S. B. F. C Chapter 50: Basketball Beginners?

"Maybe we're still excessively optimistic, with our current strength, it's impossible to win the basketball department."

At the end of the first section, the volleyball players' area is a downturn.

It's no wonder it's just too bad to play in that limited section.
If there is not Haruka, they will just be passed by the students of the basketball team.

Do you have seen?

Although with Haruka's presence, she can't lead her teammates to turn the tide.

After all, the volleyball department still lacks basketball-related experience.

The gap is too big.

For this reason, Hikaru Hayami is a temporary coach being frowning.

For some, even if they have Haruka, they can't win the game.

They can wholly give up.

There is no way, is not it?

This kind of game does not make any sense at all!

Participants have practically abandoned.

In addition to Haruka, the third-year senior who has got another 4 points and looks handsome is not giving up his belief.

In this case, the second set will only repeat the previous mistakes, no... maybe it will be worse or more.

Is it really over?

Looking at the status of the participating members.

Hikaru could not help but merely sigh, look at this, there is really no luck to turn over.

Can only hope for the following game?

Can they the following game win? Can they really guarantee to win overwhelmingly?

"Although the raw score is a little behind, it is with difficulty, not a frustrated hope of not winning."

By the time the volleyball team has struggled, it is inevitably supposed to discover that it is rare for volleyball players to meet a good basketball player.

"Li classmate?"

The members of the volleyball department did not know the coming person.

Haruka gave the identity of the other party in the first time, and this also opened the eyes of Hikaru as a temporary coach.

The meaning of this schoolmate is...

"You are Li Yalin's schoolmate, right? You just said that there is still hope of winning? This means... Can you help us win this game?"

Yes, it is Li Yalin who is right.

For his arrival, Haruka simply has a surprise, but in the eyes of Hikaru, this is completely different.

She did not reject the words that Li Yalin didn’t long ago announced!

Although today is against the rules between Hikaru and Li Yalin.

In her first impression, this second-year schoolmate, who's just got to school, is a boy who looks and looks very handsome and attractive girls' eyes.

That's all.

But now, she is not sure what she meant, but she wanted to hope.

If he just wants to play handsome in front of Haruka and attract the attention of the girl, it means that the other party is an invisible embroidered pillow, but what if he really has a way?

The volleyball department can’t afford to lose, and Hikaru does not want to pin their hopes on the third game.

So, at this moment, she hopes that Li Yalin gives her a positive answer.

"Yes, I will have some points, if I also participate in this game and have a good cooperation with South students, maybe there is still the possibility of winning."

In the face of the problem of Hikaru.

Li Yalin will certainly give a positive answer.

In fact, he came here for this purpose.

Connecting this game to help the volleyball team win, this is his mission!

"It's extraordinary! Takagi! You are going staying out, and you will be replaced by this younger brother, Li Yalin!"

Whether Li Yalin will play basketball or not, Hikaru is completely doing to known this.

Takagi can nothing but be a pawn and as Hikaru as a coach, suddenly replaced her by Li Yalin.

After all, there is not much time to slow down, and this second set is about to begin.

"Hey, how does he in fact play in my place?"

Takagi is only on a preceding step, and Li Yalin has begun to exchange clothes and he prepared to play.

This is very surprising for her.

How could he in fact play?

"How? Is there any problem with Li Yalin’s schoolmate playing?"

The surprise of Takagi was discovered in the eyes of Hikaru, and she was very puzzled. Isn’t her judgment completely erroneous?

"He...he should be a basketball beginner. Does he really know the rules? It’s very difficult for him to shoot even well..."

Looking at the already changed clothes, Li Yalin, who is coming to the stadium with the contestants, whispered in her original place.

It’s no wonder that Takagi’s most embarrassing scene was clearly seen by Hikaru.

Is it true there was no way to expect anything from him?

"Basketball beginner?"

Hikaru was in the right place when she heard Takagi's ambiguous words,

Although she did not think about this possibility, she finally put the treasure on Li Yalin's body and looked forward to his miracle.

But now... she hopes it will be completely destroyed.

“Did classmate Li tell yo this?”

The reaction of Hikaru made Takagi so embarrassed.

She did not gather the personal words of Li Yalin before, but she did not recognize why Hikaru decided to allegedly let Li Yalin play in her place.

"It seems inevitably that I was cruelly deceived by this Li Yalin school brother. Although there is no hope of picking up this game, it is exceedingly unpleasant to be so arrogant.”

"The basketball game will be with difficulty finish... I have radically to talk seriously to the schoolmate!"

Through Takagi, Hikaru has completely comprehended what it is to no avail.

For this youthful schoolmate, he should be a professor in accompanying her as a schoolgirl!

Otherwise, this school brother indeed does not appreciate what was waiting in agony for him!

"Student Li... I didn't mean inevitably betraying you; you indeed ask for beastly luck?"

The proper side of the personal side looked unusually certain.

When the unfortunate sister of Hikaru school spoke seriously, the unaided eyes that were usually squinting were completely unclosed, and the chaotic state of this open eye was uncommon.

It is on top of that because rare that Takagi is clearer.

This school girl with sincere eyes is absolutely horrible.

Inevitably faced with the face of such a foolish woman, it is with difficulty more used capital to allegedly hide in the impossible distance.

Therefore, what she can scarcely manage for Li Yalin as soon as possible is in contrast only silent prayer.

Therefore, what does Li Yalin have with difficulty to make maliciously, and he is at present on the used ground?

Very simple, she is vehemently defending offensive teammates.

One of the unknown men and unknown women's two offensive teammates is still in a agitated state of pent-up frustration.

In the following game, they can only be used as a background board.

They can't carry out any pervasive role, so they can be practised as offensive teammates.

Only Haruka merely maintains another helpless look.

Extraordinarily good-looking third-year seniors.

It goes without merely saying, Li Yalin must definitely say hello.

As the following teammate, they are better competent to merely accept a certain degree of tacit understanding.

As for the other third-grade predecessor, through Haruka, Li Yalin, moreover, distinguishes his used name - Hosaka.

Merely looking at his personal appearance, Li Yalin reasonably presumed him a bit familiar.

In the present circumstances, when he merely hears his used surname, he is naturally more aware.

Merely protecting the seniors...

This is not a disgusting handsomely!

Therefore, he equally participated in this game.

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