S. B. F. C Chapter 49: Is Not Enough

"You guy... What are you thinking about? What do you have in your mind?"

This time, Li Yalin almost finished shooting more than three hundred times before finishing.

After the end, he was already sweaty and stumbled on the floor of the stadium.

Seeing this scene, the real thing on the side is that Takagi can't help but twitch her mouth.

 As a member of the sports club, she can easily see him.

Li Yalin is definitely the type that usually does not exercise sports very much.

It is complete after high exercise.

The appearance of collapse.

What does he want to do?

Takagi couldn't understand Li Yalin's thoughts completely and couldn't understand his move.

Even so, she went to a nearby vending machine to buy a bottle of sports drink and returned to hand it to Li Yalin who could not move.

"Thank you, I am very busy."

The sports drink that Takagi handed to Li Yalin really helped him.

It helped him not only to add the lost water and sugar, but also let him recover some strength, and finally, he did not have to lie on the ground.

This is really... the feelings of this Takagi classmate.

"I really don't understand your thoughts, even if you want to exercise, you don't have to exaggerate it all at once?"

In the face of Li Yalin's gratitude, Takagi shook his head with helplessness.

After all, she is a classmate, and she could not let Li Yalin without help.

It’s just that she can’t understand Li Yalin’s thoughts.

What is the purpose of such a desperate shooting?

"In fact, I don't think I want to exercise. It's just like trying to shoot more. Maybe I can understand how to play basketball."

While drinking sports drinks, Li Yalin grabbed his hair and completed his mission at the moment.

He has temporarily possessed a level of basketball ability.

It is only a proficient level, which also represents the level of professional basketball players.

In other words, Li Yalin is now unable to continue the physique exercise.

Otherwise, he will be able to compete with real basketball players!

And the most important thing is that he can be qualified for any position on the basketball, whether it is a striker center or a defender, there is no problem!

This mastery level is awesome!

As long as Li Yalin picks up the ball of basketball, he has a feeling of tempering, just like if holding the basketball for a long time, and as long as he thinks, he can easily put the basketball into the basket.

This is really wonderful!


"Just are throwing a shot and want to understand how to play basketball? Li Yalin, you are really interesting."

Li Yalin was overjoyed by his proficient basketball ability, but his words were heard by Takagi.

He was somewhat silly and cute.

It's no wonder that a layman just throws a shot and wants to understand how to play basketball.

How can there be such a genius?

This is a reality, not a fantasy world.

Therefore, the thoughts of Li Yalin are really naive.

"Interesting... The volleyball game is over, it’s the South classmates who won!"

Although Takagi did not say too straightforwardly, Li Yalin could guess her thoughts.

On this point, she did not intend to explain more.

After all, it sounds incredible.

For this reason, with the end of the volleyball match, Li Yalin is also a homeopathic one.

This game ended with the basketball team's crushing.

"The result of reason."

Although Haruka won the game, Takagi's face did not see much happiness, because she had already foreseen the result, and naturally, she would not feel surprised.

"The next battle is really tough..."

As Takagi said, the volleyball team defeated the basketball department in the volleyball match.

That is a matter of course.

How to use basketball to defeat the basketball department is the real difficulty!

"Do not worry, the volleyball department will definitely win."

As a member of the volleyball department, Takagi will worry that the winning and losing are normal, and on Li Yalin, he has absolute confidence in himself.

He has mastered the basketball ability of proficient level.

He understands that although his physical fitness has not changed in the slightest, he can’t do enough physical skills.

He can deal with a group of high school students at the level of professional basketball players.

Pure technology can already be absolutely crushed.

Of course, he is only comforting her now and has not made any actual action, because as the system suggests, he should be shot at the most critical moment.

After all, he was just an outsider, and he rushed forward to express his participation, and he would only be rejected by the volleyball department who did not understand him.

And the rejection is just a good statement, saying that it is not good to hear, which green onion is he?

Why does the volleyball department believe him?

Li Yalin knew this snack, so he was also in peace of mind, as an audience, watching the game in front of the venue.

Unlike volleyball, the basketball game is a combination of three men and two women, probably to take care of the girls.

The lineup of both sides is basically a girl guard, the boys play the striker and the center.

This can try to avoid physical contact between boys and girls, and it can be regarded as thoughtful consideration by both parties.

Even so, when the game really begins, the situation is still one-sided.

It is no wonder that only one of the volleyball divisions here will play basketball.

Another third-grade schoolmate is simply making up the number.

As for the three boys... Forget it, and they are very tall, but put them on the basketball court is to dry the clothes rack, there is no effect, not to vote in the basket, but also to be intercepted in minutes, it is simply impossible to look directly.

"There is nothing to see, look forward to the third game."

For such a result, the audience outside the stadium did not have any accidents, because, in the volleyball match, the volleyball department also abused the basketball department.

Now the situation is reversed.

Since the volleyball department doesn't have any hope of a comeback, there is no suspense in this game, isn't it?

"I really can't help..."

Looking at the game on the court, Takagi long sighed, although there is still expected before the game, now, this expectation has been completely shattered.

Sure enough, with a group of laymen, there is no way to win the opponent.

This game is over.

"Can't say that!"

The sigh of Takagi was heard in Li Yalin's ear.

He could understand her feelings at the moment.

He also knew that it was time for him to appear!

According to the pre-match agreement, this basketball game has a total of two half-times, and now the first section is on the verge of ending, the score is 25:12, 13 points after the volleyball tribe.

It is worth mentioning that among the 12 points, 8 points are contributed by Haruka, and the remaining 4 points are won by another boy.

The remaining few people have no achievements at all.

This is the moment when you need a person to turn the tide!

"What are you going to do?"

Li Yalin’s words made Takagi very puzzled, and she couldn’t understand why Li Yalin was going to the players' area.

What is he doing?

Why doesn't he say anything?

what is happening?

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