M. F Chapter 266 : Concrete Waves


Compared with those bosses, Ye Qing is much quiet than the bosses, who look forward to the work of the Mechanical Colossus Type X.

One and a half billion Yuan of land money drained all the balance of the Monster Heavy Industries account.
Originally, looking at a sum of tens of millions of sums of money transferred into the account every day, letting the numbers jump, and Ye Qing felt that he was not excited.
Now, Ye Qing examines the balance of online banking business, it is multiplying in multiples, without forgetting how happy his heart is.
The only drawback is that money comes faster and spends more quickly.
The secret building at the bottom of the building was also been planned.
It can’t be said that Ye Qing’s luck is good.
All skyscrapers must be built with civil air defense works and refuge floors.
This is not the case for the Chinese family, as is the case in most countries.
It is just the civil air defense project has been built into an underground garage to be easy for the public to ignore.
This kind of flat-dwelling building is standard in almost all buildings.
The Monster Heavy Industrial Building, of course, should also have had a standard parking underground garage.
Ye Qing wants to transform the civil air defense project into a parking lot and will also use the civil air defense project as a cover shield to carry out secret construction underneath and build an underground industrial zone.
If there is no such thing as the civil defense project to cover it, and he wants to build the underground industrial area without knowing it by others, it would be a lot of trouble for Ye Qing.
With it, Ye Qing naturally has a set of sound plans to isolate the sights of irrelevant people and the perception of a large wave of supervision.
On the other side of the Longxitan underground base, the metal that was smelted was used to make the huge non-standard steel needed for the bottom of the building.
In line with the best principles to be built, the Masters Metal Experts have deliberately added a certain amount of titanium and zinc to the steel of the building to make the strength and toughness of these steels even higher, and also have high corrosion resistance.
On the other side of the company, they are also busy working around the building.
A new construction company has been registered, it is can register well but after all, it is an empty shell.
A ninety-nine-stories skyscraper is even more unlikely to rely only on monsters to fight.
The non-load-bearing structure of the building will inevitably be handed over to the construction team.
Ye Qing also has a qualified construction company candidate.
Liang Wenjing's Tianhui Construction Company.
Liang Wenjing is a cousin who is going around.
She is also the last partner of Ye Qing.
She was responsible for the construction of the old factory before, and the project acceptance was impeccable in terms of quality and duration.
Tianhui Construction Company has first-class construction qualification, and it is naturally no problem to participate in the construction of the building.
Perhaps compared with those established construction companies, Liang Wenjing led the construction team without any advantage.
However, Liang Wenjing’s sense of responsibility is a construction company with very old qualifications to be incomparably huge.
More importantly, the load-bearing structure of the building will be completed by the monsters.
After finishing these trivial things, Ye Qing received a call from the Master Craftsman in the office.
The boundary line of the civil air defense project has been marked on the ground with white paint.
The four Mechanical Colossus Type X fuel filling is completed and can be constructed at any time.
Ye Qing nodded, indicating they could start.
Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~ bang ~
A giant laborer, two metal experts and a master of precision masters simultaneously press the ignition switch of the Mechanical Colossus Type X diesel generator set.
The noisy traffic and the crowd seemed to be quiet.
There was a dull roar in the sky, and after the four Mechanical Colossus Type X heat engines were over for ten minutes, the first time in front of the world, the huge robotic arms folded on both sides were displayed.
On both sides of the Mechanical Colossus Type X, the silver-white mechanical arms that are curled together are slowly raised and the cold steel with the sound of the mechanical structure gradually becomes full of majesty and full of strength.
Eight sets of black alloy buckets that seemed to be prepared for Optimums Prime were locked on the Mechanical Colossus Type X arm.
Just like pulling out several swords from the back of the sword box and replacing the operation tool of Mechanical Colossus Type X, it also has the courage of the top swordsman.
In the roar, the four Mechanical Colossus Type X in a row with incomparable strength cut into the hard-concrete layer below with eight buckets connected in a straight line.
The bosses hiding in the coffee shop of the Skyhawk Building almost turned their eyes.
What did they see?
They saw the dark and sharp buckets immersed in concrete one meter deep, which was easier than entering the soil.
Buzz …
The four Mechanical Colossus Type X started to move with a momentum of nowhere.
The concrete floor breaks quickly and the waves undulate with the buckets.
Someone's coffee cup slipped out of his hand and the coffee splashed unconsciously on him without noticing.
The land below their horizons has a total area of 18,000 square meters, a length of 130 meters and a width of 139 meters.
The four steel behemoths below have hard breath, and the concrete floor is plowed from south to north.
When the Mechanical Colossus Type X stopped, the land had been neatly cut off a layer of concrete 40 meters wide and one meter deep.
Adjusting the posture, the Mechanical Colossus Type X came to both sides and continued the same plowing operation.
The lively crowds who walked on the sidewalk watched across the construction wall stayed.
What happened inside?
Why did the four steel behemoths walk from south to north, and countless pieces of broken concrete formed a high wave that was constantly rolling?
Concrete is wavy, which is a scene they have never seen in their lifetime.
There are a few round trips a few times during 40 minutes, and the concrete of 18,000 square meters there is no skin...
"Doesn't that keep people alive?"
One of the bosses hid his face in pain and shouted:
"Why do we employ multiple excavators and need to work for a few days, which can be finished in half an hour by such a super-mechanical giant?"
With the help of Mechanical Colossus Type X bucket made of super-hard alloy, the edge is as sharp as a knife.
The concrete pieces were lowered on both sides.
The Mechanical Colossus Type X switching tool again, using the digging bucket, dug the concrete outside the white paint line of the civil defense project.
When the bucket is emptied, there are 70 tons of harvest.
As usual, the excavated concrete is piled up in open space.
When the construction wall was installed, the masters have reserved space for building waste.
In the evening, the construction waste transportation company assisted by the Urban Construction Bureau will enter the scene and drag these things away.
The four Mechanical Colossus Type X are distributed at the four corners, and one bucket goes down.
The soil around the underground civil defense project will be missing.
These drivers seem to have magical powers: the buckets fly with more restrained movements and postures.
These drivers can also stack the ground of a shovel on both sides to have in the end a pile is as clean as tofu.
In the evening, the construction site was full of concrete and mud, higher than the construction wall.
They are really 10,000 wild buffalo rushing past, the morning civil air defense project was still hidden in the ground.
Now the four Mechanical Colossus Type X have dug up all the concrete around the civil air defense project.
Except for the bottom, leaving it solitary and exposed to the outside world.
And those bosses, except for a few people have to leave, the rest is still in the coffee shop.
If they are thundered, they are eager to know what to do next.
The civil air defense project has been dug up.
Can't you remove it with a fundamentally impossible means?

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  1. Thanks for the chapters and continuing this series it means a lot considering its one of my favourites and ive still read most of the raws thus reading the translations truly is amazing and highly appreciated


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