M. F Chapter 271: Rain


Liang Wenjing wanted to play a trick on her little cousin, but she was absent-minded.
So, she took a deep breath, and she also learned from her cousin and began to look carefully at the man at the bow of the ship.

It was a slightly flamboyant figure and according to the understanding of Liang Wenjing, that man had no sense of a businessman at all, she feels that.
The career is often a man's lifelong dependence, for the cause, and some men are willing to become humble and kneeling and some are willing to become unscrupulous or calculating.
He did not have these characteristics.
In addition to an approachable person, he also has self-confidence, accompanied by the unique age-specific publicity.
In her eyes, this man gives her another feeling.
It seems that if Ye Qing changes his clothing to a long shirt, he must be worthy and the green shirt stirring comments.
"Goo Doudou"
Not at ease Doudou, which was not placed on the rudder, accidentally bumped the painting of the boat of another canoe.
Ye Qing squatted and tugged at the carved wooden railings and struggled to regain his balance, and it took a lot of effort to rebalance and put the atmosphere that had just condensed out to the canoe.
Looking around with a small mouth, it means Ye Qing is not intentional.
"I'm sorry, my two friends."
Ye Qing was teased by Liang Wenjing, and the two men on the boat shouted.
On the opposite side of the boat should be a couple, the boating guys have already rushed to stand up and prepare the theory.
As soon as Ye Qing saw the situation, he was still sitting in his article of white clothing.
He looked at the fairy-like Doudou in the rain, the expression immediately came to a three hundred and sixty-degree transformation.
"Ha ... ha ... Shy children, but we also blame you for did not pay attention."
The young man scratched his head, someone looked at Ye Qing's girlfriend with a guilty eye.
When the boat left, Liang Wenjing picked up the map in its pocket and innocently asked Ye Qing and her cousin where they were.
No one can answer this question.
Ye Qing looked at the small bridge next to the water, and there was a hand-made sauce workshop that could not find a name on the map.
"No matter what, let's go ashore and turn around, and we will navigate back later."
Ye Qing took over the rudder and docked the canoe at Qingshi Pier.
This should be a river that has not been commercialized.
Because there is no shop at all, except for a sauce shop and a small shop with no signboards, nothing else can be found.
Ye Qing led the two people.
Wandering around on the bluestone pavement.
Fortunately, the scenery here is very pleasant.
There are many stone benches full of history, small things like ancient wells.
They play while walking, cross several bridges, and go around an alley.
A pond full of lotus flowers appears in front of the three people.
The pond is connected to the waterway, and a 15-meter-long white painted raft is parked on the side.
There are two antique wine tables in the raft, the wine cellars of the bamboo roots stand on the shore and can even smell the faint smell of wine.
A man with a bronzed color is kneeling at the bow of the boat, picking the lotus leaf with a special bamboo raft.
Ye Qing came to the party and asked him if he had any food onboard.
The man picked up a fishing rod with a hemp rope from the side, and there was a fish in it.
"The scorpion is the squid fish from the Baili Dianshan Lake and the scorpionfish with grass shrimp and crab. The vegetables are all specialties of Dianshan Lake, and they are now fried."
With a touch of scent, Ye Qing clearly heard the sound of swallowing.
The raft was painted.
He and the owner of the ship chatted to learn his long raft was quite famous in Jinxi Town.
He relied on a handful of ancestral fishing crafts and private kitchens.
Even some of the county’s bosses entertained guests and liked them.
Bring here to taste the characteristic lake taste of Dianshan Lake.
Today, because of the rain, no reservation was made.
The owner of the boat drove the boat home.
As a result, he met Ye Qing, a group of stray tourists.
Playing with the original ecology is equal to playing with money these days.
I'm afraid thousands of wild squid will have to be brought to the table when they are flushed into the basket.
If ordinary tourists come to ask, the owner of the boat must say that the drawing boat is not open for business to the outside world.
A seemingly ordinary water town flavor, it is necessary to collect thousands of people.
If you encounter unknown tourists, they may be able to take photos and upload them to the Internet, giving Jinxi Town the title of a tourist who likes to slaughter.
In front of this difference, the shipowner even ignores the fact that his body is worth more than the raft, and he must look at Ye Qing.
