S. B. F. C Chapter 64: you don't want to chase the son?

Fortunately, Li Yalin just grasped the hand of Atsuko and explained it should still be no problem. 

As for whether or not everyone believes, it does not have much to do with Li Yalin.
As a litigant Dunzi, this is still a good apology. 
After all, holding the hands of her sister for so long. 
How to say it is too much, right?
Ever since, Li Yalin made an invitation to Atsuko to eat an ice cream after school, he will pay for her.
Logically speaking, this is actually quite normal.
"I said... you do not want to chase Atsuko, do you?"
In the face of Li Yalin's invitation, Atsuko's face was thoroughly red, but despite this, she finally agreed and did not give face.
Seeing Atsuko had no intention of pursuing blame, Li Yalin make also a sigh of relief. 
He accounted to the sister a good deal: 
"Please eat an ice cream, and we can solve the misunderstood, it is very good."
It would be great to invite someone to eat an ice cream. 
However, just as he relaxed, Takagi Maki suddenly got close to him, gently poked his arm with his elbow and whispered to him.
"What is the situation?"
"Catch the small field classmates? I? Why?"
Being told by Takagi, Li Yalin has a wrong face, why he chases after Atsuko? 
Why does she say that? 
She has no brains?
"You don't chase the son... Why do you want to date her?"
Li Yalin’s face was so stupid Takagi was also dumbfounded. 
In her opinion, it was just that Li Yalin sent a date invitation to Atsuko, and she did not refuse. 
Why when things return to Li Yalin, the situation changes?
"Dating? How do I date my classmates?"
Suddenly by the real Takagi's talk about dating, Li Yalin is confused. 
How did it become a date? 
Shouldn't this be a sin?
Is your own invitation just so ambiguous?
"You guy... you are really slow enough..."
Takagi has been completely speechless by Li Yalin’s reaction. 
She is very helpless and presses the temple. 
What should she say now?
"Yalin classmate! Come with me!"
Li Yalin understands Takagi must have misunderstood something. 
At the same time, he is also sighing that the brain of Takagi is big enough. 
It is just an ordinary invitation. 
It is enough to be remembered by her. 
It is enough to ponder.
However, just as he was ready to explain to Takagi Maki, by the way, he invited her to eat ice cream with Haruka.
So, as to ease the atmosphere and there was a whirlwind suddenly rushing into the classroom.
This is…
Yes, everyone is very clear. 
The person who rushed into the classroom like a whirlwind is indeed their president. 
The problem is that Womi has always been known for her honor and disgrace. 
When everyone saw her, there was always no expression on her face.
What is it today? 
As a student president, Womi saw he would run into the classroom, and he did not care about the eyes of others. 
She seized Li Yalin’s wrist, and he could not refuse to take him out of the classroom.
Is this Womi that we know?
What exactly is going on?
"Womi... What's wrong with you? There are so many people around watching us, would you like to loosen your hand first?"
This scene is not to be surrounded by the crowd, even Li Yalin who is a litigant was shocked!
Womi was pulled out of the classroom and walked in the corridor of the teaching building.
The gaze around him was called a glare, which made him quite uncomfortable.
Although we don't know what happened, at least, we have to let go first, right?
Under the broad public, what are you doing so?
"Now is not the time to entangle those things! Big things!"
Although Li Yalin wants Womi to see himself loose.
But it is a pity that the president of the student did not have any sense of letting go. 
On the contrary, she was even more nervous.
And listen to her meaning... what happened?
It’s hard to tell what’s really going on, even the student president can’t solve it. 
In this case, Li Yalin also refused to break free.
After all, he has become the vice president of the Yingling Students' Union. 
After taking up this position, he must assume this responsibility.
So... what happened?
"Womi... is this the big thing you said?"
In the student union office, holding the propaganda poster in his hand, Li Yalin’s brow was unstoppable and shook twice.
No way, just rushed to his classroom, and then stared at the student union in a very intimate way in the face of the public. 
The result is this?
What the hell are you doing, hey?
It’s no wonder that Li Yalin will have the urge to smash the table. 
After being seen by Womi in the student union office, she first photographed the poster in front of him. 
The top characters of the poster are written in the third session. 
The words of the island SAR game exhibition conference.
Game exhibition conference?
This is the so-called big thing?
Are you kidding me?
I always feel I am seriously prepared to take on my position, it’s so stupid, isn't it!
"Isn't this a big deal? Look at this introduction!"
Li Yalin, who is holding a poster in her hand, feels weird and laughs. 
He felt he had been tricked by Womi. 
He can be biased. 
At this time, Womi was still serious and come to that serious call.
Turning to the back of the poster, Li Yalin pointed out one of the introductions.
This is the position that has just been ignored by Li Yalin.
College student game creation contest?
After carefully reading the introduction of Womi and seeing the instructions, Li Yalin finally understood the situation. 
It turned out that she was talking about this.
The so-called college student game creation contest is an embellishment of the island country SAR game exhibition conference. 
The content is very simple, which is to judge the games created by high school students.
Since it is an embellishment, it is impossible to exaggerate the prizes of the competition. 
Even if it is the first place, it is only rewarding cash of 500,000 Yuan.
Although this is not a quite number, is definitely for Li Yalin.
After all, he has to earn 100 million Yuan in three months.
In addition to the cash rewards, the first place in the competition will also be eligible for the SLEEP. 
The largest online game site in the empire, plus a free one-week promotion.
In this regard, it is quite interesting. 
After all, in this world full with piracy, wanting to buy games is nothing more than online purchase or offline physical store purchase. 
Without offline sales strength, the network selling is undoubtedly the best choice.
Coupled with free promotion, this first prize is quite good.
Even if the reward for this contest is good, what can Womi see?

Does she still want to participate in this competition?

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