OPJ Chapter 7: Going to the Sea

"Hey! I don't care about you!"

Ace clenched his fist and said, "Anyway, I'll go to the sea and win, victories all the time! Even if my name becomes synonymous of horror, I will become the Pirate King to make everyone look at me! Don't blame me for laughing at you, Sabo!"

"Why do you want to be a pirate?"

Saitama looked at Ace and slowly said, "If you want others to look at you, shouldn't you want to be a hero in the first place? Heroes need to pay a lot to get recognition, but pirates are very simple, they just need to make others feel afraid. You're quite unconfident, Ace."

The conversation ended up with Ace's saying, "You don't understand anything at all. "

Luffy went to chase Ace, and Garp was a little uneasy and quietly followed him.

As for Sabo...

"Please accept me as a trainee, Saitama Sensei!!!"

Saitama was lying on the ground reading a newspaper when suddenly a little boy's head came out from behind the newspaper and scared this bald head.

After seeing that it was Sabo, Saitama sighed helplessly: "It's too much trouble, I refuse."


Sabo’s small face was full of disappointment: "I am very diligent, If you are willing to teach me, Sensei, I will not disappoint you!"


‘It's because you are too diligent that I don't want to accept you as an trainee…’

‘There's Genos. That's enough…’

"No, it won't work!"

Saitama resolutely refused, and then picked up the newspaper and went out to the toilet, closed the door and kept reading.

After about ten minutes, suddenly a small head wearing a hat hung from the ceiling...

“Saitama Sensei, please accept me as a disciple!"


There were some convulsions in the corner of Saitama's mouth. "And why didn't you fall off with your hat upside down?”


Early the next morning,

It wasn’t bright yet,

Saitama was sleeping. A small figure has crept in and sat down beside Saitama’s bed. He whispered, “Saitama Sensei, please accept me as a disciple!"

Protrusion of blue veins on his forehead,

Saitama sat up with a headache and looked at the stubborn little boy.

"I said Sabo..."

Saitama scratched his head: "How old are you!?"

Sabo was stunned: "Ten... Ten years old...”

"Is there such a strong awareness at such a young age..."

Saitama sighed and refreshed himself: "I was 22 when I wanted to become stronger... No way, since you really want to know, I will tell you, but it will be very hard, you are so small, can you keep up..."

Sabo was overjoyed. "Yes! I'm sure I can keep up! Saitama Sensei!"

"So listen, Sabo... It took me three years to become so strong as today...”

Saitama took a deep breath and shouted with earnestly, "If you want me to teach you, then you have to do, push-ups 100 times, sit-ups 100 times, squats 100 times, and 10 kilometers of long-distance running. Every day you have to persist!"


Sabo had an awkward look.

He felt like there's something wrong with his ears.

"Of course, three meals a day can't be careless! In order to hone your willpower, it is a well-known way not to turn on air-conditioning in winter and summer!”

Saitama did not notice the Sabo’s eager to speak and stop, and went on to say, "At the beginning, I was dying painfully, thinking that even a day's rest would be good, but for the sake of being a powerful hero, I persisted every day even when I was tired of vomiting blood! Whether my feet are too heavy to move, or my bones make strange noises, I kept grinding my teeth! Then, a year and a half later...”

"I'm bald and stronger.”

"Is ... Is that right?”

Sabo held his chin in a dubious way and thought, "If you say that it was because the intensity of exercise, the daily fighting and activities between me and Ace have gone far beyond... Why hasn't we changed to be as strong as you, Saitama Sensei? Is it because there is no baldness? I thought it would be a Devil Fruit what caused the teacher's strength and baldness..."

Saitama have read many newspapers in these days, he certainly knows what the Devil Fruit is.

"Don't be kidding!"

Saitama reached out and pressed his chest, saying righteously: "No matter whether it is a human transformation or a Devil Fruit, it is absolutely impossible to reach my present strength! It is the power of mankind to change by his own strength! You see Sabo!"

"Yes, Sensei!"

Sabo suddenly stood up straight from the floor: "I'll use this method to get stronger! I will certainly become as strong as you, Sensei! .... Of course, baldness is the only thing..."

Sabo immediately opened the window and jumped down.

Listening to the sound of "one, two, three..." coming downstairs. Saitama breathed a sigh of relief and laid back in bed.


Finally, he has dealt with him.

‘Genos is a robot, so he can't get stronger through exercising, but this kid is different... I hope my method will work for him.’


In this way, three days passed quickly.

Saitama took the Garp’s warship and left.

On the day of leaving, Sabo stood by the dock and waved goodbye to Saitama. Makino also prepared a lot of luggage and food for him.

Sitting on the roof of the bandit’s nest, Ace looked out at the sea, wondering what he has to do.

Downstairs, Luffy was still shouting, "Ace! Let's be friends!!!”

No one knows, what will happen to the future!

But today.

The strong bald head man was going to the Grand Line!


The warships rode the wind, broke the waves, and continued sailing on the sea.

Destination: Marine Headquarters “Marineford“

Through Garp's introduction and many Marines books, Saitama once again refreshed his understanding of the world.

The Red Line divides the world into two parts. The first half is ruled by the world government, which captures and judges the pirates. The second half is the world of pirates. The four big pirates named the Yonko dominate one side and control the vast territory. And, any pirates group cross with them have only the chose to join them or get destroyed.

 "The Marines and the world government are not as pure as they used to be..."

On the deck, Garp and Saitama leaned on the railings and gossiped: "Because of Roger's death, countless pirates went out to sea to kill and rob, and for that time the smoke has risen, and the panic filled the entire world... And the increasing pressure for the Marines, justice has to compromise... Therefore, a disgusting and obliged deformity named The Shichibukai “Seven Warlords of the Sea” was born.”

"Ah, the Heroes Association wanted to recruit the wanted criminals to deal with the weirdos..."

Saitama looked at the sky with opened eyes: "Ah, the Heroes Association once wanted to recruit wanted criminals to deal with monsters..."

"Although if the crime is considered too serious by the world government, The Shichibukai will be removed, but justice has been shamed..."

Garp looked at Saitama as if he was penetrating his body and looking directly at his soul: "I don't know why, but when I first saw you, I knew that you would be the one who could change all this... your justice, your strength, are the most precious treasures in this evil era!"


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