M. F Chapter 260: Content of the receipt


“I found an old worker who participated in the construction of this civil air defense project that year..."

"He told me that it took them five years to build the entire civil air defense project, in order to achieve some degree of effect against nuclear strike effect..."
The whole is made of high-pressure concrete, which is not an ordinary steel bar, but large pieces of steel plate…"
"Even if I can be dismantled it, I will spend at least half a year to dismantle this civil air defense project…"
"The original site is reserved. You want to build the building above. You can't build on it."
Ye Qing does not understand the construction.
According to his own understanding, if he wants to dismount it, then it will not be dismantled.
"When you look at my face, I know I can't do it."
The expression on Su Yuan's face is uglier than the pig's squad.
"The original department store is five floors. The underground structure looks sturdy, but at most, it can only be the ten-story building is topped."
“But we plan to build a 22-story, full-scale sport and fitness club with bowling alleys, large swimming pools, indoor badminton courts, basketball courts, archery fields, etc.”
"The original site is reserved, the underground parking lot is gone, and only ten-story buildings can be built. It must also be designed according to the original load-bearing structure…"
"The gym built in this way, the pool would have twenty support columns and the bowling should be divided into four halves ..."
"Ok ..."
Ye Qing once again sympathized with this guy in his heart.
Modern building buildings need to penetrate deep enough piles at the base of the ground to support the stability of the whole building.
A few decades ago, building a five-story department store naturally did not use this construction technique.
"I can take the liberty to ask, how much is this land cost?"
Perhaps Su Yuan’s heart is too depressed, there are too many things that he doesn’t spit.
Or Ye Qing is not like the tabloid reporter, after considering a few seconds.
Su Yuan told Ye Qing that it took nearly two billion Yuan to take the land.
"So expensive?"
Ye Qing was frightened by this number.
It turned out he does not have more than a billion in his pocket.
Even the land for a building was not enough.
“This is the busiest area in the city center, and the land is, of course, expensive.”
Su Yuan said:
“Nearly two billion Yuan is not only land money, but also deposits and taxes.”
After chatting for a while, Ye Qing gave a speech to Su Yuan and returned to the meeting in the Blue-sky Building Company.
In the next few days, when Ye Qing was in the company, through the glass he often saw Su Yuan running alongside the ruins.
A martial art militia wearing a camouflage uniform, have been there several times and have removed some equipment that looks quite historical.
Three days later, Ye Qing came to the company office and turned to the Mechanical Engineering Chair as usual.
When he looked across the building, he found the people beside the ruins suddenly increased.
Not only were there more people, but there were also two excavators who had replaced the breakers.
A man dressed as an engineer explained to the two excavator drivers.
Then the two excavators drove to the edge of the ruins, and they joined.
The sound of the excavator hitting the concrete floor is very loud, and it can be heard even by Ye Qing across the road.
When Ye Qing stayed in the office for two hours and planned to return to Longxitan, the two excavators were still under work.
Looking at the condescending, even Ye Qing feels incredible.
The excavators chiseled for two hours, and only two pits of the size of the kiosk were cut out.
Another day, when Ye Qing passed by here, the situation here seems to be something is wrong.
More than a dozen cars were parked next to two excavators.
The owner of Xinghe Construction, Su Yuan, was surrounded by people.
Ye Qing lowered the window and could hear the excited crowd, shouting for refunds, losing money and the like.
The boss Su Yuan became a boat in the waves, pushed by the crowd.
After eating the working meal at noon, Ye Qing found that more than a dozen cars beside the ruins were gone.
Su Yuan was alone in front of the wooden board that covered the underground civil defense work.
It took more than ten minutes to move.
Ye Qing asked the canteen to copy two small dishes and pack them with rice.
When he came to Su Yuan with lunch again, Ye Qing went to the Tianying Shopping Plaza next door and bought the wrapping paper.
Because the boss Su Yuan was crying there...
"Su boss, what happened?"
Ye Qing handed over both things and comforted him:
"First eat something, there is no way to go."
Seeing an acquaintance, Su Yuan is like a puppet with a clockwork, and he repeats this sentence.
Ye Qing waited for a while, Su Yuan finally looked up:
"I found two excavators to test the concrete hardness here. The result has been so many years, and it is still harder than the rock…"
"Now, large and small partners, those who have already invested in actions for only after the construction of the building is finished. They can obtain the permanent rights of exploitation of the internal premises, come to see me and ask me to return the money to them ... "
"Because the deadline is not going to be finished on time, I belong to the party who broke the contract."
A Buick Jun opened up and Su Yuan, who had a little good mood, was in great tension.
Fortunately, the coming person is not the partner who wants him to refund the money, but the director of the Civil Defense Office.
"Old Su..."
The director Li took a portfolio and smiled and greeted the two.
Su Yuan glanced at the portfolio and immediately jumped up with the eggs being kicked.
"Director Li, the provincial people's defense office's receipt down?"
"Yes, it is..."
The director Li grinned:
"I am sorry…"
“The Provincial Civil Defense Office refused our request to dismantle this civil air defense project in the receipt...”
“The receipt said they checked the population density here and the number of underground parking lots…”
“It was found that if the civil air defense project was demolished, there would be no adequate area of civil air defense works for the public to take refuge in the city center…”
"They only agree with us and can make changes that do not affect the original area as needed."
With a bang, the boss Su Yuan sat down on the ground.
The most worrying thing happened, and the demolition could not be removed.
"Old Su, this is the end of the matter, you are thinking about a solution."
The director Li was embarrassed to avoid the gaze:
"The cost of the modification can be financed by our finances."
“What is the use of money to change it?”
Su Yuan said in a low way:
“Now all partners have to withdraw funds…”
“What will I have to build on it after I have changed it?”
“Building a ten-story department store?”
"Even if it is built, what can I build with?"
“The bank loan will expire next year. It was originally planned to get the main body up and expect the merchant to check-in and withdraw funds.”
"Now, all the clouds know, and we can't build a large fitness club in the design."
"That... that..."
The director Li of the Civil Defense Office did not say a complete sentence for a long time.
“Director Li.”
Ye Qing asked:
"Do you mean that as long as the modification is done without affecting the area of origin? And if the building is built there remains the same area of human defense work underneath?"
Director Li nodded a little confused.

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