M. F. Chapter 233: Two young presidents

In the field of machining, there is an old saying - If you want to machine a hard metal, only find tools that are harder than it.

In theory, any man-made metal can be processed, there is nothing harder than it, and the same material can be used to wear and tear each other.

That is not the case either.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I also caused damage to its surface.

If the speed or strength reached a certain level, the wood could also penetrate the steel plate, but there is no practicality.

For example, the damage caused by the destruction of Mechanical Colossus Type I is not painful or itchy for this super hard alloy.

The experimental results are satisfactory to Ye Qing, according to the data given on the drawings.

The Mohs hardness of qualified supercenter carbide is 8.5.

The highest value of Mohs hardness is 10, which is the hardness of natural mineral diamond, or diamond hardness.

For each level of hardness, the corresponding material can be scratched on the material of the previous stage.

The hardness of super-hard alloy is only a little harder than the hardness of the hardest metal tungsten steel produced by humans.

But tungsten steel has a fatal flaw - just too easy to fold!

We are afraid about tungsten steel fall, many high-grade watches use tungsten steel as a watch chain, often accidentally falling the watch to the ground, the tungsten steel watch bracelet will breaks.

The super-hard alloy has no such defect.

Ye Qing just has hit it with a crushing hammer for more than seventy times, replaced it with tungsten steel, and broke it into glass ballast early.

It can be said that this alloy is far more resistant than tungsten steel in industrial applications.

Returning to the underground base, exquisite masters and giant laborers are responsible for the manufacture of mine sorting equipment.

Ye Qing pulled out the original three-dimensional shell drawings of Lagonda car from the mainframe.

The super-hard alloy is used to create the cockpit, and with the twelve independent airbags in the Lagonda car, so Ye Qing can't be afraid of any vehicle collision on the highway.

How to combine nickel-titanium memory alloy with super-hard alloy and two different metals is a problem that requires brains.

After discussion with the metal master, it was decided to use a high-energy laser to weld the joints of the two metals.

At half past one in the afternoon, Ye Qing was originally prepared to drive the Lagonda car, and the shell was removed for the upgrade.

As a result, a phone call within the company stalled the Lagonda car’s upgrade.

It's not that unknown hackers have invaded again, but that there's a company that wants to come and talk business with Monster Heavy Industries.

Ye Qing asked who the other party was.

The sales manager said that it was [Tianye Heavy Industry].

Before there was no telephone appointment, he directly went to the company door.

The name of Tianye Heavy Industries, Ye Qing did not think about it for a long time on the road.

The names of the famous heavy industry names are very mostly low-key, such as Liugong, Xugong, Sany, and Yuchai.

The name Tianye Heavy Industries is quite similar to the Behemoth Heavy Industries.

It's all comparison...

More ambitious, Ye Qing can only be evaluated this way.

When Ye Qing arrived at the company and stepped into the living room.

Kong Tao, the sales manager in charge of the reception, immediately smiled and stood up with a laugh and introduced:

"We are always here."

"They are Xu Zong and Zhang Zong of Tianye Heavy Industries."

When the two guests sitting in the mechanical engineering chair got up and ready to shake Ye Qin's hand, they were slightly stunned.

The two guests are very young, Ye Qing witnessed the past, they are up to 30 years old.

Xu Zong and Zhang Zong were equally surprised.

Ye Qing was younger than them.

Young people are too much, and many people of the same age as Ye Qing have just out of school at this time.

All the halos of these people on campus no longer exist, leaving only the awe of society and the confusion about the future.

This leaf is always different, his eyes have the self-confidence of negligence, but also bring with some conquest, it seems that in his field, he is good at expertise, no one can compete with him.

Ye Qing and the two of them shake hands separately, can be mixed into the president at the age of 30, even if it is a vice president, not either a cheater or a hard foundation at home.

Their arrival was too sudden and didn't even have a phone call appointment.

This is made Ye Qing confused about the intention and could only wait quietly for the following.

"Mr. Ye, our Tianye Heavy Industry Joint Venture Group, is a joint venture just established last year."

With a smile on his face, Zhang Zong sat on his chair:

"Please forgive me for not making an appointment in advance for this visit to your company..."

"We are going to Liangjiang City to discuss important cooperation..."

"By the way, we bypassed Zhongyun City in advance and visited you..."

“Before that, we have been paying close attention to your company...”

"I am not afraid of Mr. Ye’s jokes..."

"The executives in our company have a mechanical engineering chair.”

Zhang Zong’s was very skilled in adjusting the mechanical chair posture, paused, and said:

“This time your company launched the Mechanical Colossus Type I, we are also very concerned about it..."

"There is no doubt that this is an epoch-making product..."

"The foreign investment part of Tianye Heavy Industries is Anqi Heavy Industry..."

"Mr. Ye must be familiar with this name..."

"Anqi Heavy Industry has a very strong technology in the field of industrial robots..."

“Similarly, Anqi Heavy Industry has very strong marketing resources in the world..."

"Before we planned to cooperate with your company to develop foreign markets together..."

"Now your company has just launched the Mechanical Colossus Type I, we have the idea that your company seems to There are big restrictions on production..."

"If we work together, I believe that with the technical strength of Amano Heavy Industry, we will be able to increase the production capacity of the Mechanical Colossus Type I to a very amazing number..."

"I don't know if your company have a willingness to cooperate with us?..."

"Tianye Heavy Industry guarantees that if the cooperation is negotiated, the sales of the foreign market in one lapse of time can exceed the 10 billion mark..."


Ye Qing looked at the other side with a sigh of relief, and he certainly understood it.

There is a long-lasting video on the Internet.

It is the master of kendo and the process of testing kendo with a one-armed robot.

A kendo master with multiple world records is directly blasted by a one-armed robot.

The kendo master cuts an orange, and the one-armed robot can cut seven, cut the oranges and cut the peas.

That one-armed robot is produced by Anqi Heavy Industry.

Anqi Heavy Industry is also a leader in the field of robotic arms.

The establishment of a joint venture company in China is naturally aimed at opening up the domestic market.

Huaxia is now the world's largest exporter of products and the world's largest importer of machinery products.

The stronger Anqi Heavy Industries is, the less likely Ye Qing is to share technology with competitors.

"I certainly understand that Anqi Heavy Industry, they are the mountains in the field of industrial robots."

Ye Qing shrugged his shoulders and looked relaxed:

"Only in terms of production capacity and foreign markets, our company has its own plans."

“Maybe we can cooperate in sales..."

"We sign a long-term sales agreement at a price below the market, and you can sell it overseas...”

Upon hearing this news, Ye Qing looked at Zhang Zong, and Zhang Zong’s smile was slightly reduced.

"Mr. Ye, Behemoth Heavy Industry is now producing only 20 Mechanical Colossus Type I daily..."

Technical cooperation, expanding production capacity is a win-win project..."

“Yes always don’t have to worry about technology leaks, and we can only be responsible for the supply of production equipment...”

"We don't send any workers. Our mission is to open up overseas markets and let both parties earn more."

Ye Qing would like to ask, where do you come from the illusion that you can provide production equipment for the Mechanical Colossus Type I. (To be continued.)

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  1. Its a bit annoying to see the name of the MCs company occasionally mistranslated. 'Monster' is not interchangeable with 'Behemoth'


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