OPJ Chapter 6: Freedom!

The news that Saitama was going to become a Marine soon spread in the small thief's nest.

Everyone's reaction varied.

Knowing that it was Garp personally who invited the bald head, Dadan waited until Saitama went out for a walk and quietly found Garp in private.

"Hey, Mr. Garp..."

Dadan pulled over Garp, who was teaching three little kids and asked sneakily: "About the guy named Saitama... I admit he looks strong, but speaking of it, we only know him for a few days. What if he is a spy sent by pirates to lurk in the Marines?”

Garp was stunned: "Ah? How could a bandit think about these problems for the Marines?”

"After all, he stayed with me for a few days..."

Dadan held at the cigarette and said with great concern: "If you find out later that he has a problem, maybe it will involve me..."

"Hahaha, don't worry, Dadan!"

Garp put his hands on his chest and grinned. "Stopping Ace and Sabo from eating a meal without paying may be a deliberate disguise to get close to me, but repairing the damaged door by others by himself, It’s not something that bad guys will do, especially if they are as strong as he is...”

Dadan wanted to say something, but Garp interrupted her immediately.

"The people of justice, no matter where they are, are as dazzling as the sun, and this old man will not take his eyes away from him!"

Saying that, Garp stretched his finger to the distance: "Look, that guy has come back!"

Dadan subconsciously looked in the direction of Garp’s finger.

There was a shiny head in the sun reflecting a dazzling light!

Dadan opened her mouth in shock and said, "Ah! Mr. Garp, that guy is... Really as dazzling as the sun!"

Garp laughed proudly: "Ha ha ha... Is this old man right?”

Far away, Saitama greeted Garp.

"Hello, Garp Sensei."

Garp nodded as if he were admiring a perfect pupil: "Welcome back, good soldier!"

Looking at Saitama getting closer and closer, Garp remembered his son, Dragon... The smile on his face gradually disappeared, and he made a sad sigh.

‘Damn it...’

‘That stinky boy should have been a Marine...’

‘And there is also Luffy, who was also brought to the road of pirates by that guy Shanks, and must be corrected in time.’


Saitama returned to the Bandit’s nest, and he was preparing to enter the room.

But two small figures suddenly stopped in front of him. They were Sabo and Ace. They flew down the road and came running. They stood side by side and looked up at Saitama.

Saitama inexplicably scratched his head: "Hmm... What are you doing?"

"You're going to be a Marine, is that true?"

Ace gave a fierce "bah," and his eyes were full of disdain: "You are actually going to a dog of the world government, that really makes me look down on you!"

Sabo also did not understand: "You are so strong, why not go to the sea to pursue freedom?"

Luffy added, "Why not being a pirate?"

"Pirate oh..."

Saitama thought with his head tilted: "I have read a lot of newspapers these days and learned that people in this world are facing the threat of Pirates every day, while just the Marines are stationed all over the world, protecting people's lives and property..."

"Gee, those are deceptive!"

Ace stepped back in dissatisfaction and waved: “The pirate is a free sea warrior, a man recognized by the world!”

Next to him, Luffy quickly applauded, "Well said, Ace!"

Unfortunately, none of them noticed that there was an old man behind them, who was going to give them a painful punch.


"But why a pirate?"

"What?" Ace said in a daze.

Saitama asked somewhat puzzled: "Why do you have to be a pirate to be a man?"

"Do you still have an explanation??"

Ace sighed and said: "Of course, because the sea is a man's love, and pirates are the freest and most unrestrained sea warriors!"

"That's it ..."

Saitama thought about it and then said, "Actually, ah... I have seen a person who is similar to you. This world is also very similar to my world. I blame people for doing what they want in the name of "freedom." The Heroes Association fight desperately every day to protect people. Although there are some less agreeable characters among Heroes, there are still countless real heroes who are willing to die for the belief of justice and deserve to be recognized..."

“What are you talking about?" said Ace angrily. ”Do you think we’re misbehaving in the name of freedom?'

"Claiming to be a pirate is the same as calling to be monster.”

The bare-headed man remembered the hero hunting and claimed to be monster said, “Although I did some good things, it was real obstacles to the heroes. And in fact the two of you were indeed misbehaving before, just like when we met, you two were running away from paying after finish eating, you enjoyed freedom, but should those who were hurt by you accept theirs loses? Is that wrong?”

"I don't deny that you are not that bad."

Saitama looked at the two little boys seriously and said slowly: "But many things are wrong, no matter what you are pursuing, it is not a reason to hurt others."

After finishing these words, Garp's eyes immediately lit up: "Well said, soldier!"

And Ace covered his ears and just did not listen. Next to him, Luffy made a silly blink of an eye, he didn’t quite get it.

But Sabo, standing with them, gradually opened his eyes.

Suddenly there seems to be a flash of inspiration in his mind!

"Yeah... That's it!"

Sabo's young soul was like a river falling into the sea. “This is the freedom I pursue. I hate this ruthless country, but the people living in the kingdom are innocent. What I want to eliminate is the ignorance and greed imprinted in the nobility's bones. They rule the world with indifference and no emotion... Ace and I can't change anything, no matter how we mess around. The freedom I want is to give everyone the freedom to dominate his own destiny!”

"Mr. Saitama!"

Sabo suddenly stood up, and his face was very serious: "Thank you for your teaching! But in order to pursue that freedom, my strength is not enough... Not enough! Please accept me as a disciple and teach me how to be as strong as you Sensei!”

"Sabo, you...?"

Ace looked at Saab. He felt betrayed and said angrily, "Don't you want to go to the sea? It's clear that we've all said that..."

"I'll still go out to the sea!!"

Sabo’s eyes were firmer than ever: “But not to become a pirate, I want to change the world, so that all people can pursue their freedom!"


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