M. F Chapter 252: One-sided criticism

Xu Ninggong told Ye Qing that the video was up to five minutes long and the picture would definitely scare the audience.

Ye Qing is equally curious and wants to see what the promo looks like, but Xu Ninggong does not show him through.

He can see the promo at two in the afternoon and is not in a hurry to see it.

Hanging up the phone and continuing to drive, Ye Qing went to the company to say hello to the employees.

The managers rushed from their offices and started to report to Ye Qing.

"The host port has been opened, the super-admin account has been applied, and it has been sent to the mailbox of Real Eye."

When reporting, there are some concerns:

"The port 3389 is a remote-control port. I am afraid that those hackers will also use this port. To gain control of the host."

"That is Real Eye to worry about."

"Mr. Ye, I heard that at 2 o'clock this afternoon, the film "She From the Aliens" by our company technology will officially release the promo."

The Propaganda Department Manager Yang Baihe, revealing a lovely smile:

"We want to be on the official website."

She also advertises?

"Mr. Ye Qing, the Monster Heavy Factories also participated in the promotion of the film, which is tantamount to propaganda for our company."

The posters are all ready-made, so that the crew can send an electronic version.

“Mr. Ye, the underground warehouse of the building, has recruited 20 new employees to pack mechanical engineering chairs and metal fast engraving machines.”

Yu Huali, manager of the personnel department, reported:

"With more and more workers, the area of the underground warehouse is now insufficient."

“Is there any talk about the management of the building? If the place is not enough, continue to rent, and the rent is not expensive anyway.”

"Looking, but the underground warehouse has been rented out, only the underground parking lot has open space..."

Yu Huali smiled:

"The management asked us if we want to rent a parking space. They can do a small part and let us surround it as a warehouse."

"We will rent it. But now it's not just the underground warehouse..."

"Even the upper part of the office is a little congested, it is produced since the establishment of the remote operations room in the central warehouse..."

"There is not even space for employees who want to rest and be entertained."

Ye Qing nodded and held his chin and thought:

"You have to explore the management side of the party and see if the owner of the building has the possibility to sell the whole building."

"If there is, we will buy this building directly."


Yu Huali and the other managers,

After hearing this sentence, the managers have the heart is not only enthusiastic, but admiring.

The sales manager Kong Tao, holding a thick contract for sales of the next-month Mechanical Colossus Type I, is preparing to give it to Ye Quing.

At that moment two men wearing a hat and short-sleeved uniforms had entered.

The two men had engraved on the shoulders of the uniforms two words "town management."

The people in the office, together with Ye Qing, looked at them with doubtful eyes.

"Sorry to be disturbing your meeting."

The two urban managements appeared to be somewhat cautious and sorry:

"We are here to inform you that at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the department store opposite the road will be demolished. It should be temporarily emptied within two hundred meters around..."

"It is not empty here, but a lot of dust will be blown when it will be destroyed by dynamite."

"Let's inform you, please go to the windows and close them back, and then reopen them after half an hour."

Ye Qing and the managers turned around and looked around the glass curtain wall behind them.

Opposite the wide road, an old building that has been surrounded by a block of nets stands there.

The old building similar to the stadium is a department store that has existed since Ye Qing's childhood.

If you look at it from a development perspective, the department store is really out of place with the surrounding buildings.

It is large in size and can only be five stories high.

And many of its hardware facilities cannot keep up with the times.

Ye Qing remembers that when he came to the company last time, the department store had already begun to dismantle the internal facilities.

But he did not expect to use the blasting method to demolish the building.

This is just an episode.

After thanking the two staff members, Kong Tao went to inform other floors.

“The favorite thing, when I was young, was to go to the department store to see the toys.”

Yu Huali, the oldest personnel manager, said through the glass:

“The department store was built in the 1980s, and now the land is bought by the Xinghe Construction Group. They prepare to build a large fitness club."

"Xinghe Construction Group? I know the construction company is not very good. Do they have the strength to build the fitness club?"

Kong Tao shook his head.

"Since they have this plan, they will definitely not take the company's life to make a joke..."

"When the construction is done, I will give each employee of the company a membership card and count it as a company benefit."

Ye Qing slammed his hands:

"I have done it. Go back to work first, check in advance in the afternoon, whether the windows are closed."

In the office, Ye Qing returned to the quiet.

Ye Quing tilted the legs of the Erlang and adjusted the direction of the mechanical engineering chair, while tacking the mobile phone enjoying the scenery outside the window.

The promotional film will launch Tencent's video at two o'clock.

Five minutes later, it was released to major video websites.

Now Tencent video has been pushed to the top of the movie, and it has also opened up a live broadcast room.

In the live broadcast room, in addition to the publicity photos of many crews, the theme song of this movie is played in a loop.

This theme song is called [Starry Sky is not my thoughts.], from the lyrics to the arrangement to the singing, all of which are completed by Xu Ninggong.

The song of Xu Ninggong does not have any mediocrity.

This is not a fan's praise for her, she is relying on a new song, occupying the hot song list countless times and the hard glory.

Xu Ninggong sings a feature, likes to use a song to tell an unforgettable story.

The theme of the song, which was the first-time broadcast to the public, can also quickly bring the audience on a magical journey, from the initial confusion to the progressive love of the place, after the fall of a girl from a civilization extraterrestrial.

Amazing journey.

Xu Ninggong has an opponent in the music industry, however, in the film and television industry, it is a real newcomer.

When the film was released, Xu Ninggong ushered in her third film and television work in her personal interpretation.

In the live broadcast room, it is still more lively than the vegetable market.

"In advance, I am not coming to the promo of this movie. I only listen to the song."

"Domestic sci-fi giant system? Ding guided to play us, we don't want to smash again."

"Well, Ding and Gong are both my favorite people. This theme song is the same high level as before, but I'm really afraid that after watching the promotional film, I will change my way from powder."

"I heard the live broadcast room had opened the scoring function, or the crew specially made it..."

"When people like the palace, they will give a score of five, which will comfort the palace."

"I said that one of the upstairs, the propaganda film has not been released and began to arbitrarily draw conclusions, it is nothing to criticize?"

"Domestic sci-fi films have always been good qZA garbage."

"I have confidence in this film, and it will definitely let we understand that this sci-fi movie is not only junk, but also poisonous..."


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