S. B. F. Chapter 55: I will be proud of it.

Well, the status is good.

Li Yalin's performance is not a lot of songs in a single breath.

Basically, after each song is played, he takes a few minutes to rest before continuing to play the next song.

At the end of the song, Li Yalin stopped his pulsating fingers and sat in front of the piano to relive the performance.

Although this is the ability that the system brings to him, as the time of playing increases and the proficiency increases.

he will also have a kind of enlightenment, which will further improve the playing ability.

Today's state is very good.

He always feels he has taken it to the next level.

He does not know how much he can achieve when his proficiency is raised to the expert level.

It is really what people look forward to.

After feeling his heart, Li Yalin habitually takes a break and see around him in all the coffee shop to watch the reaction of customers.

If there were nothing unexpected, he would continue playing.

It was also his habitual see around that made him accidentally see a few familiar figures.

That is... Haruka and Atsuko?

How did they appear in Rabbit-House?

In addition to Haruka was very familiar with the girl of two ponytails' lollipop resting on the top of the girl's head, is it the other two protagonists of the three sisters of the South, Haruka's sisters - Kana and Chiaki?

Although it is impossible to be 100% certain, more than 90% of them are correct.

Li Yalin is not sure why Haruka will come over, but since he has seen them, he must not ignore it.

When he got up and left his seat, Li Yalin comes to Haruka's seat, and his move attracted the attention of most customers in the coffee shop.

No way, he is now a star in Rabbit-House, and his every move will be noticed by everyone.

"Haruka classmate, Takagi classmate, Atsuko classmate, and Hikaru sister."

When he came to Haruka's side, Li Yalin smiled and greeted everyone, until the customers around him realized it.

This is an acquaintance.

"It's very powerful. Younger brother Yalin, I didn't expect your basketball was played so well also the piano was so powerful."

Not waiting for Haruka, they had a few openings, and Hikaru was the first to praise it, but her praise was heard by Li Yalin, it was called a discomfort.

No way, in his impression, the character of Hikaru sister is quite an abdomen, and she also likes pranks.

The disgusting handsome with her class is often played by her.

Although there are reasons for this nausea and handsomeness, it also explains the bad character of Hikaru.

In order to avoid becoming the target of her mischief, Li Yalin felt he was still less likely to contact her.

"Yeah! You are really amazing. Although I have heard it before, I won't actually hear it, but I still feel very shocked."

Fortunately, the voice of Hikaru fell, and Takagi was also connected.

After listening to the song played by Li Yalin, she was completely convinced.

She also thought the words of Atsuko were exaggerated, but now it seems that This is a little boastful ingredient.

It is so nice!

"Li is really amazing."

The words of Takagi can get everyone's approval.

Even Haruka can't help but nod.

Although she rarely listens to the piano playing, she can still feel the admiration from her heart after listening to Li Yalin's piano.

This is an experience she has never had before, and she really enjoyed it.

"You praise me so much that I'm proud."

Although Atsuko did not speak, her eyes had already sold her mind.

Among these girls, she was the first to hear Li Yalin’s piano and the first person who liked this piano.

Because of this, she wants more than ever to come to joy.

In this case, Takagi is always calm.

Li Yalin can't help but scratch his back of the head.

Although the feeling of being praised is very good, the same, shame is also quite high - especially with so many eyes around.

"Master Yalin, are they your friends?"

Li Yalin came to see acquaintances, and the surrounding customers certainly didn't ask for anything.

They could be companions in the coffee shop, and the curiosity of Cocoa was soaring.

When she was just receiving them, these girls gave her a very deep impression, especially Haruka.

The feeling of pride for herself, even when she was shaking at this time.

Such a beautiful and mature girl turned out to be an acquaintance of master Yalin.

Is this specifically for the master Yalin?

Or an unexpected encounter?

She always feels that her gossip soul is about to be born.

"Well, this is my classmate and the senior school sister, and the other two are..."

Li Yalin didn't know about Cocoa's thinks.

When she asked him, he quickly introduced them.

However, his eyes turned to Kana Minami and Chiaki Minami.

Li Yalin was fixed.

Although he guessed their identity, in fact, people have not introduced themselves.

"This is my sisters, Kana Minami, and Chiaki Minami."

Seeing Li Yalin pause, Haruka also understands the situation and simply explains the name of her sisters, which can also avoid embarrassment for Li Yalin.

"It turned out to be the classmates of master Yalin."

Cocoa thinking in herself...

"Today, it has been the first day of school for Yalin. Is it true that just having started to have so many friends? It’s really amazing!”

The identity of this sister Haruka was quickly understood, and it was for this reason that Cocoa's eyes immediately revealed her adoration.

On the first day of school, Li Yalin met several beautiful girls and was able to let these girls take the initiative to come to the coffee shop.

The communication ability of Yalin’s master was too strong.

In contrast, Coca feels she was weak when she went to school on the first day.

She has not been able to make friends except for the Chiaki she has known before.

"I am this..."

It is true Cocoa think about this.

Why can Li Yalin feel something is wrong, even after saying he feels it necessary to well explain for this girl?

She misunderstood and why she boycotts him.

"Well, since you don't get bored with Master Yalin, everyone's coffee is at the table, and I hope everyone can enjoy it."

Well, without waiting for Li Yalin to explain, Cocoa has already revealed a warm smile, and before turning away, she also gave Li Yalin a helping hand.

What the hell?

It is a pity that Cocoa soon came to the other table of customers and began to serve the customers.

In this case, Li Yalin could not bother her.

No way, he can only turn his gaze back to Haruka, and he is quite curious about their arrival.

"So… Haruka classmate, you shouldn't be home, right? Why do you come to Rabbit-House with Takagi and Atsuko?"


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