M. F Chapter 234: Celebration Banquet

Amano Heavy Industries is a joint venture company.

As the name implies, the joint venture company is a domestic company, a joint venture company with foreign companies, and a joint-stock company established in China.

The more famous joint ventures include Oriental Aolong, Ted Pharmaceutical, and Chery Land Rover.

Amano Heavy Industry Joint Venture Co., Ltd., its foreign investment, is also Anqi Heavy Industry, a leading figure in the field of industrial robots.

In this world, it's not that there are no good things to lose pie, but that it depends on whose head the pie falls on.

If Ye Qing decides to start heavy work with Amano, he will start negotiations on cooperation. 

Obviously, the pie fell to the head of Amano Heavy Industries.

Therefore, even if Zhang Zong, the deputy general manager of Amano Heavy Industries, promised that they would not ask Ye Qing to provide technology, Ye Qing did not have any willingness to talk about cooperation.

Perhaps the strength of Amano Heavy Industry is very strong, and there is the shadow of Tianye Heavy Industry behind it.

For other emerging companies, it is afraid they will be regarded as a guest, giving many discounts in exchange for their overseas marketing resources.

However, Ye Qing does not believe that Amano Heavy Industries has the strength and technology to provide products for the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Even if the other party has the ability, Ye Qing will not cooperate!

“I’m really sorry, we’re slow, and we’re already preparing for capacity expansion.”

"At this stage, our development goal is to occupy the inside market first."

After hearing Ye Qing refused again, Zhang Zong shook his head:

"Since Mr. Ye always does not want to make more profits and let the products enter the international market faster, our Amano heavy work is not so insistent."

"In the future, if your company encounters difficulties of opening up overseas markets or is constrained in production capacity, you can come to our Amano Heavy Industry."

Zhang Zong slowly rose from the mechanical engineering chair:

 "So we will leave, we will have to go to Liangjiang City later."

Ye Qing got up, accompanied the guests, and waited to get out of the Blue Sky Tower.

Xu Zong and Zhang Zong got on the car.

Zhang Zong glared at the direction of the Blue Sky Building:

"Now the young people their ambition is not small."

"Zhang Zong."

Xu Zong, who also has the deputy general title, said with some care during this time:

"Why you don't persuade him with a few words?..."

"This kind of Mechanical Colossus Type I, the person who knows it, all understand its potential in the field of mechanical engineering. ”

"If the language can solve the problem, the world has long been peaceful."

"The information revealed by Ye’s eyes has already made me understand that he will not have any idea of cooperation.”

Zhang Zong said with a sigh of relief:

"Of course ... I did not expect to be able to talk Monster Heavy Factory to cooperate with us in a few words."

After that, Zhang Zong signaled the driver to drive.

The Jaguar XJ left quietly, Ye Qing stood in the office, holding his chin and meditating there. 

After sending away the two guests, Ye Qing asked the staff to collect information about Amano Heavy Industries.

This collection is really a bit of an accident for Ye Qing.

Amano Heavy Industries was only one year old, but this year, Amano Heavy Industries won the car production line of two domestic automobile manufacturing groups and the big ones of the three truck production lines.

An automated car production line, in which the price of automated machinery and equipment, at least billions of Yuan.

The truck production line is relatively cheaper, but in a year, it can win a total of five cutting-edge industrial production lines.

It can be seen that Amano Heavy Industries is full of strength in terms of technology and connections.

Regarding the Huaxia funder of Amano Heavy Industries, the public information shows that it is the Tianli Group.

If the assets of both sides and the forces behind them are counted, Tianye Heavy Industries, which is co-funded by the two major groups, will absolutely have more assets than the ten Monster Heavy Industries.

However, Ye Qing doesn't care. Based on the domestic and foreign companies, a lot of old-fashioned company groups, many of which have been achieved for hundreds of years.

It is easy to pick up one, and it is ten times or even a hundred times more than the Monster Heavy Industries assets.

Then, how about it, isn’t it that you want to run and cooperate with Monster Heavy Industries?

Now Amano is re-working, saying that it is not a rare giant I type of technology, it is a horrible story.

"Ye Qing, I don't think the other party will give up so easily."

Kong Tao looked through the sorted information:

"The business focus of Amano Heavy Industries is the robotic arm, and this sudden visit is more like a probe. It’s not business cooperation.”

"They didn't even have a lawyer, and they didn't bring the cooperation plan!"

"That is what they think too much."

Ye Qing took up thinking and showed a smile of play:

"Common production?"

"How many generations of Intel chips have been made? Is it not only a few companies that are jealous, but also not blind at the end?"

Ye Qing also asked about some aspects of network security.

After that, he drove back to Longxitan.

Forgetting Amano Heavy Industries, Ye Qing cares more about the upgraded version of Lagonda car.

Just returned to the factory, Ye Qing carried out a tremendous effort to dismantle the Lagonda car shell and replace the high-tech casing mixed with two top alloys.

The new generation of shells is silver and black.

For the sake of beauty, the metal master deliberately dispensed a silver metallic paint, which was electroplated onto the outer casing.

It seems that there are a lot of calls today, and soon after the upgraded version of the shell is replaced.

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun personally called and invited Ye Qing to go to the first guest house of Zhongyun City to attend a celebration feast with only a few mayors and six directors.

“Celebration feast?”

Ye Qing asked the Vice Mayor:

"Can it be said that Zhongyun City passed the review of the health and civilized city?"

On the phone.


The Vice Mayor smiled heartily:

“Which is so fast, the number of places in a hygienic and civilized city is so much..."

"Only after the inspection team has reviewed all the cities, will it be selected according to the comprehensive score of each city... The best one..."

"The inspection team will leave in the evening, they have to leave for Liangjiang City..."

"Before they left, they had a very good evaluation of Zhongyun City..."

"When they talked about Liangjiang City, they recommend the Mechanical Colossus Type I..."

"We were busy for three months, and we didn't celebrate anything."

The night began to erode the sky, and the whole cloud burst into colorful light.

Ye Qing drove the newly upgraded Laguna and ran on Zhongyun City Avenue.

The entire Zhongyun City has been renewed it maybe the credit of the inspection team.

Now even in the city center, there are some traffic jams and pedestrians.

When waiting for the traffic lights, no one dares and cross the road.

The pedestrians who like cross the road in the red light in the zebra crossing have disappeared.

The first guest house in Zhongyun City was built 40 years ago.

It has undergone several repairs and renovations.

In addition to the longer and thicker sycamore trees and a pond, the original traces can no longer be found.

Followed by the waiter's instructions, Ye Qing came to the box on the third floor.

In the box made of solid wood, only nine guests were present.

These nine are real-life figures in Zhongyun City.

Ye Qing has seen them several times and is considered an old acquaintance.

When Ye Qing entered the door, the Vice Mayor immediately came up to give Ye Qing a big bear hug.

"Haha ... I want to hug you, I finally got the chance today..."

"I have to say that this time we can smoothly let the inspection team leave, our Mr. Ye is the one who has the most credit."

Xia Yuming, the mayor who sits in the main seat of Zhengbei, took the lead and drove several directors to applaud:

"Yes if it’s not you, we will have been completely finished in Zhongyun, and the inspection team ends our tears of criticism.” (To be continued.)


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