S.B.F.C Chapter 1: Coffee shop hosting girlish

What should I do when I cross into a world of quadratic suspicions?
Very anxious! Online!
After confirming this fact, Li Yalin wanted to go to the street and shouted out the question. Unfortunately, he also knew that this practice was idiotic. He could not get anything except the eyes of children with intellectual disabilities.

There are two choices before him right now, either to live in the world as it is or to be mentally handicapped letting people all over the world know that he was in a traversal, and the result of the latter is pulled into a mental hospital.
As for going home?
It's impossible to think and know with your toes.
At the age of 30, Li Yalin's life before the crossing was so simple that he worked from 9 AM to 5 PM and played games in his spare time. He wanted to find a girlfriend, but after all, he's just thinking about it and never put it into action.
Maybe God didn't want him to continue to be ordinary. When he woke up, Li Yalin opened his eyes to see a strange ceiling. He thought that there was a hallucination, which could make him pinch himself. The obvious pain proved that all this was so true.
Busy to get out of bed, carefully confirmed, again and again, Li Yalin finally determined that he passed, because he found in the room while seeing himself in the mirror turned from nearly 30 years old 'man' to 16 or 17 years old 'Juvenile appearance.'
Especially crucial is that when he was returned to his sixteenth-year-old, his appearance has been optimized by several grades. That's the right kind of fresh meat in TV series.
What is this? Post-transit benefits?
Before crossing, Li Yalin also likes to read novels. Sometimes he fantasizes about what he travels through. When he finds that his fantasy really happens to him, he is neither nervous nor excited, nor has he any feeling of fear.
The first thought he had subconsciously came up was to see if there were any external system on his body.
Crossing the protagonist of the cross has a system. That is the basic routine in the novel animation. I have become a cross-party. Can I still have no system?
Facts have proved that this idea is very correct. After a series of tests, he really found the system on his body. As long as he concentrates his mind and meditation on the system, a translucent template projection will appear in front of him.
According to the information given by this template projection, Li Yalin can quickly understand the role of this system, but also because of this, he said that he is under great pressure.
The name of the system is called the salvation system, which is interpreted literally. This is the system that exists for salvation.
How did this system appear? Li Yalin certainly has no idea how the system came into being, but he is the master of the system now. In the future, the system will always help him grow. As for the cost, it is to complete the tasks given by the system.
A closer examination of the system will confirm that the system is divided into two major categories: life classification and combat classification. Life classification is in an open state, while combat classification is grey and black, meaning it has not yet been opened.
Since it is not open, then ignore it first, then focus on this life classification.
The classification of life seems interesting. Under this big classification, there are seven sub-categories: literature, mathematics, engineering, housekeeping, music, art, and sports. Under each sub-category, there are smaller sub-categories.
In terms of literature classification, under the literature, Li Yalin has opened the language branch, and below the language branch, it is divided into more options.
For example, Li Yalin now opens three options: Chinese, Japanese and English. In addition, no matter what kind of branch is gray, that is to say, the system does not add anything to Li Yalin besides language.
It's worth mentioning that, just like playing games, all the categories that have been opened are displayed by numbers.
It feels very intuitive, Li Yalin found that the system marked. Clearly, his Chinese language is 100 points of proficiency level, Japanese is 100 points of proficiency level, English is 30 points of entry level.
As the mother tongue was Chinese, Li Yalin has reached 100 proficiency levels, which is understandable. In English, as a test-oriented universal education, 30 points of entry is also average, but 100 points of Japanese... What is this situation?
As a puppet house, although Li Yalin also loves to watch the Anime, he can't finish the new ones without biting raw meat. He can't understand the story without subtitles.
But now it's all right. What happens when suddenly Japanese becomes 100 points proficient?
Well, in fact, this should also be regarded as the welfare given by the system. After all, the city where he is now is talking about Japanese. The system has placed him here. He can’t let him have a black eye and can’t do anything. How else can he complete the tasks?
The interface of the rescue system is very simple, but also very intuitive. On top of the life classification, except for the classification option opened by Li Yalin, the only thing left is the personal attribute panel. Because it is not important, it is put back to say. What he really want to introduce now is the task of this rescue system.
The main task is to save the coffee shop.
Task Content - Earning 100 million island coins in three months.
