S.B.F.C Chapter 3: will definitely surpass the original classics

How to earn a hundred million Yuan in three months is a problem Chino Kafu has always been worried about. Although she has never complained about her father, she still has to shoulder the burden and try to keep the family.

Even the only thing she can do now is to open the store on time every day and earn that meager turnover.

To be honest, relying on this turnover to pay off debts is simply impossible. After all, Rabbit-House is not a high-end coffee shop. Not only is it not visited by many customers, but the store decoration is also very simple and old. The only advantage is that it is clean and tidy. Is that really an advantage?

In addition, there has been a mouthful of people in the family recently, and the cost of food and drink has increased again, which adds a lot of pressure to Chino Kafu.

Having said that, Chino Kafu still accepts the new member of this family. Even though he felt strange, he always stayed in the room and did not go out, and did not know what he was doing.

Because he is the child of her father's friend and the father promised to let him live in. The only point is that Chino Kafu is accepting the other party's reasons.

Chino Kafu is really a good girl. It would be great to have such a sister!

Although Li Yalin did not know what Chino Kafu was thinking in her heart, all she did was seen in her eyes.

In recent days, he knows his state very well. He only sleeps for a few hours every day. In addition to eating, going to the toilet and taking a bath, the rest of his time is spent on the skill of drawing.

Fortunately, he became younger after crossing the world. Otherwise, he would have become a bearded man.

Under this circumstance, Chino Kafu still has no change in her attitude towards Li Yalin. Even if he has never helped her, he has not said a few words to her, but she still sends food to him on time every day and a cup of coffee before going to bed.

Such a thoughtful sister, if she can call you brother, you really have no regrets in this life!

Because he has been at the liver level for a long time, Li Yalin knows that he should have a good chat with Chino Kafu. If he does not add more goodwill and intimacy, he will be more and more alienated than Chino Kafu.

Even reality is not a game.

But before that, we should still talk about the results after liver grading.

After several days of continuously drawing, Li Yalin's comics level has successfully entered the proficiency level from the entry level. For this reason, his painting skills have been greatly enhanced, and at the same time, his mind also has a lot of comically related knowledge.

I have to say that the gap between the proficiency level and the entry level is really very big, so big that Li Yalin was surprised.

At the entry level, it takes half an hour to draw a comic, and it takes a lot of effort. It can be said that during this time he is completely shackled by the will.

After entering the proficiency level, his painting speed has been rapidly increased, directly from half an hour to ten minutes, and the energy is far less than the entry.

That is to say, he did not spend as much time as he thought it would take to move from proficiency to proficiency.

What's more worth mentioning is that at the entry level, Li Yalin's work is meticulously crafted, and it is only the level of comics lovers. After entering the proficiency level, his painting level is instantly improved. You are welcome, even if it is The comics serialized in the magazine are almost the same as his current level. Some of the almost inferior works, the paintings are not yet beautiful.

It’s just that the proficiency level is like this. If you reach the mastery level, what surprises can you get?

Li Yalin is very much looking forward to it.

Of course, after the question of proficiency, the next thing is the real highlight. As Li Yalin's comic level rises to proficiency level, he also gets a systematic reward at the same time - "Three Sisters in the Cat's Eye" script creation (optimization version).

This creative script did not appear in front of him but was systematically stuffed into his head. In a flash, all the plots and pictures about the Three Sisters of the Cat's Eye comic were presented in Li Yalin's mind. As long as he wanted, he could copy the work anytime and anywhere.

And the most important thing is that, as the system prompts give, this is an optimized version of the script.

Cat's Eye Three Sisters, as the early works of the cartoon master ( Asai Shingo) Beitoushi, are bound to have some flaws and omissions. Especially, the early style of this cartoon is far from that of the later period. The early style of the green and astringent painting is far from being able to compare with the later delicate pictures.

For this reason, Li Yalin found that this optimized version of the script is not only more compact and full of the plot, but also the style of the painting is unified into the late standard, as long as he draws the script, it will definitely become a classic beyond the original!

He has absolute confidence in this.

The problem is that it is also for this reason that he can't even draw this work at this time. Because he knows very well that even his Cat's Three Sisters are drawn with his current cartoon level. It is definitely not up to the standard in his mind.

That is absolutely unacceptable to him.

Therefore, there is no need to talk nonsense and continue to go down.

According to this rhythm, Li Yalin feels that he can completely level the liver to the proficient level within five days.

Yes, Li Yalin has this confidence, but his crazy liver-level behavior is a shock to Chino Kafu.

In the beginning, Chino Kafu did not pay much attention to it. She thought that Li Yalin was simply living in his room and would not come out. But she did not think of it. By chance, she learned that Li Yalin's work and rest were so bad.

After Chino Kafu’s covert attention and Tibby's insidious observation, it was found that Li Yalin slept for at most two or three hours a day, and spent the rest of his time writing and drawing on the desk in his room.

What is he doing?


But even if you study, you don't need to be so crazy?

Although for Chino Kafu, she and Li Yalin only known each other for a few days, the relationship between the two people is more like a landlord and tenant, and their meeting was just a few words.

But even if it was just like this, she couldn't watch Li Yalin so badly looking her body.

As a child who is not good at expressing his feelings and is clumsy in interpersonal communication, Chino Kafu has been able to find Li Yalin on her own initiative, which has inspired all the courage of her body. It is for this reason that Li Yalin was very surprised by her arrival.

Li Yalin never thought that he had got the attention of Chino Kafu, and he also found himself.

In this case, should he be more impressed?

No... It should be a helpless smile.

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