S.B.F.C Chapter 2: Step 1 of Opening the Road to Creation

It is a pity that Li Yalin and Chino Kafu have not been in a relationship for a long time. It is the biggest achievement that she can call him from Li San to Yalin San. If she wants to go further, she was sorry, it's not so good at all.
In addition, Chino Kafu is somewhat clumsy in interpersonal communication, and she is not good at expressing feelings, so naturally, she has not so many words.
After receiving the response from Li Yalin, she can nod lightly, and it was considered good.
"I went to the store."
Chino Kafu is not good at communicating with people. Li Yalin is not a familiar type. In this case, the breakfast is quiet.
After eating the breakfast and washing the tableware, Chino Kafu went down from the first floor, as usual, to look after the coffee shop on the ground floor.
During the period when there was no school, the Rabbit-House coffee shop was open all day, which was the only source of income for the family. After all, after the disappearance of Chino Kafu’s father Takahiro Kafū from the surface, it seems that in this fragrance home there is only Chino Kafu alone.
Yes, it does look like this on the surface, but in fact, this family is not only Li Yalin and Chino Kafu.
To be precise, the members of this family have to count the female, cute and furry Angora rabbit.
The name of the Angora rabbit is Tibby. After living in the Kafu family for a few days, Li Yalin can often see it, but it is a pity that Tibby has been listless recently as if he was seriously ill.
If it was just an ordinary Angolan rabbit, Li Yalin might have proposed to take it to the pet hospital to see a veterinary, but the problem is that its real identity is not so simple, if the settings remain unchanged, it should be Chino Kafu's grandfather.
Although it is not completely certain, and it is reasonable to say that human beings become rabbits, this is too magical. But Li Yalin, as a cross-party, can't accept the setting of changing the grandfather to a rabbit?
It can be further conjectured that Tibby is listless in recent times, and it is estimated that it is also related to the debts in the family. After all, this coffee shop carries not only the dream of Chino Kafu but also the whole dream of Tibby.
By the suddenly unexpected debt pressure, the coffee shop may no longer belong to Chino Kafu, and if Tibby can accept this blow, it is a strange thing.
In a sense, Tibby's grandfather ability to resist pressure is not as strong as his granddaughter's Chino Kafu.
Of course, Li Yalin is speculating at the moment. He hasn't further verified it. The most urgent task is not to say that magic is not magic, but how to earn 100 million island coins.
For ordinary people, this is absolutely a massive sum of money!
Li Yalin once worked as an office worker. His only interest was his house. How could he earn 100 million island coins?
It seems that this is almost impossible to accomplish, but after careful study by Li Yalin, he found that this does not seem so absolute.
In the past few days, he has been through the network, he has learned the world in detail through the Internet, and has made very gratifying discoveries.
This world is neither the earth nor the amine world. It should be said that this is another world, which is very similar to the world in which Li Yalin lived before, but totally different.
There are not many countries in the world today that can be called the hegemonic level. The Chinese empire in Asia can definitely count as one. In fact, the only one that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Chinese Empire is the United States of America on the other side of the globe, two superpowers. In this world chamber, there have been several wars, and it was only a decade ago that the peace was finally restored.
Although it is now a peaceful period, because of the war, the world's Japan has been reduced to history. After a defeat in a station, the Imperial Army successfully landed on the island country, and since then Japan has disappeared, leaving only the Island Special Administrative Region.
After the conquest of the island state, the Empire allowed the retention of Japanese as the mother tongue of the minority nationalities and nationalities of the empire.
It is also allowed to circulate Island currencies in the special zones of island states, retain traditional festivals and customs, and vigorously develop economic and cultural industries.
It is a pity that, probably because of the war, even with the strong support of the empire, the development of the Island special economic zones can hardly be promoted in a short time. The economic aspect is good, as long as there is money, we can do things, but in the cultural aspect... Is that money?
It’s not just the island’s special zone. It should be said that the overall cultural and entertainment development of this world is far behind the imagination of Li Yalin!
Take the ACGN that Li Yalin likes very much. In the island countries, these cultures are basically just beginning to rise. He passed through the former one, but ACGN is a great power. Akiba Hara is the holy land of many houses and can be changed to the world. Li Yalin simply can't bear to go to Tucao.
Look at today's hottest animation, it is the style of painting in the 1960s and 1970s, single lines and full of realistic style, not only that, but the plot is also very old-fashioned and rigid, as long as you read three chapters, you can almost guess the next plot trend.
The comics are like this. The animation is not so good. When an anime is seen, he even begins to doubt life.
