S. B. F. C Chapter 70: your student union can really play

Is the request too demanding?
Is it too tiring?

What on earth is too demanding, who can harm Li Yalin and made him too tired?
A group of young boys and girls in adolescence at the most imaginative age.
Just hearing the ambiguous words of Womi is really impossible to think about it.
Even Haruka’s face showed a blush, and it was obvious that he thought of something that he should not think about.
What the hell is it?
What is this? Openly saying in the class?
She was deliberate!
"So... Yalin, you should take a rest first, let's see you after school."
"Rest well? Is this the meaning of recharging your batteries?"
"See you after school? That is to say... continue today?"
Womi classmate and Li classmate?
Student President × Vice President?
It is estimated that at this moment, more than 70% of the students in the class have added a harmonious picture in their minds.
For this reason, the girls are now full of blush on the faces of the girls, and the boys are envious and hateful.
"I say…"
Although he has just woken up, his brain has not yet fully turned around, but even so, Li Yalin can read the atmosphere at hand.
Not only in the face of the whole class, this kind of misunderstanding is said.
Even if he does not give the opportunity to explain, he can turn around and run away.
Womi the president... The pit people are not so good for her!
The egg hurts...
Seeing Womi running away and then feeling the burning around the eyes, Li Yalin could not help sighing a long sigh.
He already knew that it would be very troublesome to see the relationship with Womi.
Now it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
"I really looked down on you... I just changed my mind. You just got in touch with the president of the student."
It is quite logical the relationship between Li Yalin and Womi was misunderstood.
Seeing the expression of Takagi Maki at the moment, she knows she is also a member of the misunderstanding because of the sentence.
Not only that, but the expression on her face is still very strange.
"What are you talking about?... Do you think too much, how can I meet with Womi?"
At the moment, Li Yalin was not in the mood to guess the mind of Takagi Maki.
He was very helpless in his brain.
He was very painful at the moment.
Why did he let him down?
Although... he has no chance of low-key.
"Nothing to do...you can really play with your classmates..."
Seeing that, Li Yalin completely denied his interaction with Womi, she was really surprised by the small but when she was surprised her expression changed again.
The thinking was obviously escaping by Li Yalin’s explanation.
Really play?
Lying in the trough...What place do you want to go?
"What Womi just said is just the work she arranged for me. See it! The community I formed yesterday will take out the works to participate in this competition. It's because of this that I stayed awake all night!"
It is said that even if it is misunderstood, it is nothing to Li Yalin.
It is nothing more than a rumor.
He has become a celebrity in the school anyway.
There is no problem with many scandals.
But in this way, it's just the heart of Womi, but this is not what he wants to see.
Just tied up with Womi?
Although it sounds very good, it is, unfortunately, my buddies don't want it to!
“So, ... you still listen to my explanation!”
Taking out the poster of the game show, Li Yalin explained to Takagi Maki word by word.
Of course, although it is for Takagi Maki, in fact, more was still explaining to the whole class.
After all, he now attracts the eyes of almost the entire class.
"College students' game creation competition? You are going to participate in this competition?"
The video game industry is an emerging industry in this world.
But it can attract the attention and love of a large number of young people, especially computer games, but it is quite popular.
Unfortunately, although the computer has achieved the popularity of the family, the development of computer games is not satisfactory.
After all, computer games can’t be produced in a day or two.
Even with the strong support and development of the empire, you can really enter the line of sight.
Computer games are still limited.
Under this circumstance, the upcoming 3rd Island Special Zone Game Exhibition Conference has become a point that everyone is very concerned about.
It should be noted that many of the works exhibited in the previous two conferences have become the hot stage at this stage.
Selling games, game makers are looking forward to promoting their games on this day.
There are also many gamers who are looking forward to playing their favorite works on this day.
Although Haruka Minami is not keen on the game, she has heard about the rumors of this exhibition.
After all, this is one of the development directions of the SAR.
Every exhibition meeting is very hot.
It is precisely because of this, and she will be very surprised, college students' game creation competition, is this a game created by high school students?
Li Yalin said that he wanted to participate, and that is to say, he wants to make a computer game?
This is too great, right?
Video games are very attractive to young people, but the number is not rare.
Add two points together, which gives people a very mysterious feeling.
The idea of Haruka Minami is this kind of game is not made by anyone.
The person who can make video games must be very powerful.
Then, when she knows her neighbors will be bringing home-made games and participating in this very high-level competition, what kind of mood will Haruka Minami have?
It should be both admirable and amazing.
"What? Do you do games? Computer games?"
Haruka Minami exported a word and did not wait for Li Yalin to answer.
Takagi Maki also took the poster from the side, revealing a very surprised look.
In fact, not only her, the classmates who heard the news in the class, their expression on the face was very surprising.
"No way, I was rushed to the shelves, even if I wanted to refuse I could only slap on my scalp."
Looking at the current situation, Li Yalin knows he's doing the right thing, and everyone's attention has been successfully diverted.
Although it will expose the game making, it's better to continue to tell the story and to stop gossip about Womi, right?
After all, if he makes his own game, he will know it sooner or later. If he does not have any gains, he will definitely not miss the opportunity once you get the results.
At that time, he will definitely be topped up.
In this regard, Li Yalin is ready and because of this, he now said that he is very calm.
"You really know everything..."
Seeing that Li Yalin was helpless, Takagi Maki nodded and admitted that she could not help but bow.
Playing the piano is very good, playing basketball can kill the basketball department, and now he can make games?
What's the origin of this guy?
How can it seem that there is nothing he can't do?

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