M. F Chapter 238: Design Defects?

"The notice said that this Mechanical Colossus Type I there are serious power system defects, need to recall all products for repair?"

With Zhang Yutian, the voice is not too big, just a group of people can hear.

This seems to be a question of the interrogative sentence, which has been affirmed from his mouth.

The group suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Qing with some doubts, waiting for an answer.

They have captured a few keywords, official website, release, recall, major design flaws!

There seems to be no perfect product in this world.

Even Toyota and Volkswagen, which have a history of nearly a hundred years, are often plagued by a large number of recalls due to design flaws.

Defects are not terrible, and recalling product improvements will do.

Since the recall notice has been posted on the official website, why is this matter not mentioned in the behemoth heavy work?

Ye Qing looked at Zhang Yutian seriously.

The official website of the day before was hacked.

He knew that there was nothing strange.

Many users in the forum were discussing this.

But he said it now, so Ye Qing suddenly feels wrong.

The users in the forum discussed this issue, all around why they were hacked.

Not the product really has problems.

The mechanical giant I has been sold by hundreds.

The official website forum is full of praise.

No customer has encountered a power system problem or other problems.

These contents, Zhang Yutian just can see the forum, it is impossible not to know.

But in this case, he spoke clearly obvious ambiguous words to mislead these pedestrians.

This is already a dazzling demolition.

"The night before, the two hosts of our company were attacked by hackers. They may be some jealous competitors..."

"They pretend to be us and posted false announcements with the super-administrator account."

Ye Qing looked at Zhang Yutian with deep thoughts:

"Mechanical Colossus Type I had already carried out a one-month construction test on the construction site before obtaining the production license, and there was no fault in the test."

This explanation did not cause any controversy.

The official website was hacked, and many of the official websites in Liangjiang City have experienced it.

There are always some hackers who show off their technology by invading government websites.

Even for a while, the travel network of Liangjiang City was hacked three times or five times.

They invited engineers from an online game company to solve the problem.

The other party told them that the website was frequently hacked because a hacker organization used their travel website as an entry assessment question.

"Haha ~ I also thought it should be boring, blow by some hackers."

Zhang Yutian turned his head and smiled unchanged:

"The Mechanical Colossus Type I, I was the first to see the real thing, I am looking forward to its next perfect performance. ”

He bit the perfect word very heavy.

After the team moved back, Ye Qing was already in the heart and included Amano Heavy Industries as an object to be guarded.

The group walked to the construction site of the second phase of the pavilion, and the workers at the fence gave helmets.

The brand new Mechanical Colossus Type I has already stopped here.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I issued a burst of roar, two master artisans were responsible for the manipulation.

When two mechanical arms filled with steel and power, beauty slowly opened.

Even the team leader Gao Fengming, who had already witnessed its style, could not help but marvel again.

For this experiment, a high of building materials was prepared on the site of the second phase of the pavilion, and there was a pile of I-beams.

In order to pursue large spaces, the pavilion uses a large number of steel structures in its design.

These are 40C I-beams, one weighing up to four tons.

“If you want to cut the I-beam out of the right size, what do you need to do and how long does it take?”

There is a dull voice of the master artisan in the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

On the other side of the city, Jiang Qing invited the team to visit the second Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Ye Qing simply let the master put a loudspeaker on it for easy communication.

Of course, it was lifted by a crane. The two workers coordinated the position below, got it on the workbench and will cut it with a large metal cutter.

A big-name worker smiled and said:

"It takes twenty minutes for a skilled worker to do it."

“Can you cut this machine? How long does it take?”

"I need three seconds."

The master's voice sounded, and at the same time, the Mechanical Colossus Type I arm's robotic arm moved, weighing four tons of I-beam.

It was easily grabbed from the workbench, and then half lifted into the air.

Simply look at the length, the hydraulic shears on the other side of the upper half.


The sound of the steel that breaks the ear sounded.

A piece of I-beam slipped down to the ground, and the fracture was smooth like a mirror. It took just three seconds.


Whether it is a worker or a mayor of Liangjiang City.

They are as if they are being shackled by eggs.

They just open their mouths for a long time and can't say a word.

How is it so fast?

To cut the standard ten-meter-long I-beam into a suitable size, it should not be lifted by a crane, put on the workbench, and the workers can cut it with a large metal cutting machine for a while.

Can it be completed?

In the hands of this machine, how did the workers picked it up like a straw stick and used the scissors to click and cut off a piece of it?

The workers wanted to applaud.

Mechanical Colossus Type I was next to a pile of I-beams.

One of them grabbed it into the ground and arranged it in a row.

It seemed to be ready for shaving of the I-beam.


Zhang Yutian was equally shocked during one second, but after the shock, he was a sneer.

Early in the morning, he learned from the scene of the exhibition that the city of Liangjiang invited the Monster Heavy Factory.

So the Monster Heavy Factory sent the Mechanical Colossus Type I to guide the construction of the project, and road rescue work.

He did not expect to be able to talk about the cooperation project of the Mechanical Colossus Type I in a few words.

Since the language cannot be negotiated, it will be solved with action.

As long as you have money, please do not dirty the place where your hands and feet.

People who like petty thieves are not difficult to find.

Spend a little money, ask them to move their hands and feet, and find a way to pour two bottles of corundum sand into the tank of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Then the Mechanical Colossus Type I, as soon as it starts, the oil pump will pump the corundum sand into the engine and let the engine be completely scrapped.

Even fuel filters are not available, because the particles of these corundum sands are generally smaller than the filter pore size of the filter.

Things didn't go smoothly, that is, the guy who is responsible at unlocking the tank machine did not find the tank lock.

He just opened a lock, pour two bottles of corundum sand into a tank open.

Listen to the other party's description, Zhang Yutian estimated that it should be hydraulic oil or the injection port of gear oil.

These are irrelevant, two bottles of corundum sand, enough to block any hydraulic pump, or gear.

The hydraulic pump is blocked, cracking cylinders occur, and hydraulic oil splashes.

When the gears are stuck, severe friction will occur, and the lubricating oil will emit thick white smoke.

No matter which one, the Mechanical Colossus Type I will immediately squat.

Zhang Yutian did not expect to let the Mechanical Colossus Type I armpits, and suddenly let the behemoth heavy work get into trouble.

This is just a small plan that he readily followed.

The previous official website issued a defect recall notice to make a bottom, and now it is possible to make the behemoth heavy work lose face and lose face.

With such an idea, Zhang Yutian held his arm and waited quietly for a good show.

hacker attack?

Hum ~ Wait for it to squat, that is the design flaw.


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