Mission Reward - System Lucky × 3
The system reminds him that if he can't earn enough island money in three months, the coffee shop carrying the girl's hope will be auctioned, and then the girl's hope will be broken. Please try to complete the task and save the girl in distress.
This is the task that the system released to Li Yalin, At the same time, it task that makes him want to vomit. Other things do not say, just three months to earn 100 million island coins, which makes him feel the egg pain unceasingly.
What is the ghost of island currency? A hundred million? That sounds like a lot of shit! What's the use of just giving me a system with language options on? If I could make so much money, I wouldn't have to work from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Well, this task has to be carefully studied, especially the coffee shop carrying the girl's hope, so Li Yalin very concerned about it.
Who is the girl?
Why is the girl's hope a coffee shop?
After Li Yalin had understood all this, he finally understood his situation, and only then had his inner cry before.
This turned out to be a world suspected of being a quadratic element?
Otherwise, what should the girl named Chino Kafu?
What is the situation of this coffee shop called Rabbit-House?
Is this the world of the quadratic element?
No, it is not like this. Although it looks like a quadratic world, this world is completely different from the quadratic world in Li Yalin’s cognition!
Chino Kafu is this girl. If Li Yalin remembers correctly, she should come from an anime world before he traveled, and she is one of the heroines.
He still remembers that when he saw this, he was a bloody face, thinking that if he had such a sister, he would have no regrets.
The result was good, It turned out that the wish of that girl had come true. Although he was not Chino Kafu's brother, at least for the moment, his identity was similar to that of his brother.
Yes, Li Yalin, who was forced to cross by the system, was not directly airborne but was assigned a suitable identity. The son of her father’s friend, who was preparing to transfer to the city’s school, was temporarily boarding at Chino Kafu’s home.
It sounds a bit confusing, but this identity actually gives Li Yalin a lot of conveniences, at least he does not need to explain his origin but also has the ID card and bank card, which saves him a lot of trouble.
Of course, this is not the point.
What is really worth noting is that although Chino Kafu comes from an anime world that Li Yalin knows, the actual situation is quite different from the animation he knows.
In the anime, the Rabbit-House coffee shop should be located in an overhead town, not in a city like today, the most crucial thing is that the fragrant artist in the animation has no debt.
In exchange for reality, the story changed dramatically. Chino Kafu's father, Takahiro Kafu, disappeared without any reason, leaving only one hundred million Yuan of debt. The girl who carried the debt was Chino Kafu, who was only thirteen years old.
The sudden appearance of such a large debt can absolutely crush Chino Kafu, not to mention that she is only a child, even if she is an adult, she will absolutely not be able to bear it.
Unfortunately, Chino Kafu resisted the pressure and racked her brains to repay the debt. Although she knew there was no hope, she still did not give up.
Really a strong child...
"Li Yalin? Does breakfast not suit your appetite?"
Chino Kafu, 13 years old, at the age of the flower season, she has to shoulder huge debts and all the housework, including breakfast this morning, which she does all by herself.
For Chino Kafu, even if there is no debt, all the housework is done by her, and naturally, she has become accustomed to it, but Li Yalin’s sighing eyes are very uncomfortable for her.
He always feels that this a few days ago happen at Chino Kafu's doorstep, when he had come holding her father's letter. In theory, Li Yalin, who will be staying at home for the next two years, is a somewhat strange boy.
To strangers, Chino Kafu is not without a sense of resistance. After identifying Li Yalin, she left him behind, although she did not know why she had made this decision.
Obviously, this family is going to lose its hold...
Shaking her head, Chino Kafu banishes the miscellaneous thoughts in her heart. She actually can't really think about that so much. After all, what she needs to do now is to try to keep him home.
Even she doesn't know what she should do.
"No, the bread is delicious, and the coffee is good. In fact, I'm just thinking about what I should do."
Feeling the eccentric gaze of Chino Kafu, Li Yalin shakes his head lightly. He knew that it was not the time for fantasy.
After seeing the task given by the system and knowing the content of the task, he has already made a decision.
This task, he took it!
The coffee shop that carries the hope of Chino Kafu can't ever be abandoned!
Although he doesn't know exactly what to do, the road is for these persons to walk in it and the way is for people to think. Since he came to this world, there must be a reason for his arrival!
So next, let him work hard to save the coffee shop and save Chino Kafu!
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