A man with a lot of capital, a woman standing next to him.
This capital is not only money but also other aspects.
The owner of the fishing ship took in the guests for over seven or eight years of guests.
He had never seen any fairy before and was willing to put down a worthless man who had nothing to do with it.
The three guests were invited to sit down, and the owner rushed to the blue brick courtyard with a door open to the pond.
When the boat started, there were two helpers in the kitchen behind the solid wood counter, the wife and daughter of the owner.
Do not look at the big and rough owner of the ship, the girl really has a true quite aura.
Typically, the girl in the south of the Jiangnan River, she is a beautiful girl with a slim body and a jasper egg face.
Of course, slightly...
The people are beautiful.
In this environment, if the evil spirits come, there will be too many ideas.
The five big three thick ship owners will definitely use the fish cutter in their hands to let the bastard who dare to be light and beautiful.
And see what is called the Baili Dianshan Lake waves.
“Three guests, what do you want to eat at noon?”
The little girl holds the menu and a pot of home-made rice wine:
“We can prepare for the number of people here, don’t worry about too much to eat.”
Ye Qing looked up and smiled.
"Then, each dish is slightly prepared."
After a while, the raft swayed into the endless Dianshan Lake.
The shipowner stood at the stern and cast a net.
Every time the net went down, he would harvest a few fresh fish and then he would choose one from them and the rest would be thrown into the lake again.
If you have a knowledgeable old hacker sitting here, you will certainly be able to cheer for the owner.
It is not because of the act of release, but the fish that he chose from them, all according to the age of the fish.
The best one.
After the raft passed through a sandbar, the owner jumped onto the sandbar and picked some of the most delicious wild vegetables in the season.
Steamed scented flowers, white water lake knives, oily herring, garlic scallions, savory crabs, crispy fried white, and lotus roots...
A taste of the lake is served on the table, and the fish knife is the first-class treatment, with a variety of aquatic wild vegetables, you can feel the pleasure of the smell.
"The craft is good."
Ye Qing praised it.
From these exquisite dishes, it is not difficult to see the owner's rigorous cooking style and meticulously perfect cooking.
The taste is also very good, even the lotus roots picked are refreshing and delicious.
The lotus leaves that were previously picked also have other magical effects.
The three different species of fish are washed from small to large into the belly of the fish and then wrapped in lotus leaves and placed in a charcoal fire.
The lotus leaf opened that scent, and the scent almost made Ye Qing unable to hold it.
People beautiful ... delicious fish ... Jingmei, as well as the accompaniment of the rustling of the sand.
Ye Qing will not even drive the car after a while, drinking a cup of rice wine in the belly.
Drunk and drunk, the Master Craftsman was recruited as a driver.
A slight blinking follows closely with taking tweezers, and the face is red, and the same cup of rice wine entrance, it seems that there is no fear of the drunk, someone will do something.
A soft ringtone that broke the picturesque scene.
It’s a ringtone.
Ye Qing burp and get out his tongue, saying it was called by Liu Yun, the director of Taiwan.
"Are you on your way back?"
"No... No, the camera and the artist may not go back tomorrow. I will go back by car at two in the afternoon."
There is some enthusiasm for the ride, and he is blushing.
"Don't come back. The cloud is now under heavy rain."
Liu Yun, the director of the station, is exhausted and very thoughtful.
Ye Qing’s phone also rang, and the company’s sales manager.
Kong Tao, brought the same news, saying that the rainstorm outside is now the same as the fire hydrant.
Kong Tao was worried and told Ye Qing that he could see the foundation pit of the construction site was flooded halfway through the office window.
Do you want to let the employees go to the rescue?
Ye Qing looks as usual.
When the Tianfeng Building the tallest building in Zhongyun, was built.
The foundation pit was in crisis because it was similar to chewing.
But that is the foundation pit of others' homes.
The base of the building is fixed with steel plates early, and the lower knife will not collapse.
The pile foundation has not started to be hit yet.
What can it do if it is fully flooded?
When the rain stops, pump out the water.
Just before the chemical company that dared to talk about sewage in Longxi, the monsters deliberately built a super-strong UHV pump.

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