooperate with our Amano Heavy Industry."


Ye Qing turned his head, and there were two cold lines in his eyes:

"The cooperation is not cooperative, I don't know it, but I know that you will soon go out of the project. Because the Haitang Island project will be our project. We have the Monster Heavy Factory."

"Ha ha ~ What a big breath."

Zhang Yutian also stood up, and his face was full of confidence:

"If in Liangjiang City, Monster Heavy Factory can take this project, I still believe in three points..."

"Hey ~ in the two rivers, this is related to the 4A level attractions of Haitang Island, whether it can become a 5A level event..."

"If you send ten Mechanical Colossus Type I, it’s impossible for Liangjiang to give you the work of Haitang Island..."

"I admit that your technology in the field of mechanical automation is extraordinary, but the flood wall and the Mechanical Colossus Type I, does not match..."

"In order to win this project, we have specially researched the water level of the Lianjiang Rivers over the years, computerized the flow of the Tianjiang River, the impact on the flood wall, and the material of the flood wall. It is also made of alloy technology that is not available in China, without the need to support it. Water pressure..."

"You rely on one sentence; you want to steal billions of projects from Amano Heavy Industries? ..."

"I still rely on you to work temporarily, need to be supported by scaffolding to resist the water pressure of the flood wall?"

"The huge ship sailing on the ocean does not need to know what is called the Tianjiang water wave. In the same way, the Monster Heavy Factory does not need to know this."

Ye Qing nodded to Zhang Yutian:

"We will wait and see."

"Ha ha ~, that Ye always has to come up with a feasible plan. Tomorrow afternoon, the flood wall will be sent to the hydraulics laboratory to test the days of sealing and water flow impact."

"We will wait and see on the test field."

Zhang Yutian looked fearless.

When Ye Qing left, Zhang Yutian groaned and retreated to the sofa and laughed.

He laughed at the Monster Heavy Factory and Ye Qing, and the real technology of the flood prevention wall lies in the flood wall material, which is one of the patented technologies of the parent company Anqi Heavy Industry.

And in the idea of how to hide the flood wall, Amano Heavy Industries has reached its limit.

Monster Heavy Factory wants to engage, can only pick up the teeth.

"Which ship is sailing on the ocean, and you don't need to know what is called the Tianjiang water wave?"

Zhang Yutian laughed badly.

As long as their products pass the test tomorrow afternoon, the Liangjiang government will immediately sign the contract.

Only one day, the young man was not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue.

Ye Qing naturally did not let go on air, leaving the lounge, Ye Qing was contacted by the leader of the Mechanical Colossus Type I subscription agreement.

"I heard that the Behemoth Heavy Industries also wanted to participate in the project of Haitang Island."

At the same time, Mayor Qu came, he also told Ye Qing that the technical test of the flood control wall will be held in the hydraulics laboratory of Liangjiang City tomorrow afternoon.

"Huge Heavy Industry is now involved, can time come urgently?"

"The related work is ready, but it is not very good at delaying the test time."

The Mayor Qu also told Ye Qing that through the previous product design and scientific content, as long as Amano Heavy Industries passed the test, then the project of Haitang Island will be handed over to Amano Heavy Industries.

"Mayor Qu does Amano Heavy Industry, has given the specific construction period of the project?"


When it comes to the construction period, Mayor Qu does have some headaches.

No matter which option is chosen, he has to face the agate rocky beach that is closed to Haitang Island, and then the entire beach is dug for long-term construction.

During the construction period, Haitang Island does not expect tourists to come here if it is closed.

"Because there is no tourist, I would like to be surrounded by a thick plastic wall during the [working], and also tolerate the roaring mechanical noise."

“I have a plan here, and it doesn’t need to be built the sketch in one day.”

Even after the phone, Mayor Qu can feel the strong self-confidence in Ye Qing’s discourse.

"Mayor Qu, our Monster Heavy Factory has also studied similar projects and will take the products to participate in the test tomorrow without any problems." 


Qu Mayor's voice changed in an instant:

"Can we really do it all in one day's construction period?”

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