M. F MF Chapter 265: The bosses who are moving in the wind


The four Mechanical Colossus Type X continue to move forward!

Rolling along Huanhai Avenue, the night is quiet.

Only from time to time the big cargo meets a truck.

These truck drivers, one by one, which no one even saw the driver driving these machines.

They called the police and said they saw several Transformers on the road.

The policeman who answered at the driver of the truck gasped said you should begin to say hello, and not maybe to be a bumblebee.

"You don't believe it?"

The driver yelled:

"It doesn't matter if you don't believe it. So, wait for them to break the ground and the street lights, the next day you will know the truth by reading the news."

Twenty minutes later, four Mechanical Colossus Type X, stopped by a police car on the main road around the sea and the city center.

The traffic police had come to see it with a half-hearted and unbelievable attitude.

As a result, he thought the train was driving in front of him.

Gossip... the headlights.

Eight headlights, the highest headlights, and street lights are in the same height.

Not to mention they have never seen or even heard of such things.

The two traffic policemen uneasily held a small sign to signal the vehicle in front of them to stop.

They are ready to run at any time, but the Mechanical Colossus Type X's driver is very polite to turn off the high beam and slow down.

Only by standing at the foot of the Mechanical Colossus Type X can you feel the incomparable shock of this pure steel industry.

Standing on the opposite side of the Mechanical Colossus Type X, you must look up and look at it to see its front position.

The front is an octagonal diamond-shaped head with the same shape as the Transformers.

The central black air intake grille is embedded in it.

The anti-collision steel beam below is like a steel wall hanging on it.

The two traffic policemen bravely came to the front of this steel behemoth.

As a result, they found that standing here can actually straighten the waist,.
Like walking down the underpass, from the chassis of this steel behemoth.

They couldn't see the drivers in the cockpit, and when the Masters Craftsman walked down the stairs, they just woke up.

"You...what is this machine? Is there a document?"

"Engineering cars, documents are naturally there."

The Master Craftsman of the craft handed out two documents.

This is the special equipment inspection certificate of the Mechanical Colossus Type X and the operator's operation certificate.

Vehicles that can’t be driven on the road do not need to apply for driving licenses and driving licenses, such as excavators.

There is no driver's license for this thing, only the operation certificate after passing the training.

Obviously, the Mechanical Colossus Type X is also in line with this, but it can't be on the road...

So, these four devices?

One of the two traffic policemen went around to see if there was any trace of damage on the road.

The other one accompanied by the laughter and asked the Master Craftsman.

Did the traffic report be prepared?

It's a joke. If the traffic police caught an excavator driving on the highway, they would not say a word about the ticket.

At present, this kind of steel behemoth, with his toes, knows its origins are inevitably different.

It is not allowed to be an unspeakable institution or a large-scale machine ordered by a multinational group from abroad.

Either way, it is not the responsibility of the two traffic police.

"I greet the Urban Construction Bureau. They want to send you to open for us the road. Our boss didn't let it."

Another traffic policeman walked more than a hundred meters along the back and found no signs of crushing the tarmac.

It is not difficult to understand this.

The larger the contact area between the tire and the ground, the smaller the pressure generated.

A fully loaded heavy-duty truck can easily pass hundreds of tons.

This steel behemoth certainly has more than one hundred tons, but its tire-to-road contact area is significantly larger than the two heavy-duty trucks.

The roads in Zhongyun City are built on the five-story highway in accordance with the standards of the expressway.

The quality of the road is, of course, better.

Traffic police are more worried that this kind of steel behemoth will crash street lights or traffic lights.

Because it is too big.

Hearing the Master Craftsman saying they had to open the city center road, the traffic policemen actually squeezed the sweat and offered to open the way in front of him.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X occupies two and a half lanes. From here to the city center six kilometers away, it is a two-way six-lane road. Most traffic lights are inverted L-shaped.

Fortunately, the traffic lights have a feature, and an intersection only occupies half of the lane.

The six-lane road has three lanes of red and green.

The Mechanical Mechanical Colossus Type X is careful naturally avoids the traffic lights.

The Master Craftsman sitting in Ye Qing’s car rolled through this road several times.

Whether the Mechanical Colossus Type X can't pass, he would have known it early.

In fact, if there is no way to pass, usually extra-large machinery.
The ground commuting problem has been considered during construction.

If there is a viaduct to block the road, or the road width is not enough, the machinery can be split into several parts and transported to the construction site for assembly.

After four hours, the sky gradually brightened.

The traffic lights resumed work and pedestrians and vehicles filled the road again.


Some people found the ground in the downtown business district was demolished, and some changed differently.

First of all, the ground on the side was carefully cleaned up.

The citizens who got up early could still see the scenes of the young and beautiful girls wearing professional attire and carrying the nameplate of the behemoth heavy work, sweeping the floor with a broom.

The ground was cleaned, and the guys in the suits and the spirited face smashed the blocks from the truck and twisted them into a row.

Inside the construction wall, the four Mechanical Colossus Type X has been changed into a beautiful landscape.

The pedestrians passing by they stopped, they screamed excited and took photos of the four steel behemoths before them with their mobile phones.

The steel behemoth that the pedestrians took the photo is really very powerful and very powerful.

But the stalkers sent by the bosses of various construction companies recognize these guys.

It was because of recognition that they only blinked their eyes incredulously.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I have already set off a wave of equipment upgrades in the construction field of Zhongyun City.

But for those who buy the Mechanical Colossus Type I do not use the highest evaluation to describe this machine.

It is said that this is an epoch-making product, and it is said that the Mechanical Colossus Type I is a miracle in the field of mechanical engineering.

Even if it is a heavy animal, it is difficult to break through the peak of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Can it be much more powerful than the Mechanical Colossus Type I, an even more powerful mechanical giant, what is the situation?

After receiving a shocking call from the stalkers, the bosses all came one by one.

They even ran to the coffee shop on the 13th floor of the Skyhawk Building.

One person had a private room and looked at the Mechanical Colossus Type X outside the glass.

The gaze, the Victoria model came.

The bosses waited until the construction wall was installed, and even the lunch was a weekday.

They didn't want to touch the Western-style meals.

After eating the lunch, the gate site of the construction wall has been opened, and four tankers have slowly arrived.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X began to add diesel.

Several young people who changed their overalls, holding the structural drawings of the civil air defense project, measuring tape and white paint, drew a white line on the ground.

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