M. F Chapter 232: Super Hard Alloy

At three in the morning, the official website resumed.

The notice issued by the hacker was naturally deleted, and the announcement was re-released, saying that the official website was maliciously falsified.

After the website was opened, some of the pictured night owls were discussing the matter.

The Monster Heavy Factory official website was hacked, and they unanimously believed.

They are purely sensory and confident in Big Beast Heavy Industries.

This also makes them extremely rare, have spoken one after another to speculate on where the hackers are going to make their attack.

Some people speculate that it is a foreign hacker group.

Because of the rise of the behemoth heavy industry, the biggest threat is not the domestic enterprises, but the established companies that occupy the world's leading industrial manufacturing share.

Some people have speculated that some hackers saw that the profits earned by the behemoths were too terrible, so they attacked the official website and wanted to extort money.

There are many similar examples.

Almost all of the emerging online platforms have experienced the hacking of hackers, and even ordinary people have not escaped.

In the first half of the year, due to the IOS vulnerability problem, some users turned on the mobile phone and found that the mobile phone has been banned from use.

The hacker's contact information is more arrogant and appears directly in the prompt.

The user's mobile phone will be restored after paying a certain amount of money.

The truth is still a mystery.

The next day, Ye Qing couldn't sleep for a night, and with all the staff of the network department, he was busy setting up the standby server and completely formatting all the computers in the company.

The host responsible for the maintenance of the official website was replaced, independent IP, independent networking, and employees 24 hours a day.

The operation room is also undergoing renovation, directly physical isolation, without any network.

Only ghosts can invade!

The electronic network is precisely the shortboard of Ye Qing.

Fortunately, the company only has an official website to maintain.

When a hacker invaded a company, only two hosts in the company were running.

One is the host responsible for the maintenance of the official website, and the other is the control room of the operation room.

There is no important information on both hosts.

Did not cause too much damage to the company.

The factory at Longxitan Beach also needs to renovate the network completely.

The network here is basically undefended, and Ye Qing takes it all day to watch the TV page.

Back to Longxitan, Ye Qing’s first thing was to pull the router directly.

All computers involved in industrial production are physically isolated.

In particular, the large-capacity mainframe used to store a large number of drawings, Ye Qing network card has been removed.

Since the use of computers, they should be strictly separated.

Entertainment should be returned to entertainment, and office work should be returned to office.

After finishing all this, it is already in the afternoon, and there has been no news of hackers continuing to invade.

If love doesn't come, Ye Qing doesn't run an online game company.

Where will he focus completely on the whole network?

Industrial manufacturing is the focus.

In the underground base, the microwave sintering furnace has been manufactured by the Master Craftsman.

Metal experts are standing in front of the workbench and formulating super-hard alloys according to the formula.

Tungsten, cobalt, bismuth, titanium, nickel, five metal components, proportioned.

Ye Qing first asked the metal experts first to dispense 50 kilograms of metal powder, which was then sent to a forging press and forged into a 2X2 square sintered part.

The sintered part was sent to the microwave sintering furnace, and the metal expert said nothing, went to the sintering furnace that can accommodate a car and set the temperature at 1455 degrees.

This temperature is exactly the melting point of nickel among the five metals.

Sintered super hard alloys have extremely complex steps, and the first step is the difficult liquid phase sintering in powder metallurgy.

Compared with traditional smelting technology, powder metallurgy has a big drawback - the material pore size is too large.

Because the metal can't be melted like in a steel furnace during the sintering process.

It is a metal powder cast molding that once melted and deformed, it becomes scrap.

Liquid phase sintering can solve this technical defect, depending on the principle of the melting point of the metal.

The metal powder is doped with a metal having a lower melting point so that the low-melting-point metal uniformly distributed inside the sintered part starts to melt and penetrates into the void of the sintered part.

After the temperature was set, Ye Qing heard a slamming sound and the whole sintering furnace began to tremble slightly.

Ye Qing retired to eight feet away.

It is said that microwave ovens have radiation. In front of this, no matter the volume or power, it is 100 times stronger than microwave ovens.

God knows whether there is radiation.

In the furnace, the internal structure of the super-hard alloy began to change.

The silver-white nickel powder with 8% content slowly turns into a liquid state.

After five minutes, the temperature was increased by forty degrees.

This is the melting point of metallic cobalt.

When the metallic cobalt is also converted into a liquid state, the metal expert opens the microwave sintering furnace and takes out the semi-finished product which has become dark.

Without any tools, he took out his hands with black armor.

Insulation of armor can isolate heat, and metal experts put semi-finished cemented carbide into a carburizing medium heated to 900 degrees for carburizing.

Carburizing allows the metal to achieve the higher hardness and wear resistance.

There are several steps into the furnace, quenching, and low-temperature tempering.

When a piece of black is like a Hui ink, and the surface is rubbed with a fine grainy metal plate, it appears in the face of Ye Qing, the time has passed for an hour and a half.

Ye Qing gently tapped the black metal with a hammer, and the sound that was passed back to the ground was "Thump ~," and the shocked Ye Qing wrist was numb.

Ye Qing couldn't wait to let the giant hard work move the super-hard alloy to the outside of the factory, and he got into the cockpit of the Titan I, ready to test how hard it is.

On the robot arm of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, a broken hammer and a cutting gear are locked.

Ye Qing operated the breaker and launched a blow on the super-hard alloy resting on the ground.


The breaker touched this piece of super-hard alloy, and the blue leaf ear was followed by a thunder.

The broken conical hammerhead, every time it touches, it sparks a dazzling spark.

The ground is also followed by clatter vibration, the broken hammer can easily break the power of the large rock of the abrasive disc, but it can't leave traces on this super hard alloy plate.

The impact lasted more than seventy, and the rocks on the ground were shaken into fluffy powder.

However, Ye Qing jumped out of the car and looked at it.

He found that the surface of the super-hard alloy was only one dent in the size of the wine glass.

On the contrary, the hammer is also made of alloy material, and the sharp hammer tip is evenly flattened.

Switch to the cutting gear, the spark and the sluice gate are the same as the drain.

Wait until the cutting gear is hard to get rid of all the serrations, super hard surface, and only a shallow cut.

The scene that happened in front of Ye Qing made him unable to speak with a big mouth.

The power of the Mechanical Colossus Type I is best understood, but it can be seen that even after an hour, it is impossible to eradicate this super-hard alloy sheet.

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