M. F Chapter 270 : Raft

A few minutes before the meal, they all came to Jinxi, an ancient water town.
Packing a pontoon or painting a raft, swaying in a rain curtain, is naturally the best choice.
There are many such boats in the lotus pool opposite the promenade.

Ye Qing proposed to pack a boat and play with it.
Both Liang Wenqing and Doudou jumped into battle one after another and turned the canoe straight in the water.
Ye Qing also went up and tried it, so that the boat could be drawn straight, but it was not a turn.
Next to it is carved wooden stirrups manufactured by modern industrial technology and powered by electric propellers, which make the East and the West clear.
After paying the deposit and taking a map of the local attractions, Ye Qing turned the rudder and headed for the direction of Jinxi Ancient Town.
Sitting on the side of the bag, reaching into the rain curtain outside the painting, the little face is full of happiness and joy.
On both sides of the river is the repairing shore of the blue-gray rock.
From time to time, there is an arched stone bridge crosses both sides of the river.
“Ye Zong, I have studied the 3D drawings of the building you provided.”
A professional dress Liang Wenjing sat in the bow, some not self-channel:
"To be honest, although our construction company has a type of building qualification, it can take over the tallest building, only 43 floors of high-rise residential buildings."
“Building a ninety-nine-story building, I can guarantee the construction in strict accordance with the construction drawings to ensure the quality. It is only the construction period, and I am afraid that our manpower will delay the construction period due to equipment restrictions…”
“The thirteen giant pile foundations you requested require a large-scale rotary excavator specially made in Germany, which takes one month and a half to arrive at Zhongyun Port…”
"The rest of the ordinary pile foundation, we can find equipment construction."
Ye Qing is ready to talk, and a group of gangs who are playing with water ran over, grabbed Ye Qing’s arm, and eagerly tried:
“Ye Big Brother, you are going to talk about things, I'll drive a boat.”
The boat speed is very slow, and the ship's side is also covered with very safe cushion rubber. 
Ye Qing gave up the position and told Liang Wenjing:
"All pile foundations will be taken care of by us. You will be responsible for recruiting workers before the construction drawings come out."
"Then there is no problem on our side.”
Liang Wenjing rubbed the corner of her dress and said solemnly.
In Liang Wenjing's heart, the tension is far greater than the surprise.
“Do you have the technology to build a skyscraper?”
“Of course, yes!”
Huaxia has the largest skyscraper in the world, but any building in the construction of Monster Heavy Factory will encounter a variety of technical problems which have never been seen before.
These technical problems are almost entirely concentrated on the foundation.
Liang Wenjing heard the most dangerous one, at the time of Zhongyun International Port, when building the 88 floors Tianfeng Building.
The building was designed to dig up a 20-meter deep foundation pit and then began to excavate 600 piles with a rotary digging machine.
As a result, when the 530th pile was hit, there was a big accident.
Because of the two days of heavy rain, the bottom of the foundation pit became soft, and the pressure on the upper groundwater became smaller.
As a result, the groundwater rushed out to the surface.
As the groundwater gets bigger and bigger, the foundation pit becomes a vast ocean.
Hundreds of pile foundations underneath in the water, together with the reinforced slope around the entire pit, are at risk of collapse.
If it weren’t for the workers to stop, the boss of the construction company that was responsible for the construction at that time would probably plunge into the ocean.
In the end, Huaxia Erjian, a high-speed railway in China, was built. A chief engineer with the title of academician of Huaxia Academy of Engineering took the equipment and took over the command to save the field.
He commanded two 66-meter concrete pump trucks, and directed the groundwater breaching point, pumping the quick-setting plugging material that was prepared from the chemical plant.
The cranes were on the sides of the foundation pit and were in the group to the rain-shield over the foundation pit.
Greenhouse membranes with leaky pipes reduce rainfall, and borrowed pumps are everywhere on the side of the foundation pit.
Finally, the groundwater breach was blocked and the water in the pit was pumped to the bottom.
The boss of the construction company was holding the trousers of the academician and screaming in the mud.
The tallest building is on the ground, and the most difficult foundation will be the responsibility of the Monster Heavy Factory.
The remaining thing is to construct according to the construction drawings.
It is nothing more than to measure and supervise whether it is in place.
There is not much difficulty in the construction technology of the superstructure of the building.
Even if there are difficulties, it is difficult to have enough funds.
Under the fund, Liang Wenjing's self-conscious sense of responsibility is also sufficient under the capital.
But she is used to the downturn of the construction industry in recent years.
Many construction companies are in a difficult situation because they can't get a job.
Ye Qing’s billions of big orders gave Liang Wenjing a sigh.
This is not a question of whether the company can survive the difficult problem.
But whether her construction company can become a famous company and become a top opportunity for Zhongyun's top construction companies.
Even the company knows how to seize every opportunity around it.
The difference is only the pattern and the problem of the horizon.
Liang Wenjing asks the pattern and the vision, and the lack of opportunity is only an opportunity.
Now the opportunity is coming.
Happy, only after the completion of the project, after acceptance.
The building was not built in a day, and Liang Wenjing could not relax.
This is the best chance for her to carry forward her family business and she must go all out.
The most difficult ground-based barriers have been smoothed out, and the most rigorous and scientific construction schemes must be used to demand.
If you are short of technology, you can go to school. If you don't have the equipment, you can buy it or rent it.
"I wish happy cooperation."
On the painting, Ye Qing reached out.
"Thanks to Mr. Ye, we have good cooperation."
Liang Wenjing solemnly handed out his hands.
"When I return to Zhongyun City, we are asking lawyers from both sides to draw up a cooperation plan."
Ye Qing patted Liang Wenjing on the shoulder and smiled:
"There is a bold start to recruit people. Now the construction industry is relatively weak, whether it is people or equipment. They are better to find than in previous years."
Liang Wenjing nodded hard.
The design was solved, and the construction team solved it.
Holding the umbrella to the bow to enjoy the scenery, Ye Qing's mood became very good, especially during this time in the quiet water town.
Ye Qing holds an umbrella and standing upright.
On the side, he was responsible for driving the paintings and quietly gave her cousin a small mouth.
"Cooperation reached?"
asked in a whisper in Liang Wenjing's ear.
Liang Wenjing clung to her arms and nodded hard:
"Scorpio, I feel like dreaming now."
"The ninety-nine-story building, how tall is it, how much does it cost?"
Looking around at the back of Ye Qing, she felt the building was taller than the back of Ye Qing.
"More than 10 billion, the most expensive building project in the history of Zhongyun."
Liang Wenjing shook his arms as a ship's bow:
"I will talk to my sister directly in the future, and my sister will buy it for you."
She didn’t know what to say and was looking at the bow most of the time.

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