Yes, at this time Li Yalin actually felt that Pleasant Sheep and Grey Wolf are actually quite good.
He really thought so.
The animation and cartoons are completely annihilated, and the game is naturally not so good. As for the novels, it is even worse. Even the concept of light novels has not yet been produced.
In fact, it is not just the ACGN field. Even the mass entertainment industry, such as music or movies, is no better.
It is clear that the world's technological level is very developed, and it is more than the world before Li Yalin crossed. Why can cultural entertainment be so backward?
The pot of war?
It seems that this is really the case. After all, it’s been fighting before, and it’s hard for everyone to have the heart and mind to engage in cultural entertainment.
It is precisely because of this that Li Yalin’s mind will give birth to an idea. Since the ACGN level of this world is so backward, can he start from this aspect and earn the one hundred million island coins?
You know, although Li Yalin does not value the entertainment culture of the world, it does not mean that the works of the world are unpopular. In fact, with the strong support of the Empire, many entertainment preferential policies have been introduced one after another, and the people of the country are also very fond of these works.
Perhaps this is a good entry point.
According to the usual set in the novel, Li Yalin should now copy the classics of the original world, and "create" all the good things in his original world. With the charm of those works, let alone a one hundred million island coins, even if it is one billion, ten billion, he can absolutely earn easily.
The problem is that it requires a premise - Li Yalin must have a brain with a strong memory, plus the ability to copy those excellent works.
It is a pity that Li Yalin before crossing has just an ordinary house. After reading the comics, it is good to remember the plot a little. Retelling the details is impossible. The same is true of the novel. He is not confident that he will copy all the long stories one by one. He has no writing style.
Whatever the comics, let alone, as a newcomer, Chino Kafu, he doesn’t even know what to prepare, but how to start drawing comics?
So... does this have no meaning at all?
No, it is not difficult to solve this problem. The real focus is actually on his rescue system.
I have a system, I am afraid I don’t know what to do?
Save the Branch Task of the Coffee Shop - the first step on the road to creativity.
Task content - Open the Art Category - Painting Branch - Comic option and upgrade the manga proficiency.
Mission Reward - Manga "Cat's Eye Three Sisters" creation script (optimized version).
System Tip - After completing the task, it is suggested that the proficiency of comics options be upgraded to proficiency level, and then the script creation of Cat's Eye Three Sisters can achieve unexpected results.
Very good, very powerful!
With the opening of this branch task, Li Yalin found that the comics option on his property panel had been lighted up. At this time, the proficiency of the entry 0. As to how to improve proficiency, the cartoon option is explained later.
Drawing comics can improve proficiency by 1 point. When proficiency reaches 100 points, you can upgrade to a proficiency level.
This is quite simple, as long as you spend a little more time, it is no problem to upgrade the entry level to proficiency.
So raise the proficiency to the proficiency level?
Lying in the trough! 500 proficiency? That is to say, you have to draw at least 500 comics?
Quiet... I need to be quiet...
Well, the proficiency of this kind of headache is not to say for a moment, just to say this task reward, you can say that Li Yalin’s heart suddenly rose.
Perhaps for the young people now, the name of the Three Cats and sisters will be very strange, but for Li Yalin, the name represents his childhood memories.
Cool and considerate big sister and small tears, kind and brave second sister and small pupil, lively and lovely three sisters and little love, that a vivid image can still flash in his mind, even after seeing so many new, see more excellent works, still can't erase the status of Cat's Eyes Three Sisters in his mind.
Of course, the most exciting thing for Li Yalin is that he thinks the painting style of Cat's Eye Three Sisters is very suitable for the current time point, because the current cartoon industry, painting style is generally realistic, and the line is relatively simple, if you really put out some of the original works, it is still two different things that can be accepted by readers.
After all, the first half of the step is a genius, and the one step ahead is a madman.
His main purpose now is to make money. Naturally, he has to think about it in many ways. He feels that the rewards given by the system are appropriate.
In this case, it seems that there is nothing to say next, isn't it?
Upgrade to walk!
In spite of that, Li Yalin found that it was much more difficult to draw a cartoon than he had imagined. Even though the system helped him to light up the initial stage, he added a lot of drawing skills and knowledge about the comics to his mind. It took him a lot of energy to really draw comics.
After all, this proficiency can't be calculated just by graffiti. Every comic must be treated strictly and seriously, and finally, it must be recognized by the system in order to improve one point of proficiency.
According to Li Yalin's current rhythm, it will take him at least half an hour to complete a comics book in good condition. That is to say, it will take him at least fifty hours to get promoted to a proficiency level, and he will not eat or drink.
What is this?

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